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  1. Thanks for the information and suggestions.. Walmart recently has been losing us in the system, sending prescription to wrong store,, limiting to 30 day supply even when last order was for 90 day, lack of medication in stock and need to order it causing up to two day delay, requiring me to wait til I am within 1 - 2 days of being out of med till they allow refill among other smaller frustrations.. This may just be part of living on the road but trying to find an easier way to deal with the issue.. Thanks for all of your input, may give CVS a try!
  2. We have been using Walmarts while on the road for the last two years.. Recently we have been experiencing a lot of problems with there service.. Has anyone else noticed any changes with them? What other ways are people using to get meds while traveling?. Thanks
  3. congrats!!. We have been full time for two years and love it!. Getting rid of all the stuff we worked our whole adult life for was hard.. But once that was done it was a huge load off the shoulders.. Now not sure why we ever needed it or the S&B.. Enjoy!!
  4. Have driven it many times.. It should be no problem!
  5. You should not have any problem with your set up.. The Cummings engine has plenty of power and the 5th is no really that heavy.. Exhaust brake makes all of the difference on the down hill sections.. I lived in Idaho and pulled a 40' fifth all over the mountains.. Largest difference is having the exhaust brake and then upgrading to hydraulic disc brakes on the 5th.. Enjoy the trip, make sure you have reservations in and around Yellowstone.. West Yellowstone has a great RV park called the Grizzly RV park If I recall correctly.. It is right at the west entrance and allows you to leave the 5th and drive through the park with just the pickup.. Yellowstone Park campgrounds leave a little to be desired especially in a larger 5th, I also don't enjoy pulling the 5th through the park.. Have Fun!!
  6. We moved from Yuma to Boise, Idaho the 10 th of March... Big mistake.. Still cold and nasty out.. Next year will move around until first of June before moving this far north.. Not fun staying inside all the time!
  7. Hello Everyone!! New to the thread but began full time August 1st 2016 after selling home in Meridian, Idaho along with all of the clutter. Still have storage area but primarily for vehicle we use when we return to visit kids and grandchildren. I retired from Boise Fire Dept. and Wife from Meridian School District, we are now able to explore the country. Spent last fall traveling to South Dakota and became residence. Then on to Maine and then down the east coast to Florida over to Texas and then back to Boise for Summer. This winter we are in the Phoenix area and will stay here until March. Have found pros and cons for wintering in both areas but have enjoyed all three areas. Stayed in Carrabel Beach and loved it except for the no-see-ums and distance to shopping then over the Navarre. Navarre was a great location except for the traffic. Next to Aransas Pass Texas, really liked the area, lots to do but we were spoiled by the beauty of the Fla. beaches compared to the Texas ones. Mesa AZ is good we are at a great park with a lot of activities and good number of individuals close to our age. Very convenient shopping in the area weather is great so far. We will be camp hosting in Cascade Idaho next summer and then hope to head back to Florida for the winter. Look forward to communicating and learning from others on the site.
  8. I owned a 2014 Montana 3402RL and experienced frame failure in several places. First failure was in rear cross member, had this repaired and added additional support. Second failure was becoming apparent with cracking of fiberglass and bowing of the interior moldings at entry door. The unit was not overloaded and was taken care of with no off road use or out of the normal rough roads. The Montana had an I beam frame that was apparently not designed to hold as well with real life use as I had hoped. I purchased a newer fifthwheel with double stack tube frame. Granted this unit is significantly heavier but after a year of use I have found no evidence of frame flex,. I hate to say it but it appears that in this case heavier built frame is better in practical use. Even though some engineers will argue that their designs are lighter and "adequate" for designed use.. I totally agree that the bling and shine is what manufacturers try to sell but the most important part of the RV is the frame and under carriage along with its ability to perform in real world conditions.
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