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  1. Hewhoknowslittle

    What's on the back of you truck?

    That's the way I have done mine, and it works great. Roger
  2. Hewhoknowslittle

    Happy Father's Day !

    Happy Fathers day to all as well, hope everyone is safe this weekend. Roger
  3. Hewhoknowslittle

    DPF DIY Service on D16

    I Myself I’ve had great luck with welding a nut on the end of a broken off bolt and then removing it with an impact, I do it while it’s still hot as the heat will help break it loose you have nothing to lose by doing this and everything to gain. Roger
  4. Hewhoknowslittle

    And so it ENDS, the Smart Car, deck on the Pete, is finished.

    Dave, if all comes to it, you can drive during the day and get to the WCR and you will have all the help you need to get er done and some knolledge on what to look for in the future. Roger
  5. Hewhoknowslittle

    Short Trip

    Hoping for the best, but if in the shop it should be a quick turn a round to get it done, just sparks and done😁. Roger
  6. Hewhoknowslittle

    And so it ENDS, the Smart Car, deck on the Pete, is finished.

    Very nice.
  7. Hewhoknowslittle

    New gear ratio

    You can this winter. I’m hoping we meet up again in Arizona this winter. Jim knows you have scouted out a lot of great places to ride. Roger
  8. Hewhoknowslittle

    National HDT Rally Registration

    Is there an option for long sleeve shirts? Roger
  9. Hewhoknowslittle

    Volvo losing coolant out overflow, not overheating

    I would change the radatior cap, cheep and might just do the trick. Roger
  10. Hewhoknowslittle

    Smooth or Diamond Plate for bed deck

    I like diamond with Line X or Rinio liner, will not show and dent's and mine was 3/16 diamond on top, with smooth sides. That's on the Volvo in the avatar, haven't changed it yet to the Frieghshaker. Roger
  11. Hewhoknowslittle

    New gear ratio

    Dan, You would love a auto shift, I thought I never wanted one till I got one, no looking back. And 560hp with 1850 torque doesn't hurt the power eather. Roger
  12. Hewhoknowslittle

    2018 West Coast Rally

    Congrats on the new rig.
  13. Hewhoknowslittle

    Truck of choice for piggybacking a Jeep with a fiver

    What town in Alaska?
  14. Hewhoknowslittle

    Short ratchet strap

    Brad, Are you tieing them down front to rear or front tire to the rear tie down, or front to rear across in an X? I find that the single strap over the tire with the rubber blocks works and is easy to use, and less parts, but that's just me. Always looking for a new way to do things. Roger
  15. Hewhoknowslittle

    Smart Car winched on/drove off fine!

    Are you using basket tie downs or the single strap with the rubber tread blocks? My baskets always were loose but after I got the single strap style I have never had the come loose, and I have to be careful not to over tighten them. I found that US Cargo sells just the straps and rubber blocks for about 18.00 each or less, working off a failing memory 🤣. Roger