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  1. Hewhoknowslittle


    Just throwing this out there, but how bout a summer long rally? That way people traveling to Alaska could stop and spend a few days and get together with who ever else is in the neighborhood, I know that the group we are in have no hard travel plans, and this might be the same with others, but we are open to stopping and enjoying the sites, and company of others along the way. What ya think? Roger
  2. Hewhoknowslittle

    Freightliner Toterhomes

    Nice setup. I see you boondock like I do, with all the comforts of home, including sat tv. Roger
  3. Hewhoknowslittle

    Freightliner Toterhomes

    We need some pictures of your nice setup. Roger
  4. Hewhoknowslittle

    Air leak, what is normal

    Overnight is not uncommon for an older truck to lose its air. What did your gauges read? i worked on my 99 Volvo and got it to hold more than 75 lbs after 3 days. My Freightliner will hold better than 100 lbs for weeks.
  5. Hewhoknowslittle

    TPMS, or not

    I have 17.5 tires on every trailer I own except the one that’s got a 12 inch tires on it. That being said I do it so all my trailer tires are the same size one spare fits all nine trailers one spare tire, but I wouldn’t put anything on my camper but 17.5 tires over Kill is your friend. Roger
  6. Hewhoknowslittle

    TPMS, or not

    I have the TST system with the internal pressure sensors on the Freightliner and my 3 axle DRV, I was having theft issues with the stem sensors, and I do like the new sensors, I put them on during tire change, and they should last till the next tire change, so no issues there, and TST will send you the sensors and give you time to replace them when it's time for the battery to be replaced.
  7. Hewhoknowslittle

    Vnl 610 cab shocks

    When I had the Volvo I also installed Donvels, I did the rear bags first, made a short trip, then did the cab, wow what a differance the cab valves made, I would start with them. If you follow a Volvo while driving and they have a drom box watch how much side movement the cab has, on my new to me Freightliner it has a pan hard bar that keeps the cab from swaying, so much difference that the Volvo cab ride as to side to side sway. Roger
  8. Hewhoknowslittle

    Cat C7 Alternator Neville LBA2108 no output.

    I for one would remove the alternator and take it to an independent shop to have checked and or rebuilt, they know what they are doing and can bench test it before you install it, so all will be good. Roger
  9. Hewhoknowslittle

    Steel or Aluminum Drom box

    My vote is for the aluminum box because I will guarantee you chrome will get to home just ask Mr. com if he’s Dowling that beat up as we speak!
  10. Hewhoknowslittle

    TPMS Low Pressure tirem Alarm constant or only when the monitor cycles?

    X3 with my TST. Roger
  11. Hewhoknowslittle

    IRT canceled? a little off topic

    I drove for a living for too many years, and I had the desire to try it one year. But life moved on and now I’m over it. But still liked the show. Roger
  12. Hewhoknowslittle

    Private rv not for hire

    Somebody on this form would pull trailers illegally I find that so hard to believe! Roger
  13. Hewhoknowslittle

    HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    I do, who does it bother? Roger
  14. Hewhoknowslittle

    Quartzsite, RV parks, big rigs, wife retiring.

    👍 I know I am. Roger
  15. Hewhoknowslittle

    Remedial Question - Air Governor

    Pat, looking forward to seeing everyone again next year. We will have to take a road trip again to check out all the improvements to the truck. Roger