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  1. Can't wait to see it this weekend, and of course the 4 legged babies you have, and wait you too.l Roger
  2. Jim, Glad you posted you experiences with your DRV, sad enough you can’t share it on the DRV owners group, as only positive comments are allowed on that site. Roger
  3. Phil, When we got our fuel card from a local fuel distributor in Wichita we only had four trucks, we understood that we was only going to use their self service facilities in our local area, but when we received our fuel cards I noticed it said fuel man on them that’s good at most convenient stores and most truck stops.
  4. Karen and I along with JenandJon will be arriving Monday morning. I took a detour and wound up in a casino in Wendover, so Sunday we are heading to Jackpot for another night. Roger
  5. I use a fuelman card and it gets the cash price. Never shuts off the pump till done fueling. Have it on my Loves app and can start the pump without inserting the card, and automatically adds my points this way. Roger
  6. This gives me hope that the pain will be managed without drugs making me stupid, and then getting hooked on them. Roger
  7. I want to send my thanks to Henry for posting about the Conformis knee and his personal struggles with the PT, it was my deciding factor in using the Conformis knee replacement. We all have talked to many people that have had knee replacement and so far I have only found one that had the Conformis knee done here in my local area, and all his reports were positive, including the use of the 4 letter words when he thought that the pain pills was over, in his works let the doctor or pt tech tell you when to quit the pain management drugs. When I had my shoulder done, I stopped the pain pills early and I do believe that made my pt last longer as the pain stopped me from doing all my home exercises as I should have been doing. That being said, everyone is different and we shall wait and see how much pain I am in after 4 weeks, cause in 6 weeks they will increase my pain pills again for the left knee, and pt will continue on both as I understand. Roger
  8. Looks like I am joining the knee replacement group. I talked to my doctor that repaired my shoulder at my last visit and asked him who he would use to have a knee replaced, his reply was a doctor that is a training doctor here in Wichita that uses Conformis knees. I scheduled my appoitment with him and right knee is set to be replaced on July 22, the left one 6 weeks later. He explained to me that this was the best knee on the market at this time, but it's not for everybody. He will not use them in very overweight people, (he stated I was not obese, a surprise to me) as obese people will not do the pt and the knee will not have a good range of motion, during the examination he felt my muscle tissue on my legs and stated that I had good muscle mass in both legs and the Conformis knee will be a great fit for me. I did ask him if I could get both knees done the same week as I fulltime in the DRV, but he will not. Roger
  9. I had Leon Kirby do mine and what a great job he did!
  10. Leon’s old hitch was a 308 with the tall pin box. He uses a Volvo to tow with.
  11. If you have time check out Jack's video of loading a new smart, You don't use the brake to stop you have to use the park brake to control the brakes, as when you push the regular brake pedal it puts the trans in neutral, I load mine this way without any problems. See ya at the rally, we can discuss this in more detail. Roger
  12. Hewhoknowslittle

    New to the fold!

    Howdy and welcome! We do have fun with our oversized trucks. Roger
  13. Yes do to Phil's great personality, we spent a long weekend together this January, I was on my way to Florida and stopped in on Phil. And you do have my $$$$, you are just saving it for traveling.
  14. He's still here, been planning the next truck for 5 years, and with Harrolds help it all came together, it was a lot more Harrold, than Roger but mostly my ideas put to paper and built. My hat's off to Harrold and the crew at Action Equipment Co. Here is a link for anyone who want's to know more, and feel free to reach out to Harrold on your build needs. https://www.action-equipment.com/ Roger
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