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  1. Where in Kofa did you stay? A couple of friends of mine are camping along Palm Canyon Road and I went up there to visit - a very nice place. It’s gotten to be quite popular, they were far from alone along the road. I still haven’t joined the Solos, figure I’ll check them out at Escapade in June.
  2. There’s a lot I need to learn about Texas, voting being part of it. I don’t feel at all prepared for this primary, so if I don’t get my ballot in time, I won’t be too disappointed. I’m planning on being in Livingston well before the general election, so should have it figured out by then. I’ve had the ability to vote by mail for a long time (California), but there was just something about stopping at the polls on my way home from work that I found satisfying. The last time I voted absentee was when I was in the Army and living in Texas, but had retained my California domicile.
  3. Probably a dumb question - is there going to be somewhere easy to get propane if I need it or should I plan on topping off my tanks before I arrive? While I saw mention in the literature about holding tanks and the hookups (I do have a full-hookup site), I don’t remember reading anything about the possibility of getting propane tanks filled anywhere handy. That’s a detail I could easily overlook if I’ve been camping with hookups mostly.
  4. Thanks again for the heads up, I just made a reservation at a campground in Rock Springs. Does anyone else think all this technology amazing? I’m camping without any hookups on a patch of Arizona desert in the middle of nowhere (not far from Quartzsite is in the middle of nowhere), with only a few other rigs at a distance and on a Sunday night I’m booking a campground reservation in Wyoming for June after a suggestion made a few hours earlier by someone in Texas. I sure do take it for granted now.
  5. Amazing how time slips by. I’m glad this topic came up, not sure I have enough time to get my absentee ballot in time though I applied online today. I found it interesting that Texas will mail your ballot to your home address if you are using the over 65 reason, but will only mail it to an out of county address if that’s the reason you are requesting one. Or at least that’s what I thought I read.
  6. Yes, welcome to the class of 2019! And a double wow for having a grandmother who’s 100 - that’s awesome! My grandmother claimed to be 96 the year she passed away, but my sister is into genealogy and found her birth certificate - she lied, she was actually 98! I hope I will be as spry as she was at her age.
  7. Thanks for the heads up as I hadn’t picked up on the times. Looks like I’ll want to stay as close to Rock Springs as I can get Wednesday night. Guess I better start thinking about that.
  8. I’m going to be there - my first Escapade! I also signed up for RV Boot Camp, so I’ll be there a couple of days early. I’ll be in Riverside California the last week of April and will be more or less meandering toward Rock Springs after that. I’ll be coming from the west, but hadn’t really thought about routes and such. But now that I am thinking about it, perhaps I-15 up to St. George, stop at Capital Reef (never been there), along Highway 12, then up into Idaho before heading to Rock Springs. At the moment I’m back in Quartzsite and staying more or less in one spot until the middle of March (though I could be talked into going to Nevada and Valley of Fire easily enough if I get bored here). Harriet
  9. I really like the Arctic Fox and ORV trailers, but they tend to be heavy. Since you have the Tundra, you might want to also look at Lance trailers. Until relatively recently (10 years or so) they only made truck campers so their trailers tend toward lighter weight with lots of storage and a smaller size. They aren’t for everyone. At some point I may replace my trailer, and those are the 3 manufacturers I’ll look at first - I currently have a 1/2 ton truck but would have to replace it with a 3/4 if I buy either the ORV or Arctic Fox, and possibly if I buy one of the larger Lances. My current trailer is 21’ total length.
  10. I was surprised at just how good both Verizon and T-Mobile were in Quartzsite during the show, I rarely found it slow. I had more of a slowdown in the evenings while camping at Gunsight Wash, near Why Arizona last week, and there weren't that many people out there. But then I don't suppose that many people go through the area, not like the huge numbers that go to Quartzsite. Good to hear that it's still OK, I'm leaning toward returning, at least for a week or two.
  11. I've enjoyed reading through this thread. I got called regularly for jury service when I owned the house, about every 18 months. I usually spent the day sitting around the jury room but I was picked for panels a couple of times. I've gotten home from a 3 month trip to find I was supposed to report the week before I got home. A phone call, rescheduled and no problem. The last time was right after I had the house on the market, so I assume that my name would get dropped by next year when my name would be likely to come up again. My DH once got a jury summons and then forgot about it. Turns out his reporting date was right when we were moving to a different county - no problem, he just sent the card back saying he no longer lived in Los Angeles County and never heard anything else. I did get called for a federal court - what a hassle that was. The court is in Fresno, and I lived in the very southern end of Kern County (2 counties away) and worked in Los Angeles. I pointed out that I would have to overnight in Fresno the night before I served and asking me to call in the afternoon, when I would have to drive 75 miles through LA rush hour traffic to get home, pack some clothes, book a motel and then drive another couple of hours (over 150 miles) to Fresno was a bit much. Not acceptable excuse, but they allowed me to call in early in the morning. It was also for a month and it didn't matter if you went in or not (California has a one day or one trial rule - if you go in and get dismissed you are finished). I had to go in the first day, but wasn't selected for the panel. I called in the rest of the week and was told I was done on Friday, whew! I was very glad I didn't have to call in for the entire month.
