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  1. Not true. A waiting period is State law not Federal law. I have purchased many long guns and hand guns without any waiting period in several states where I have lived (AZ, SD, NE, ID) from gun stores, not private sales.
  2. My drain the the shower is slow. If I use drano, or liquid plumber will it hurt my plumbing? Any recommendations on other products?
  3. Randy, a Medicare Advantage plan is very restrictive. It does not pay everything everywhere. You must be in network (your state of residence). If you are out of network you will be responsible for a larger portion of the bill. A Medicare Supplement Plan will pay most of your bill not covered by Medicare almost anywhere. If you have a Advantage Plan you don’t need part D, it is included. If you have a Supplement you may purchase a Part D Prescription Plan and it will be good almost anywhere. So if you have a Part D paid for by your wife’s employer than you must also have a Supplement Plan not a Advantage Plan paid for by her employer. Just an FYI. I’m not implying that you are incorrect. Your wife’s employer may have something special or doesn’t know the difference.
  4. I have had United of Omaha for a year now. Found out on my Welcome to Medicare physical that I am diabetic. UofO has paid every claim promptly. When Medicare started it was UofO that set up the claims process for the Federal Government. When I was doing my due diligence last year I saw nothing but bad reviews about Humana. Don’t know anything about Asuris. AARP is an organization that I choose not to be a member of. United Health Care does seem to be the most popular however.
  5. A drivers license is also State controlled. The States could grant resoprocity to out of State fishing license holders like they do for a drivers license.
  6. Lawyers are liscensed by the State. What State will you be filing a potential law suit in? You can call the State Bar Asso. for a referral by speciality in that state. Many local county bar associations also have lawyer referall programs.
  7. I have stayed several times at Desert Shadows RV Resort next door Outdoor Resorts. Both are excellent Parks. Outdoor Resorts is larger and has a golf course. If I were planning on going there for the winter I would definitely be interested in this location. I give it a 10.
  8. Before I went full time I lived in San Diego and rode my Harley 365 days a year. Now that I am retired and full time I ride less! Been staying in AZ for most winters. Going to FL this winter to check it out.
  9. Your agent does not need to be located in SD just licensed to sell insurance in SD. Miller is a good place to start. They are a broker for many companies. I used them for many years. Switched to Geico a few years ago and saved $$$. Geico is one of the few insurance companies who will write a fulltimers policy in SD. I suggest you get a quote from Geico as well as Miller. They have no agents and you have to call them direct. If you get your RV and tow with Geico, as well as most insurance companies, you will get a multi vehicle policy discount.
  10. Once Peter Sellers was asked by a stranger if his dog bites. He replied no. The stranger went to pet the dog standing next to Sellers and it bit the stranger. The stranger said “I thought you said that your dog doesn’t bite?” Sellers replied, “ that’s not my dog!” LOL LOL LOL 😆
  11. What ever happened to paying with cash?
  12. I am fulltime. I have just enough clothes to last a week or two. I don’t have any cold weather clothing. When it get cold I head south. That is how I winterize too, just head south. My clothes can never get moldy because I ware them all the time.
  13. Update. The mobil tech came yesterday. The water pump was fine. The problem was an air bubble in the line. He opened the valves on the outside showerand the air passed out. I have never used this shower or opened those valves so not sure how the air got in. He said that the outside shower valves were the closest to the location of the pump and that is why the inside faucets didn’t let the air bubble out and the outside shower did. Cost $140 his minimum 1 hour charge. Next time I will just take an outside shower lol lol lol 😆
  14. Not sure if this would work but if you remove your mail box in front of your home the post office won’t delever your mail and will just hold it for a period of time before returning it to sender.
  15. If you want to be away from crowds of people but near a hospital you may have a problem because most hospitals are near population centers. Quartzsite does get crowded in the month of Jan but if you get 10 miles north or south there are few crowds and other months are not crowded. Yuma also gets crowded Jan, Feb, March but not too bad and again if you get to to edges of town there are no crowds. The Escapees Co-Op in Benson, Saguaro, is very nice and in my opinion one of the best Co-Ops in the system. I have stayed there many times. Benson is about 45 minutes south of Tucson and no crowds. The Escapees Park in AL, Rainbow Plantation, is my second favorite park. I will be there at the end of Oct for a week. The Escapees park in Deming, Dreamcatcher, is at a low elevation and does not get as cold as those areas at higher elevation. You won’t see any problems with the border because you are 30 miles north.
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