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  1. Working out side...... I've never...never broken down in a shop. Been hauled into a shop, to be fixed because I didn't have the tools (computer) to work on outside. On the farm, where I grew up, that was known as "The Big Shop", when working out side on equipment. Last year I had the ECM go to the "lymp mode". Made it to a Commings shop. I didn't know that I could hold my breath that long, (60 miles) . I always have a small rug or peace of plastic to throw down to work on. It helps to find things when they drop, keeps the ground clean, and every one happy. I try to keep up on preve
  2. Thank you all. We think we got a place. one that you have suggested. Thank you all OU812
  3. At the end of March, we will be traveling in the south Denver / Pueblo , Co. area. We are looking for a camp site, reasonable, for 4 / 5 nights. Dose any have any suggestions , for a T C and car trailer, 65 ft., privet or state, not to picky? Is there a military camp in the area? Only need power, 30 amp.
  4. Problem solved........ long story short...... Replaced a low resistance fusible link. (corroded inside) Now the key worked all the time. Thank you for all your replies. OU812
  5. I have a 98 Volvo N 14 , 10 speed. 670,00 miles, When attempting to start, with the key. ( I let the lights come on and don't crank until the seat belt light goes off) No dash lights I get nothing, then back off, second try I get dash lights, ( voltage is 12.8 volts) a click and ECM, and dash lights go out. Back off, third or forth try starter engages and engine start up as usual. Battery's are 6 mouths old ( charging at !3.8 when running) and clean. I have replaced the starter relay, and the electrical connection at the bottom of key switch. The electrical system is all original,
  6. Any suggestions on where to camp and / or interesting sights to see in PN. I 80 east to I 81 north to NY. We are on our way to Main and taking in the sights. Need camp spot, pay or free, for 65 ft er. A few spots we have checked on did not have anything that large. Thank you for all your reply's. OU812
  7. Thank you ALL... We got a spot located for M, T, W, of next week.. Now it looks like the weather is going to corporate. Thank you all OU812
  8. Traveling to the U P in Michigan this week and looking for a camping spot. For 3-4 days this week... pay or free... for a 65 ft er. Any suggestion , I would appreciated. Thank you OU812
  9. HI I have my cluster repaired and back in. Every thing seams to be working just fine.. What I have left over from the project is a complete cluster out of a 2000 VNL 10 gage cluster, N 14 engine. Mine is a 7 gage cluster. The plug in in the back are different , because of the added gages. I needed to use the TC (truck), it worked fine until I could get my cluster repaired and back in, (I was in a pinch). I want $380 and I will pay the shipping. I can send more info on the cluster if needed. Thank you OU812
  10. I just wonder if.... that state law covers vehicles from California, out of California traveling for a long length of time (30 days or more), do they needing to register to another state? People wonder why I don't go to California very often. The land of fruit and nuts... OU812
  11. Good advice...... pull out a weapon and your life from then on will NEVER....NEVER be the same. It doesn't matter Who or What you are.. OU812
  12. I agree..... more like 35 to 50 for a set up.... Look at the price of a truck on a used truck lot, before the bead and hitch and ect. Good luck finding a truck that fits your needs. OU812
  13. Hi Dave Been to two Volvo dealers and others, all they have is one fits all....splice it in. Not willing to go that way unless that is all I can find. Wrecking yards have about the same. I got it on my wish list .... Now back to fixing oil leak on intermediate rear axel, pinion seal.....I hope I don't have to pull the third member.... Merry Christmas.. Thank you OU812
  14. I'm wanting to replace the in dash AM/FM radio. (98 Volvo VNL) Wanting a direct plug in, NO splicing, to install. Dose any one have a part number/ suplyer name, for a direct fit? I have looked on the internet, but the plug in is in question. My plug is a 13 pin.... six on each side and one off set in the middle. Thank you for any help. OU812
  15. Up date on dash cluster..... It took four + weeks to get the cluster to, repair, and back in the dash. I sent it to ASI in Rogersville, Tn. It looks liked new and when installed works great..... even the fuel gage works correctly. The cost total was in all is just short of $500. Still have a 10 gage dash cluster out of a 2000 VNL that had a n-14 engine. I did find out the 10 gage cluster has different plug in setup then the seven gage cluster. Every thing worked that I could plug in. Now on to other preventive maintain.... intermediate axel (RT 40) pinion seal leaking......mayb
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