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  1. So if the wind doesn’t blow are the trains late? Just asking for a friend.😆
  2. Exactly why “ do we have to start” let them figure things out and let the market decide! Mandating electric vehicles is not the way to “start”
  3. Well he could sensor it to see if it got hot and then censor it!😂
  4. Use the Waze app on your phone. Gives up to the minute updates
  5. Not at all. Either it protects you or it doesn’t. If it protects you then you do not need a mask or social distancing. If it doesn’t protect you what is the poison getting the vaccine? The problem is the experts in charge seem to not have a clue!
  6. If you find yourself in a fair fight you are using the wrong tactics 😁
  7. If the vaccine does not work, why get it? They push the vaccine as the end all, but then say it doesn’t work. SMH
  8. If you are vaccinated and don’t have and can’t get COVID, how the heck is wearing a mask protection for someone else? Makes no sense
  9. It is really none of their business More government Big Brother in action
  10. on percentage the number of deaths from COVID is fairly small. I am 70 had COVID, recovered quickly. Most people do. Way Far more people had recovered than died.
  11. An evaporative cooler will work only in areas with low humidity. The principle is to have water flow over the coils and air blow across the coils, cooling the air.
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