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  1. Planning a trip to Stauton Virginia and just wondering if anyone has experienced fuel shortages along the Interstate???
  2. We want to visit Mackinac Island in early June but someone has told us the insect hatch around Memorial Day will totally ruin the experience of camping. We want to stay at Mackinaw City and catch the ferry out to the island. Can anyone who lives near this area or has camped here tell us their experiences??
  3. Well we are back and our visit to Monument Valley was great ! The guided tours are indeed on an open flatbed truck and the folks all were wearing face masks because of the horrendous dust from the road.........they looked miserable!! We drove the loop road in our 2500 Ram pickup and although the suspension is unforgiving on wash board rocky roads it was better than being hauled around on a flat bed truck. We only drove the first part where it is two way which enabled us to turn around and go back. Once you reach the loop part your are committed to complete it. I thought we saw all the good stuff. Another part you don't want to miss is where Forest Gump stopped running in the movie. You have to come in on RT 163 to see it. Tons of people stop here to take their picture in front of this iconic place. Also while in that area take the Valley of the Gods loop road. A 16 mile loop dirt road that worth the drive......it's rough in places but not as bad as the loop road in Monument Valley.
  4. Is Interstate 70 open and clear through Kansas City?? I've heard that 70 was temporarily closed due to construction of exit ramps or something. We are pulling a 5th wheel and don't like surprises. If 70 is closed is there a better way around Kansas City??
  5. How's the best way to see Maroon Bells? I think I would prefer to be at the gate at 5:00 and drive myself in so I can stay until near dark. My wife thinks we should park in Aspen and take the shuttle. Also I think to be in there at sunset or sunrise would offer the best photographic opportunities.
  6. What is the current condition of the Last Dollar road near Ouray Colorado?? I understand this road is not paved and some of it may be occasionally in bad shape requiring 4 WD. Can you enter it from either end and drive to the bad part and turn around?? I hear it's a beautiful drive!!
  7. How is the best way to see Monument Valley in Arizona without hiring a personal guide
  8. The backing plate for the brake shoes is in place and in good shape. The rubber grommet that plugs up the adjustment hole is in place. The scratches are just in the top part of the brake shoe, the part that comes into contact with the drum first. The drums are perfect with no unusual signs of scuffing. I think this may be normal for brakes with several thousand miles on them.
  9. Just spent the day repacking bearings and replacing grease seals on my three year old 5th wheel. I noticed some deep scratches in the rear brake shoe on two of the wheels. What has caused this and do I need to replace them?? There is plenty of brake shoe material left it's just those deep scratches are questionable.
  10. Where is a good place to stay when visiting Monument Valley ??
  11. 2500 Ram Cummins but it's an 05 so no exhaust brake. The 5th wheel is 31' and under 10,000 loaded. We've been up and over Monarch Pass with no issues
  12. Route 145 from Cortex Co to Placerville Co seems like a good scenic route. Is pulling a fifth wheel on this road a problem??
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