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  1. I've had experience with Traveling Mailbox, and I was VERY pleased with the service. We were "most-timers" for a little over a year before we went full time. While we were most-timing, we used TM, with an address in our home state of Georgia. Then, when we went full time, the ACA insurance coverage and rates were our primary consideration of where we were going to domicile. We knew that Florida would be our state, but the cost of insurance between the different counties where the various mail services were located was quite a bit. We chose to go with the Passport America service in Crestview based on the health insurance costs. For our particular healthcare situation, the cost was less at Crestview than either the TM Tallahassee address, or the Escapees Bushnell address. As far as the mail service, I like Traveling Mailbox better than what we now have. We don't get a lot of snail mail, but the cost of scanning is a lot less with Traveling Mailbox than the service we have now. But the monthly health insurance premiums are much less for us by using the Crestview address. Next year, everything may change, and we may "move" again.
  2. When we were getting ready to go full time, we talked with an attorney recommended on the Escapees website. She told us that the more time the better, in order to establish a record of intent that we were making the new state our permanent domicile. We chose Florida as our domicile, and we had planned on wintering there anyway, so we spent 3 months there (not all in the same part of the state). She also advised us to make doctor appointments there, get our bank relations moved there, and to otherwise establish community relations. Also, you can file a notarized affidavit of intent of domicile with the county clerks in both the new and old locations, so that provides a legal document of your intention to change your domicile from one state to another. The main issue seems to be that you need evidence that you have actually "moved" when the old state comes looking for you to pay taxes. The more evidence you have, the more convincing it is to the old state.
  3. Maybe in a month or so we'll be in an RV park with wifi, so we can download this update. Otherwise, the bandwidth for these updates uses up our entire monthly allotment. And it takes too long to update to do it when sitting in the entryway at Walmart.
  4. Wow, old article, but still interesting. We've been traveling in our motorhome for 2 1/2 years, and full time for the past year. We use portable fencing for our dogs, and have traveled all over the country, from Florida to Arizona and northward from Montana to the northern Midwest states, and everywhere in between. In all our travels, we have only been to one RV park that did not allow portable fencing. And, in that case they had just changed their policy 2 days before we arrived. I'm attaching a photo of our current site in a state park in Colorado. We have several expens set out here, as we have a large site. It gives the dogs plenty of room to run and excersize. And they are never let out when we aren't there with them.
  5. The guy that wrote that article sure needs to go to WalMart or JC Penney. He is paying way too much for clothes. $75 for a pair of tee shirts is ridiculous. And $32 for a pair of underwear is highway robbery.
  6. When I click on your link, it just says the tool is coming soon.
  7. I've got the Pathway X2. I don't know if you have to put it in the stow position (it's clearly marked on the body of the unit - you just line up the marks on the two halves of the sphere). However, I always put mine in the stow position, as it takes up less space when storing. If mounted, I would be afraid the black dish cover would blow off while traveling down the road. It's kind of like a lid on a tupperware container. It might have enough grip to hang on, but given the right angle of breeze and air pressure, who knows.
  8. How are February's there? We loved Tucson in the winter, and this looks like about the same latitude.
  9. I got an email recently from USPS saying this service was available in my area. The USPS provides an online scan of the outside of envelopes coming to your address. I got very excited, as we are full time, and use the My RV Mail mail forwarding service. Our service only gives us a text description of incoming mail with the sender's name, and the weight of the envelope. Don't know if the mail is addressed to me, or my wife, or what the return address location is. With the USPS service, we would be able to see that information. But alas, when I plugged in my address on the USPS website, it said the service was not available for my address. I was assuming it was because I use a mail forwarding service.
  10. We use the Passport America mail service out of Crestview, FL. Before we went full time, we were using Traveling Mailbox. I hated to change, but we needed the Crestview address for insurance reasons. One of the things I miss is the envelope scans. Now we just get a text description of the sender and envelope weight. I got very excited a couple of days ago when I got an email from USPS saying that the Informed Delivery service was available in our area. That service gives you an envelope scan of all mail coming to your mailbox. However, I was disappointed when I went to USPS online and plugged in my address, and found the service was not available for my address. I don't know if it because of the zip code, or the fact that my address is a mail forwarding service with a PMB.
  11. I have the 211z, and went down to WalMart and bought the 2TB WD My Passport external drive. I plugged it into a powered usb port, but don't know if that is necessary. It works great for recording and playback, as well as rewinding live TV.
  12. I wouldn't mind the ads if they were not encroaching on the posts. Put them at the top, or mix them in between the posts. The only ones I see are ads for Escapees. The FMCA board uses the same forum software, and there isn't 1/3 of the page width taken up with ads there.
  13. So, when reading posts under this new format, there is a group of ads followed by a listing of topics on the right side of the screen. That shrinks the post visibility to 2/3 of the screen width. Is there a way to get rid of the stuff on the right hand side of the screen? It would be a lot easier to read posts if they were displayed across the full width of the screen.
  14. When will they have their first HOP?