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  1. Can’t wait to see you both and your new truck. Roger
  2. Denver, I called and canceled my cabin two weeks ago and was charged a 20% canceling fee. Roger
  3. What is the price of convenience? I used to camp in a 12 man or women tent, put out the camp stove, well you get the picture, so I will push the auto level button the rest of my life and be glad I did it. Roger
  4. I would check with Jack at RVH Lifestyles. He will be able to help you with this. Roger
  5. Karen and I will be missing the ECR and the WCR this year as our new 5er will not be ready till late July.. we will miss everyone but we plan on attending the national rally in Hutchison Roger
  6. Well I guess you could be correct. But not everyone see's the inner beauty of Roger.
  7. Jump in, slam the door and head west. without a commercial hitch what can you haul to make you commercial? Have your story straight and you will not have any problems. I have moved 2 different trucks, one from Mesa, Arizona to Wichita, Kansas and one from College Station, Texas to Wichita. Newer got two looks or even stopped. Roger
  8. Karen and I got stopped a few years ago on the return trip from the ECR, the DOT officer asked why I had my truck and trailer registered in Montana, and as God as my witness I told him, see the woman sitting here, and he said yes with a puzzled look on this face, will officer the last wife took my 2 homes, boats, the diesel pusher motor home, and this one isn't getting anything! He looked at Karen and asked her if that was correct and she stated it was. Then he said that the trailer looked like a new one being transported to a selling dealer, so I said please open the basement door and see if all that stuff comes in a new unit. He opened the door, looked around a minute, closed the door and said have a safe trip. So that being said, I still have my LLC and the tax savings alone will pay for a lot of toys. Roger (the tax evader.)
  9. Just asking but did you buy it from Richard Oder? That guy is trying to be number one on buying Comfort Ride hitches, and he is a great guy, wish I was close I would do it so I could get out of the cold weather here in Kansas.
  10. My travel plans have changed with the weather moving in here in Kansas, loading the Jeep and the Zero up in my redneck trailer and heading west today, hope to miss the freezing rain and most of the snow. Can’t wait to get to Arizona and get out of this crap, I know just exactly what Mr. Cob is talking about. Everyone have a safe day and safe travels for those of us that are in the stuff and I’ll see you in the desert this week.
  11. Brian is the man, and glad he's your helping hand. Roger
  12. I bought one like this, same brand off of Amazon and it works fantastic and it will set a 3/8 nutcert easy as pie. https://www.eastwood.com/astro-pneumatic-rivet-nut-drill-adapter-kit.html?SRCCODE=PLA00020&gclid=CjwKCAiAo7HwBRBKEiwAvC_Q8eZ5nfFcTrrxHeRL67JxHGylbC47_PEgoaeHH1RoH6YNKDXJf2m_zxoCuugQAvD_BwE Roger
  13. Al, trust me I’m not nervous about cutting a hole in the side of your truck or Jon’s.
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