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    Lithium battery

    Battleborn states that their batteries will work with just about any converter designed for lead acid batteries. You may not be able to fully charge them unless your converter meets the voltage requirements. When I switched, I went from a WFCO converter that never got into the bulk mode charging a pair of 6V batteries to a Progressive Dynamics converter designed for lithium. I went with a smaller converter because I carry a 900 watt generator that would be overloaded if the original converter (a 55 amp) went into bulk. If interested, here is a link to my conversion. I dry camped for 71 days last winter without needing a generator.
  2. vermilye

    Lithium battery

    Consider your maximum load. A single Battleborn 100 amp hour battery is limited to 100 amps continuous. If you have an inverter, it may draw more than that.
  3. Dealing with state income taxes would be interesting...
  4. I put a Jetpack sized piece of coroplast between the pack & the Sleek. Seems to help reduce heating.
  5. My hometown pharmacy is a Walgreens. While traveling, I sometimes run into a state or part of a state that doesn't have one, but has a CVS, Rite-Aid, and, of course, a Walmart or non chain pharmacy. I don't usually use Walmarts, but rather than transferring a prescription from Walgreens if there isn't one near me, I just have my doctor phone in a new one to the local drugstore. It takes less time than a transfer, and even works for non chain pharmacies that you may find in smaller towns. Since I have "memberships" at CVS, Walgreens & Rite-Aid, I've run into a few that don't require a transfer from the previous pharmacist even if I haven't used them for close to a year. The new prescription from my doctor usually takes a couple of hours, far less time than a transfer.
  6. I got my letter from the IRS & Trump yesterday telling me how much money was coming. Since the direct deposit was made almost 2 weeks ago, I really didn't need the notice..
  7. If you believe the article at the beginning of the thread, there should be a surplus of commercial toilet paper. I just ordered an under sink drain pump for my home from Global Industries, and checked their janitor supplies page for toilet paper. ALL toilet paper, even the 2' diameter commercial rolls were out of stock.
  8. While not specific to National Parks, the Campendium website lists state by state closures, both commercial & non commercial campgrounds. Some states are declaring campgrounds as non-essential and ordering them closed, while others consider them essential.
  9. The Great Smoky Mountain NP has canceled campground reservations until April 30th.
  10. While not directly related to camping (they have no campgrounds) I can relate to the problems of Moab. My brother lives full time & works construction on Nantucket Island. Winter population 11,229, summer 60,000+. The island is 35 miles off the coast of Mass. They have a "Cottage Hospital" with 19 beds. They have shut down all construction (with large fines for anyone working) to limit workers from coming to the island on the ferries. Unfortunately, many of the NY summer home owners are escaping the downstate NY area and taking up temporary residence in their summer homes on the island. With the discovery of the first case of Covid-19, they issued a stay at home order for the island, but any serious outbreak will easily overwhelm the island's medical capabilities. The 35 mile ocean crossing is even more of a problem than land routes from Moab to larger facilities. Back in 2010 I was helicoptered from the Nantucket hospital to Boston for a medical emergency at a cost of $13,300.
  11. Same with Great Smoky Mountain NP.
  12. Mississippi solved the problem, at least here at George P. Cossar SP. Padlocks on the bathrooms. The laundry is still open.
  13. Social Security started making 1099R forms available on line last year. Prior to that, when on the road I had to go to a SS office & wait 4 hours for them to print one.
  14. I'm currently in a Louisiana State Park (Sam Houston Jones) and was given an over 62 1/2 off rate even though I'm from NY.
  15. I was out taking some star photos last night, and believe I caught a bunch of Starlink satellites. Can't think of anything else that would show that much (and that little) movement in a 31 second exposure.(The short streaks, not the long airplane).
  16. For what ever reason, Verizon at Quartzsite was much slower this December/early January than the last two years. It actually got better during the mid January show, and is doing OK now.
  17. My 100 amp hour 12V lithium batteries weigh 31 pounds each...
  18. You can log on to your Mobley with a browser - try for the url, but it won't give you the PUK.. As far as I know, the only way to get PUK codes is from an AT&T rep. While I was lucky & was given them by the first rep I talked to, others have had to try a bunch of times.
  19. As long as you only need to go 2"-3", Anderson Levelers are a fast & easy way to do side to side leveling.
  20. If you don't want to go to the expense of a recording remote thermometer such as a SensorPush, put an ice cube in a zip lock bag & stick it in the freezer. If it is still an ice cube after driving, things are OK, a puddle or lump in the bottom of the bag indicates a thaw. Useful in your home freezer to discover power outages...
  21. While it only covers the west, Ramblin Ralph's website has a section that lets you use a map to locate sites. While not all are free, lots of useful information.
  22. Try again. Some reps won't give them out, others will. As Koidiak Jack noted, you may not need them but they are good to have if your SIM move locks you out.
  23. While it obviously won't help if your SIM died, I moved my Mobley SIM to a Nighthawk. I'm using it for this post. I did call AT&T to get the PUK codes when I made the change. Here is a tutorial.
  24. I've been tent camping starting in 1950 with my parents, but my first purchased RV was an Escape 17B picked up in 2011. I rented a class A for 2 weeks in 2001, and now travel in an Escape 21.
  25. I've been on the road for a number of years, using laundromats, and rarely found the problems you described. I will say that using Garmin's "Laundry" search will almost always take you to a Laundry/Dry Cleaner, not coin laundries. I agree that asking campground hosts works well. They are also a great source for local attractions.
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