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  1. Well the arm is getting better, but the PT is putting quite a hurt on it, it's got to stretch but it doesn't have to do it in one treatment! We are trying to make plans, but the work schedule, and Karen's mother with dementia is keeping things in the air at this time, I can run away from work, but Mom and Dad needs all the help we can give, as with most families it seams one or two out of the bunch does it all. Roger
  2. Hewhoknowslittle


    Phil, Are you going to take some vacation time and come to the ECR? That's the way to retire, on vacation.
  3. Hewhoknowslittle

    New shoes

    Your too kind, but your welcome.
  4. I'm hoping Karen and I can make it to the rally, things are really up in the air at this time with my shoulder surgery on Monday. We were hoping on going to Alaska this summer starting at the WCR, and then heading up, might make it to the WCR and head home, but your welcome to give mine a look over any time, it's different in the way it's set up, solar panels on the trailer and everything else on the truck, but it works well for me this way. Roger
  5. David, You know this is what Carl was waiting for. You da man, man.
  6. Jim I have one I ment to give you. Might b able to hookup on my way home in 2 weeks. Roger
  7. Michael, Sorry I left the campfire last night suddenly, but I was needing my meds and was getting sick. Glad we got to chat and I would like to see your truck sometime. Roger
  8. Damm Paul, I forgot to put it out for ya all, but I will next time. I-10 is so ruff that it broke the sewer fitting off my truck tank, glad the black tank was empty and unused as this would be a crappy deal for me.
  9. Guess I’m gonna find out tomorrow because I’m leaving Houston and I am headed for Biloxi. Going to go break the bank in the casino and then head on to Jacksonville on Wednesday to see Mike and Teresa Dillard.
  10. Thank you. It surprised me as well.
  11. I put a 12.5 K on my truck to power my DRV as I needed to 220 volts for my dryer. I am in Houston today running all three air-conditioners television marker wave induction cooktop and I’ve yet to hear it over the television very quiet and smooth it runs at 1800 RPM at all times I’m very happy with this generator can’t wait to get the solar set up so it doesn’t have to run as much.
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