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  1. Thanks guys, I do have some tools etc and J-T starting over is something I try to practice,it can be a good thing.
  2. I can spend more damn time and energy trying to do "stuff" on my HDT than most people in the free world! To say I am inept is giving that word a bad reputation. My latest was installing a jackalope, doesn't work yet, but it took me forever to get to the point where it doesn't work. Oh well when I get through the trouble shooting phase, hopefully I will have success or bring it to someone with the right skill set. However, it does keep me out of the bars during the daytime. chuckd stillwater mn
  3. Pete I singled long on one of my trucks, and did not have any transmission problems because of it. Charlie is correct, with a singled long you do have to watch the front axle loading. I had my fifth wheel hitch behind the axle and probably could have gotten a smart car on the bed without being over on the front. So on my 610 that I am using now, I kept both axles and put super singles on them. Now the only reason for the super singles is I got the tires and rims a couple of weeks ago for 200$ a piece with aluminum rims. Good luck Chuckd
  4. cadonnelly

    Green cable

    Thanks, getting to be close to 90 and humid, want to minimize the amount of time I use for do overs. Thanks again Chuckd
  5. cadonnelly

    Green cable

    For those of you who have installed the jackalope, you know what I am talking about. On my 630 the wire harness/cable for the truck trailer is green and curly. It connects at the rear of the truck cab. I am mounting my jackalope on the rear wall of the storage compartment. Trailer cable all good, what have you folks done with the truck trailer harness. Leave the connector attached and cut off the cable a few feet from the connector? Take the connector off and connect with wire splices? Is there enough slack in the green cable to cut off the connector and get the green cable inside the s
  6. cadonnelly

    Walkie talkie

    For use in backing and general all around avoiding large objects that do not move, is there a preferred walkie talkie? Chuckd Stillwater mn
  7. Pete feel your pain. I tried for weeks to get the guy to fix the 610 with a Cat engine that I wanted. He never did, and still hasn't so I bought another one, from a guy who maintains the heck out of his trucks, and I am sure I am better off, Cat or no Cat. chuckd
  8. Thanks to all of you for your replies, I was having a brain burp or something when I looked at the instructions. Should be fun install, never done one. Trying to do more of the work myself this time, just so I can have a little fun making myself look like an idiot Something I do on a regular basis. Thanks again Chuckd
  9. I want to put in a Pioneer AppRadio a double din running off of apps, seems cool to me. Now the install instructions are straight forward except!!: It wants a signal for when the emergency brake is actuated, is there such a signal and where, if not how do I do a work around. The second is a signal for reverse gear, any one have a wire number and location for that? Thanks Chuckd Stillwater mn
  10. Thanks for the info, I to had sent out a email and received no reponse.
  11. Just wondering if someone is going to call them for dimensions, I have a need to keep my bicycles out of weather, and away from people with sneaky fingers - who steal things. Unfortunately my bikes are expensive, as I try to make up with money what my legs lack. It is like trying to buy a golf swing with a new driver. I can call just wanted to minimize the amount of bother to the company. Joplin is a great little town, bye the bye. Chuckd Stillwater Mn
  12. is there a preferred supplier of Minimizer fenders? Looking at Raney right now, but their shipping is very high, price for the fenders seem okay. Chuckd Stillwater Mn
  13. I am measuring the hitch height on my 2003 Alpenlite Villa Portofino. I measure when the fiver is level, from the ground to the face of the hitch pin that will rest on the hitch. There are no "levels" on the side of the fiver. I use my 3 foot level and measure how level my kitchen Island is in the center of the coach. The number I get is 43 inches, which seems low. Does anyone recall what there hitch height is or was? Thanks Chuckd STillwater Mn
  14. Hmm, Jack I think you are right, on my New Horizons, it is around 47. NDH I measure to the underside of the hitch pin that rides on top of the plate. Make sense? Going to try and recheck how level the kitchen island is again, and get a longer level. Chuck
  15. I measured the hitch pin height on my Alpenlite, and leveled up it looks like 43 inches. Now there are no external leveling guides, I go inside and use a long level on the kitchen island so it might be off by a little bit. My truck rail height is 39, leaving a 4 inch exposure between the top of the hitch plate and frame rails. Sound about right? Chuckd Stillwater MN
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