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  1. This is great news Dave, as I am just about 4 weeks post op, my knee is still stiff and pt is working hard to get it to a full range of motion, I started riding the stationary bike this week, and it was very painful, but it sure increased the range of motion so not looking forward to today's surprise at pt, but you know it is well worth it, like you our winter travels are on hold till I get heeled up, and get the trailer replaced due to putting the right side wheels in the ditch cutting a corner to sharp. Roger
  2. My Freightliner has the DD15 with the Eaton auto shift 10 speed trans, and I just bobtailed to Elkhart to look at the Luxe as I am thinking of ordering one, anyway the millage I got was under 9 mpg. I did run the posted speed limit plus the 5 mph grace, the complete trip, hand figured every fillup and was 8.2 to 8.9. I am set at 560hp and 1850tkq. Not the millage my Cummins M-11 got, but not that little motor eather, so is it worth trading truck for better millage, or keep the truck you have and live with it, and I wouldn't trade that Peterbilt off for a Volvo over fuel millage, buts thats just me. Roger
  3. Dave, Your preaching to the choir, Today Karen told me I could drive, as sitting around is causing more greef than good, I turned her down on the driving, but was very tempted to grab the keys and go, I feel great and I do believe I wouldn't have any problems, but if something would happen I would be screwed as I have a cdl for my work, and driving without a doctors release would do my business no good. Hope both of us finds something to get our minds a going so the home front will improve, Roger
  4. Hello Dave, Things here are going good. Little to no pain, but still taking a pill at night, day time pain comes and goes. I think I could skip the pain meds but I need all the beauty sleep I can get. Raing of motion is good and my therapist is impressed on my progress. I am excited to get the left knee done. Roger
  5. Henry, They made a pair of knees for me, and I'm scheduled to do the left knee on Oct 7th. I'm looking forward to it, but more looking forward to getting my keys back so I can get out of here for a bit. Roger
  6. Ken, Yes I got one and was told when I got the other knee replaced not to bring it with me as I will get another one. Now it’s just me but I don’t think I need a stock pile of ice packs so I told him I’d bring my old one because I don’t want two. Roger
  7. Day 6 update, very little pain and swelling has gone down some. PT exercises still hurt a lot, but range is improving. I’m now looking foreword to get the other knee done. Roger
  8. Rockie, The first day when the nerve block was working was fantastic, second day was asking myself why, third day was questioning if I would have the other knee done, today is no real bad pain, I'm walking good with the help of a cane, I do have a walker but choose the cane for all my walks around the house. Now to get the pt over with so we can start again. Roger
  9. Dave, This is day 4, and what a difference in pain. It still hurts, but not as bad as yesterday, went to PT this morning and the therapist said my range of motion was great, stated I'm a week or more ahead of total movement, and to think I was doing bad. I agree with you on loading up on meds before bed so you can sleep. Not going water skiing this weekend, so everything should be good for Tuesdays PT. Roger
  10. Linda, thats easer said than done, but I’m working real hard to keep it straight. Thank you Roger
  11. They took out the drain last night, and yes I am wearing the support hose, But living in a camper has it's challenges, and I am adapting well. Roger
  12. Today the pain and swelling is rentless. Woke up a little while ago and can’t get any relief. Hoping day 3 will improve the swelling and overall discomfort.
  13. Thank you for the message. I learned from the shoulder surgery to stay on top of the meds. Roger
  14. Well today I joined the group and had my right knee replaced with the conformius brand knee, sitting here in the rehab hospital and they are wonderful, had the nerve block so pain is minimal but I’m sure tomorrow it will come back with a vengeance A shout out to Henry, Dave and I can’t remember who else they just had this done. Dave, I’m wondering how your progress is because you’re a week ahead of me so I’m betting my recovery will follow yours. Roger
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