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  1. I've found the important part of the brine solution is the roughly equal parts of salt and sugar (you can even use table sugar and make it work). Then, throw in any and all spices to your liking. But the beer should be at least doubled, because that gives you plenty to drink while the meat is soaking.
  2. We also are looking for a primary care physician in Bushnell. There is a new clinic under construction that looks like it is about ready to open, Premier Medical Associates. They have other clinics in cities around the area, from Ocala to Orlando. I don't have any info on the specific doctors that will be at the clinic, though. We plan on visiting them when they open up.
  3. We changed our domicile to FL on the first of the year a few years ago, and never ran into any issues. However, we were coming from GA, which isn't a very aggressive state for going after taxpayers who leave.
  4. chindog

    Turkey Creek

    We stayed there for 3 weeks in July. Turkey creek runs along the back side of the property, and flows into the Taneycomo river about 2 blocks downstream. When heavy rains occur, it's not just the water flowing into the creek and river that causes the flooding. There is also Taneycomo Lake upstream of the park that rises, and the dam operator releases water downstream. When we were there, there was only 1 site between us and Turkey Creek. 2 days before we got there, our site and the ones on either side of us were evacuated because the creek flooded them all. We were lucky that it dried up before we pulled in.
  5. TechnoRV sells them. They occasionally have sales and mark them down.
  6. These are valid concerns. On my 42 gallon Barker, the original sewer hose is long gone, replaced by a Rhino hose with female ends on each side. The wheels have also been replaced. I've got a steel axle with pneumatic tires on both the front and back. The tires came from Northern Tool, which is about the only place I've found that sells a 6" pneumatic wheel with tire that can handle up to a 300# load at a reasonable price. And, when the pressure builds up in the Barker and slows the flow, I just unscrew the gauge cap and take it off until the tank gets close to full.
  7. We have the Barker 42 gallon tank. We are full timers, and spend a lot of time in COE parks where there aren't sewer hookups at each site. When staying 2 weeks at a time, the 42 gallon comes in quite handy to haul the grey water to the dump station. I carry it in the cargo bay, and even though it takes up a lot of space, we still have room for all our other stuff we need when full time traveling.
  8. I have my mail service with this company, MyRVMail. But, this is NOT Good Sam's mailing service, although the mailing service does give a discount to Good Sam members. I get a discount, too, but not through Good Sam. MyRVMail has the same discount program with Passport America. My drivers license and voting registration is in Crestview. My address is 5753 Hwy 85 N, with a box number on the end of it. Same as hundreds of other folks. That's where my mail is sent, and is the address on my license. However, for my voter registration, my address is listed as the county clerk's office address.
  9. I just made a reservation at a national forest, and for the first time encountered both an electricity fee and a reservation fee when booking on recreation.gov.
  10. Check the water levels in your batteries every month regardless of use.
  11. I don't believe I've ever seen that on recreation.gov. I have on reserveamerica.com, though. With the recent change on recreation.gov, I wonder if this is a new thing? Which park were you looking at where you saw the separate electric and water charges? (COE, National Forest, etc.?)
  12. Overall, it's a pretty nice park. The sites are gravel, and we had a little trouble leveling because the jacks sunk down about 4", but we did get level. The road to the park is like a washboard, but once you get into the park, the gravel roads are OK. We were on an end site, and had a fairly large grassy patio and a small tree, with a sunflower garden toward the rear. We would definitely go back. And, we got a 15% discount with our Escapees membership card.
  13. My renewal date and first auto payment was a couple of days ago. No problems here.
  14. There is no rule that restricts pets to service animals only at the RV show. From the RV show website: Pets - Mild-tempered dogs are welcome on a leash. Please clean up after your pets. We went today, and I was shocked to see someone there with a CAT on a leash! I mean, come on now! The rules clearly say mild tempered dogs are welcome!
  15. For you guys with the 7730's that are having issues, it could be that the battery is going bad. I was having some problems with mine, and when I took the battery out, I could see it was slightly bulged out. I got a new battery, and the problems went away. The Verizon stores didn't have the batteries, but I found them at Walmart.com.
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