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  1. Don't have room for multiple units in the cabinet. I need the all in one. What did you choose?
  2. Not sure if this is the right thread, mods can move if necessary. We have a Winegard Travl'r and DirecTV Genie in our living room in our 2015 Lifestyle LS38RS. We listen to sound with a Panasonic Blu-ray home theater system. The blu-ray player that has all the speaker connections is starting to make a horrible noise and I know it's nearing the end. First looked at repairing it since that means all the connections stay the same. As expected repairing it became an issue. Generally cheaper to buy new these days plus local repair guy said hard to get parts anyway. He also mentioned what I am finding out to be true, that hardly makes these anymore. Has anybody else run into this problem? Thanks,
  3. Agreed, we summered in the blast furnace that is the valley of the sun once and hopefully once. Our high temperature was 115.
  4. June 13th update - ATT/DirecTV has signed agreements with FOX CBS NBC so 390 391 392 393 398 399 now viewable. CW and ABC TBD.
  5. We live full-time in our RV and have since 2009 and have had DNS all that time, both east and west coast feeds. Been a crazy couple days. Checked yesterday morning when I got up and had all channels. Later lost ABC east but still had ABC west but only for a few hours. This morning both CW east and west missing too. Might take a while to sort this new reality out.
  6. Took me 6 hours over a couple days, about 8 reps and still had to have the problem escalated to the next level. Couple days later the channels were changed. Hope future changes are like yours and not ours.
  7. Which number did you call? Did you get forwarded to a specific department?Reason I ask is that I have spent 2 hours on the phone trying to change service address in preparation for June 1st. We cannot get networks OTA in our current location.
  8. I have been unable to change my service address over the phone for some time now. AT&T acts like buying DirecTV was a mistake and they hate RV mobile accounts more. When DNS goes away it will be interesting if they have the same tune. Our service address is KCMO now and we are in Texas in an area where OTA does not bring in network channels.
  9. Yeah DNS is great but also gone on DirecTV on June 1st.
  10. And in order to offer DNS DirecTV just has to offer locals in 12 more markets. Yet they send out notices blaming the law.
  11. For us, once we had our DirecTV and AT&T accounts combined into a single 'mobile' account it was very difficult to change service address.
  12. We have DNS but our friends do not. The last three times they have tried to change locals they have been denied. They have just given up. We are currently in a place that does not get local networks, can get a couple secondary channels that just carry reruns from the 70s, so DNS really comes in handy. WiFi also sucks so can't stream.
  13. I had heard that Dish was no longer offering Distant Networks.
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