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  1. Hewhoknowslittle

    2018 East Coast Rally.

    Chris and Jennifer, It was great to meet the both of you and talking about your new truck, can't wait to see it in person. Roger and Karen
  2. Hewhoknowslittle

    Train horns

    I also will be adding them to the new to me Freightshaker, might add two sets one on each side of the truck.
  3. Hewhoknowslittle

    J1939 9 pin Y cable

    Thanks David, it's on order. Roger
  4. Hewhoknowslittle

    J1939 9 pin Y cable

    I am looking for this cable, but as yet have not found it in lots of one, and I don't need 49 spares, so has anyone found these as I want to hook up my directlink brake controller and have the port open for any diagnostic's that I might need. Thanks in advance Roger
  5. Hewhoknowslittle

    2018 East Coast Rally.

    We will be waiting for your arrival!! Roger
  6. Hewhoknowslittle

    ECR Pre-Rally

    Well, I now have to make a trip back home starting tomorrow, and will return on Wednesday, leaving the camper and DW here, so I'll take the bad weather with me for you all to miss, or enjoy the nice weather. Can't wait to see that great looking Volvo, Yeller is a color of mine, and it stands out fer sure. Roger
  7. Hewhoknowslittle

    '18 ECR Flea Market

    I also have a set of 4 basket straps for a smart car for sale. Or trade for something I might sell at the next flee market Roger
  8. Hewhoknowslittle

    And so it begins...HDT search, ECR, destination full time.

    Nice and I got a hitch with me for you to look at.
  9. Hewhoknowslittle

    Thank You, Big5er

    Does anyone have a sample manual like the one above for Montana? I am looking to make one and hoping someone has one that's done and I could copy mine from. Thanks Roger
  10. Hewhoknowslittle

    Purchase HDT Tires

    I’m putting on new Michelin steer tires and 4 Michelin recap super singles on today. Roger
  11. Hewhoknowslittle

    '18 ECR Flea Market

    It is bolted to the frame plate but accessories can be bought.
  12. Hewhoknowslittle

    TSLB2H hitch maintenance

    Very nice work. You should get a exchange program going. Who knows where that could go. Know for me to get the hitch base loaded and to the ECR. Roger
  13. Hewhoknowslittle

    '18 ECR Flea Market

  14. Hewhoknowslittle

    '18 ECR Flea Market

    I might have a E-Z Floater by Hitchcrafter.com hitch for sale, here is the web site. Roger