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  1. Air ride hitch

    I for one started with the ET hitch, I sold it to a member here and have the ComfortRide now, the ComfortRide has more adjustability in heights, and does not use air. I am very happy with my new hitch and will not look back, if you would like to discuss this on the phone I will, just PM me and I will provide my number or send me yours, I look forward to talking to you on this subject. Roger
  2. HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Got setup at the Tampa RV super show. It's really cool here, the temperature is I mean. Roger
  3. East Coast Rally January Update

    You might be moving up to the east side!!
  4. East Coast Rally January Update

  5. I have the Jackalpoee, the Hayes controller and I am terrified.

    Dave, Don't be a cheep COB, (cheep old boy) what do you think a shop might charge you and you would not know how they done it, the experience is worth the drive and money to get to know your truck. Don't shoot me next time we meet up, as since I don't have twitter, I have to start it here. Roger
  6. East Coast Rally January Update

    Kim just called me and I got my reservations all set. Karen and I will be arriving on Tuesday the 10th, and we can't wait to see the new site were in, and all our friends again. Roger
  7. Update of Bed Build

    After lifting mine I put it on wheel roller plates, then rolled it to the 2 post lift, raised it in the air and did the painting. It was in the shop and did not want overspray on all the equipment or RV's in the shop for repairs. It did work out great and I let it dry for several days before installing it back on the truck, I will try to add a picture of the small fork lift I used.
  8. Big day tomorrow!!

    I as well want to wish you congratas, you will love the Volvo, and I as well have a 99, but mine has a Cummins M-11, some say you need more, but I feel it is the right choice for me, and I know you will fell the same way. Roger
  9. Another HDT spotted today, 1-5-2018.

    Jim, I bet your glad you wasn't in a LGT!! So how's the park? I hope to see you after the Tampa RV show, if my old truck will make it. Roger
  10. If you have a brake application gauge, it will do the same thing and it's behind the dash already, this is what I have done, you can check it by airing up the truck and applying the johnson bar, you will see the gauge work. Roger
  11. Update of Bed Build

    I have used POR-15 on my bed, I did do an acid wash as in the instructions, and here is a picture of my wheel well, it's dirty from the snow I drove in yesterday, but after about 60,000 miles it still looks like new, no pits or rusting, it is a pain to put on, and don't spray it as the overspray will not come of of anything it lands on, but well worth the effort. Roger
  12. Winch for Smart car or utv

    Al, Yes there are D-rings in the middle of the tire tracks, as we spoke on the phone you can mock yours up where the strap is going straight up at the D-ring. This 4 hour trip today the straps are still tight front and rear and centered in the tire where I put them, I am very satisfied on my purchase. Here is the link https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0721GKK9S/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Roger
  13. Winch for Smart car or utv

    That’s what I did not like about my tire baskets could not get the front part tight. With these the straps slide in the rubber blocks and the front is tight as well as the back the tire is squatting on the bed I probably have them too tight but it’s a short drive tomorrow when I get there I’ll check it out. Roger
  14. Winch for Smart car or utv

    Here are some of my pictures of the placement of the new straps I bought and how they look on the tire, I really like these over the basket straps that I had, a lot easier and faster, now if I could upload a video of loading the car I would. Roger
  15. Winch for Smart car or utv

    Alan I drive my car on the truck and as long as you don’t stop midway and try to take off the clutch is always engaged no damage if you’ve driven your UTV up there you can you can drive your car up there, it’s different but it’s the same just the first time gives you a lot of butterflies. Roger