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  1. While at MorRyde this last Oct. we saw there new air ride version of the IS system, and it does kneel before you level, and has the ability to raise 6 inches for the times you need it, and when we order it will be the suspension of choice on the new build. Roger
  2. Yes we have looked at the New Horizons and took a tour of the factory. Liking the Luxe price. Roger
  3. Yes it has damage, but it's National General that's the problem, they will not believe it's totaled. The DRV we have was special ordered and took over 6 months to build with all the changes and DRV will not build me a replacement like I have, so I'm looking at Luxe. Build time is 4 months after I order so April is out unless the insurance company writes the check. Roger
  4. I'm thanking National General Insurance for giving me the opportunity to miss the rally this year, as I have had a devastating miss fortune of missing a turn into my storage or short term parking at Kellogg RV repair center here in Wichita, Ks and as Kellogg RV and Kansas RV center has stated damages that exceed value of my DRV, and National General has at the Kansas Insurance Commissioners request sent out a independent adjusting company that as of now we don't know what that inspection says as National General will not share that information with me, and the adjusting company was instructed not to release any information of inspection we will not have a unit to take to the rally, so if we do go we will have to stay in one of the cabins or a hotel near by. Roger and Karen
  5. Dave, I tried to send you a PM but the system says you can't receive any, so will post here. Well it's been 3 weeks tomorrow and I was wondering how this knee is doing as compared to the left knee? I find that I don't remember the progress as well as I should, but this last knee has caused a lot more pain for me, I still can't sleep all night in bed. About 3AM I wake to sever pain, and I have to get up and sleep in my recliner to get any relief, then I sleep in late, so I am thinking I get little to no rest while in bed. So how are you doing? Pain any different on this knee vs the left knee? I did climb into the Freightliner yesterday and drove it into my shop to have some window tinting done, I was talked into getting the lightest tint put on the windshields and what a difference it makes on the heat transfer into the cab, the installer told me that it will also get rid of the night blindness, I asked him if it would get rid of the limp I have after the left knee replacement, but he stated that it won't so time will tell if it does. I will have to wait till I have the chance to drive at night to see the difference. Roger
  6. To everyone at the National Rally, If Karen and I missed talking to you I am sorry but the knees said it’s time to go home and get on ice and drugs. We might drive over again this Saturday to finish catching up with everyone. Dave, you should see how easy Henry squats and gets on his hands and knees. Everyone is missing you (or Newt) and send there reguards your way Roger
  7. Good morning Dave The left knee has not treated my well yet. Lot more swelling and pain, went to see the doc yesterday and was given a prescription for swelling, two tablets a day, well so far after one dose and a overnight rest what a difference. No pain as of this post, and swelling has gone down a lot. Yes I am going to try to get Karen to drive me over tomorrow and will be sure to pass along your regards, I was going to bobtail the truck over, Karen driving, but she shot that down fast. She doesn’t want me to climb into the truck. Roger
  8. Joe Thank you from both of us old timers. Speaking for myself the pain is more manageable today. Dave yes the toilet is no fun at all, but if you want a challenge spend a day in the camper, talk about PT it has a lot. Roger
  9. We just got home and in my recliner. Dave you hit the nail on the head, as the dogs were so happy to see me the left knee took quite a beating, but who could be mad at the dogs and there blind love. I can’t. 2 hour ride home, no way for me. 20 minutes tops. Roger
  10. Al, I would hate to let you down. Doc was just in as said the bruising is much worse on this knee, and so will be the pain. He is correct, the pain is bad but I'm powering through it. The doctor said the more flexibility I get it the less pain I'm going to have so he knows it's gonna hurt but he wants me to just go ahead and get it done, I'm taking 20 mg ove pain pills every four hours, but I'm walking the hospital shortly after taking the pain pills and it's really loosening up Going home today if I meet all the qualifications, and that's my Goal today Roger
  11. Danandfreda you should look forward to your golden years, just don't drop the golden egg! Joe, lift as many as you want, cause if I could get some I would supplement my Medes. Linda, Off morphine now, but the pain is increasing again. Day 2 is not a under day, but it won't be long and it will be gone. How ya doing this morning Dave?
  12. Getting the pain in check. the nerve block didn’t take as last time. Morphine is my new best friend. Roger
  13. Well I’m out of surgery and in my room, the pain is a lot worse than I remember on the right knee! Dave, how are you doing?
  14. Thank you Rocky, Dave and I appreciate your prayers and everyone’s thoughts and prayers. Roger
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