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  1. I had Leon Kirby do mine and what a great job he did!
  2. Leon’s old hitch was a 308 with the tall pin box. He uses a Volvo to tow with.
  3. If you have time check out Jack's video of loading a new smart, You don't use the brake to stop you have to use the park brake to control the brakes, as when you push the regular brake pedal it puts the trans in neutral, I load mine this way without any problems. See ya at the rally, we can discuss this in more detail. Roger
  4. Hewhoknowslittle

    New to the fold!

    Howdy and welcome! We do have fun with our oversized trucks. Roger
  5. Yes do to Phil's great personality, we spent a long weekend together this January, I was on my way to Florida and stopped in on Phil. And you do have my $$$$, you are just saving it for traveling.
  6. He's still here, been planning the next truck for 5 years, and with Harrolds help it all came together, it was a lot more Harrold, than Roger but mostly my ideas put to paper and built. My hat's off to Harrold and the crew at Action Equipment Co. Here is a link for anyone who want's to know more, and feel free to reach out to Harrold on your build needs. https://www.action-equipment.com/ Roger
  7. Darryl, Doesn't work for me, and choose files states the file is to large. Any help is appreciated. Roger
  8. I don't know how to link a video. Roger
  9. Chad, You do, it just costs more money to watch. Roger
  10. Jim, Are you talking about me?? The hitch in the photo is slid forward and will slide 5 feet back, or 3 feet past the rear of the truck. Roger
  11. Chris, At the rally if you get a air leveling valve like on your Volvo we can make it happen with air from your truck, easy to do Roger
  12. Looks like at this time we are registered and good to travel, barring any family problems. Looking forward to our first west coast rally! Roger
  13. Well the arm is getting better, but the PT is putting quite a hurt on it, it's got to stretch but it doesn't have to do it in one treatment! We are trying to make plans, but the work schedule, and Karen's mother with dementia is keeping things in the air at this time, I can run away from work, but Mom and Dad needs all the help we can give, as with most families it seams one or two out of the bunch does it all. Roger
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