  12. Thanks for your insights - a very interesting perspective and different than what mine had been - different circumstances and different backgrounds. Reading your point of view has given me some things to think about, I like that. I ended up deciding that I really didn’t want to hunker down alone for a couple of cold, windy days at the isolated piece of BLM desert south of Why Arizona we were occupying, so opted for the full-hookup campground and a long, hot shower 130 miles away. That piece of desert was very nice, I’ll stay there again and do the things I didn’t do this time, but I wanted that long, hot shower and it was going to be a lonely spot without the people I was camping with. I am willing to do up to 300-350 miles a day if there’s a good reason to do it - I did it that was when I was a part-timer and it seems like a comfortable fit for the most part. Probably it’s a bad habit I should try to break, right? You just must have bigger waste tanks than I do - I can manage 10-12 days before I need to dump, depending on how careful I am and how interested (or not) I am in moving over to a dump station (requires re-arranging stuff and packing up the computer). If I weren’t solo I couldn’t begin to contemplate 2 weeks! One of the couples who went home today can only do about 4 days without dumping and refilling. As far as power goes, I have fairly small power requirements so I’m able to be self-sustaining, using the generator when the solar falls short (more than one cloudy, rainy day in a row mostly, but also I have a couple of things that are beyond my small inverter’s capability). I’m lucky in that I can run anything in my trailer (including my AC if needed) with a Honda 2200 generator and propane. I would love to have more battery power and more solar, and a bigger inverter, but then we are talking significant money and I’m still vaguely thinking of replacing my trailer at some point. Your comments about friends in one place leaving and other soon-to-be friends moving in to take their place is something I had forgotten/overlooked with the whirlwind that January was. I spent most of it involved with a forum camping group I’ve known and traveled with since I bought my trailer over 4 years ago. I always feel a sense of loss whenever I leave one of their get-togethers. Thanks for the reminder that it’s just a temporary thing.
  13. Wow - replacing the truck is significant! While I’ve considered upgrading my truck to a 3/4 ton to get more payload, I wouldn’t want to have truck problems first and be forced into it. Sounds like you’ve had some great support from other campers along the way. That’s one of the things I love about the whole RV community. I’m at a cross-roads today. I’ve been camping with friends for most of the month and the last few are all heading home tomorrow (different directions). So tomorrow is the first day since I sold the house where I don’t have some sort of goal or direction. It’s a weird, new sensation for me. I can stay where I am now (dry camping) and sit out the cold and windy weather predicted for the next couple of days. Or I can go to a full-hookup campground about 130 miles away and try to run my 6 gallon water heater out of water without considering the size of my grey tank. I’ll decide in the morning...
  14. Just wondering how my fellow class of 2019 are doing this first month of 2020. If all of you are happy with the choices you made last year to go full time. This morning I started thinking about various things. Most people I’ve talked to about going full-time said to give it time - a year - before you really get a feel of what it’s like. I’ve been a long-timer for several years and for the most part, I’ve been feeling like I’m just in the middle of another multi-month trip (I’ve been full-time since the last week in September, 4 months). I’ve been very lucky the past 6 years - I haven’t had a cold or the flu or anything like that. And I’ve never been sick when I’ve been living in the trailer (5 years). As I sit here in the early morning, sniffling and coughing from a head cold, it occurs to me that dealing with a minor, annoying illness is a big step toward being a permanent full-timer. I don’t have the option any more of cutting a trip short and going home. Plus I’m dealing with this while I’m dry camping (I had power and water for a couple of days but have otherwise been dry camping since before New Years). If I can gracefully get through this stupid head cold (which I think I got while waiting for 3 hours at the CVS in Parker Arizona for a prescription, or else at the Safeway next door), I think I will have crossed a threshold. What do my fellow classmates think about that? Have you felt a difference yet between being on a long trip and being full-time yet? Why?
  15. I can give you the figures for the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and I don’t think they’ve changed since then. It was 6200 lbs/620 tongue weight for a V6 4x4, 200 more for a 2WD. The V8 and diesel were both 1000 lbs more (7200/720 tongue). Cargo capacity was 1050 lbs, which is really limiting when you add 600+ lbs for the tongue weight. What type of camping are you planning on doing? Are you going to go full-time? Watch out for the dry weight vs. GVWR for the trailer - most manufacturers quote a dry weight of the trailer without much in them. Look at the GVWR for them instead. My first TV was a V6 JGC, and I towed a 21’ overall (16 1/2’ box), 5500 trailer (GVWR, usually loaded between 4900-5300 lbs) for over 2 years with it, probably around 30,000 miles. I only had 1 battery, a portable solar panel and no generator - usually camped with at least power. I planned my routes partly based on how steep the grades were - anything over 8% grade was really pushing it. That meant that Wolf Creek Pass (6+% grade) and Powder River Pass (can’t remember now, some stretches might have been 8%) weren’t much of an issue with a little careful driving. But what really got to me was cross-winds. One trip from Tucumcari to Albuquerque was very white-knuckled. It convinced me that I would never want to tow a longer trailer with that sized SUV. It also convinced me that I needed to watch the weather for wind more and plan on sitting out days that were going to be windy. I might still be towing (carefully) with that JGC - one of the best vehicles I’ve owned. I never had an issue with the 10 speed transmission, liked the paddle shifters for choosing gears for grades if needed (no unique to Jeep), and only once felt underpowered (going up over Towne Pass into Death Valley). But I had to work pretty hard at keeping the rig under weight for the Jeep - do I take the grille or the solar panel or the sat antenna - I could only take one. Then someone asked me if I wanted to convoy to Alaska with them, a trip with lots of dry camping. That meant a second battery, more solar and a generator. Where do you carry a gas can and a generator that’s not in an occupied space when you have an SUV? I bought an F150.
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