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  1. You can purchase an extension that will connect to your existing tank plumbing. Check an RV store or a propane dealer
  2. The real answer is......... it depends on where you are at the time. many places nearly any service is good. In some places, Verizon may be better than ATT and vice versa.
  3. CDC has now said that COVID only deaths are less than 6%:
  4. Preponderance of evidence is one thing, but making up “science out of whole cloth” and calling it fact is another. Global climate change is part of nature. The made up facts of man made global warming is a complete hoax
  5. SMH! you are not convincing me and evidently I am not convincing you. Done with this topic.
  6. Like I said, COUNTIES cannot enact an ordinance a CITY can. A wet dry election can be held in a city or county and the PEOPLE decide what they want, not the politicians!
  7. All my life! 69 years. i said the commissioners court Or county judge could not decide on their own to have a law. A vote of the people is completely different. How long have YOU lived in Texas? Have you studied the State Constitution?. I have and know that a county can not enact an ordinance The citizens of a county can vote on some items to enact such as the wet dry issue. In fact many counties are wet but the individual cities in them can be dry. Cities can pass ordinances via their city council but mayors cannot declare something to be a law!
  8. The entire county holds an election to determine wet/dry. The local government does not decide on its own.
  9. In Texas, counties make not make ordinances. They can only follow State law, says a guy formerly in law enforcement. Cities can enact ordinances via their city council, mayors, county judges, etc cannot do it on their own. Unfortunately that is the case in many locations, I.e. Harris County
  10. If a business requires a mask to enter and I need or want their service/product, I wear a mask. if some tin horn politician tells me I have to wear a mask, well good luck with that! No one has convinced me they have the authority’s to declare on their own that I have to wear one. No law was passed, just their Fiat.
  11. Go used a year or so, let someone else take the big hit on first year depreciation
  12. I would say, you are not really missing anything, I have about given upon broadcast television. If it is not Covid, it is riots, or bash Trump, or Kardashians, or Megan and Harry. Yuck..........
  13. They asked for mine also and I am nowhere near the area of the 44th parallel
  14. I could cAre less about his toy car 🚙 r battery that I will never buy. I want the Starlink so us folks in rural areas can get decent internet.
  15. I am a CAT adjuster, I have been adjusting claims for nearly 40 years. Most CAT firms will want experience unless there is a major catastrophe and they need bodies, then they will help train.
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