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  1. Not trying to poke a hornets nest here. My choice is just that, mine.
  2. Wow, great that you sold it, but I dont want to be around that rig going down the freeway, esp when loaded and in high winds. Looks like a Ram 2500 with "it has a diesel so it will pull it". I met someone that had a 33' Teton for sale, which I ended up buying. He told me a story of someone coming to look at the trailer in a F250. He asked if they intended to tow with that truck, and with affirmation, declined to show it let along sell it to them. He told them it would be unsafe and would not participate. Understandably his opinion, but at least he was maintaining safety as the better
  3. rpsinc

    Can I Make It?

    Although I work in warehouses and distribution centers, I never really gave that a thought, but you are right. With pin weight not being the limiting factor, esp with 5er RVs, the axles could be moved way back and add a totally different approach to control and backing. Hummm?? Good point.
  4. I have an '08 with the Lippert square landing gear. I had someone remove them to have them rebuilt and they arent working correctly. Can someone send pics of the hydraulic hose set up on EACH jack, for reference?? This unit has the umbilical controlled system. Landing gear is not reacting as before. Wondering if the hoses may have been reinstalled incorrectly. Thanks
  5. Agree with Glenn. Keep in mind most companies did mostly assembly of materials and parts to come up with their units. Of course the outside skin is unique as is the quality of the parts they used to assemble each model. I have a 2008 Experience. I find it better quality than the previous Alfa and DRV 5ers I had.
  6. rpsinc

    Can I Make It?

    This is very enlightening for me as I am venturing into the acquisition of an HDT. Chad- If you had a platform extension ALA Idaho Tote style, would it have made it easier or harder to maneuver in your scenario? It would eliminate a pivot point which you have double towing but would increase your tail swing.
  7. I was taught that both PORT and LEFT have 4 letters. Helps with remembering. BTW-RIGHT and Starboard do not have 4 letters
  8. rpsinc

    Solar on truck

    As to doing any type of touch up on those truck surfaces, even when using Rustoleum, get a catalyst so that the material will fully cure and get hard. I have used Rustoleum both with and without and I can say I will use it WITH most times. Can find the catalyst(sometimes called hardner) at auto paint stores and even at Tractor Supply. But then again if you need to go to auto paint stores, might as well get the right color and do that way.
  9. FYI- was supposed to go see this rig on Friday but was told it has sold. Perhaps Kent can confirm.
  10. I doubt Teton literature would help you with that. I have a Teton and all the literature and havent seen anything like that. I would think that it was added as a specific upgrade for its intended purpose as a site dressing room trailer or equal. It will likely take some troubleshooting to determine what is doing what. I would think that it may have had some multiple devices used inside and as such perhaps the electrical panel was separated to make their use safe. Look at the breaker panel area. It may lead you to some others elsewhere in the trailer. That could explain the multiple gene
  11. rpsinc

    Trading Up

    On another side note: while all the opinions are the basis for consideration and can be used for final decision making, please also remember that those charts that are published are very often used my insurance companies to deny claims in the case of accidents, and finding that you MAY be at fault for towing a trailer that is, by those same charts etc, too heavy for your truck and as such you caused the risk and that, in their opinion, is why you are at fault in a particular accident. As Elmer Fudd used to say: Be Very Very careful(well he said quiet but you get the point)
  12. I'm down the I15 from you just North of Temecula in So Cal, if you come back this way.
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