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Selling Class A

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I'm interested in selling my Class A and was looking at using PPL for consignment. Looking for reviews on them if anyone has purchased or sold thru them. I am in Florida and would be using the FL location. Thanks in advance for any info on your past experience good or bad.

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We sold  our motorhome through PPL in Houston within a month's time. It was an excellent experience.  A couple from Florida bought it.  PPL recommended a price but we upped it by quite a lot thinking that everyone wants to offer a lower price.  Our buyer paid it with no quibbles.  We communicated back & forth on the RV through PPL as they were asking various questions.  It was immaculate inside and out.  Some on the lots looked like people came in from their last camp trip and just left it... not cleaned up a bit and even left junk in them.  Those kinds were not selling the salesperson told us.  For a fee PPL would spiffy them up inside and out but the people didn't seem to want make a good showing of their RV.  Strange.

To us it was worth it because we didn't want the hassle of advertising, no shows or showing it to 'lookers'; not serious buyers. Some don't mind it but not us.

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I can provide feedback on the FL location. I advertised our fiver on this forum and other online places. After several months, we contacted PPL and were connected with a very nice lady in TX, who said she'd make sure the FL location would take care of us immediately. We couldn't contact the FL location directly. We tried for two plus weeks and made several calls to the 800 number. We never did hear from PPL FL and by that time, I would've never given them my business. We were eventually able to sell it ourselves to an incredibly nice couple. We put that potential commission in our pockets. You may have a different experience. Jay


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My only drawback, from being a potential customer, is that there is alot of unsupervised traffic thru the RV's on their lot.  Probably not a big deal if it sells fast, but not a great situation if it sits on their lot for a month or two.



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