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  1. I have been in Rapid City the last week of April and many times in May. Although uncommon it does snow up intil the middle of May at times. There are many campgrounds to stay in in the area. America’s Mailbox has their own campground. I usually stay nearby in Custer State Park.
  2. Souix Falls and Rapid City are the two largest cities in SD. No personal knowledge regarding Souix Falls but the DMV in Rapid City is just a few miles from the airport and their are plenty of hotels in the area.
  3. I went to Dr Para last year. Was recommended by the RV Park I was in at the time. Very clean. The Dr that treated me went to dental school in Chicago. She spoke good English but the dental assistant only spoke Spanish.
  4. Twotoes

    Costco vs Sams Club

    Also you are correct on hearing aids and glasses, I was wrong. It's the exam that you can get without a membership. The hearing exam is even free. Nope. Costco told me that I need to be a member even to get the hearing test. Sams did the test but said I need to be a member to purchase the hearing aids and Sams was 2x more expensive than BelTone who told me that I didn’t them. Sams said I did.
  5. Twotoes

    Costco vs Sams Club

    I am in AZ and was told by the local Costco that you do need to be a member to get hearing aids. Sams did not require a membership. My friend is a member and I got my passport photo at the nearby Sams with her being there using her membership card. I have determined that neither club is a benefit to me because I am a solo and do not buy in bulk. So I guess I will stick to WalMart for now. Thanks for all your replies.
  6. Twotoes

    BLM Fees?

    I worked at the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, U S Forest Service, in Idaho last summer. The designated campgrounds all had a modest fee, $16 to $20 depending on the site. None had any hookups at all. The dispersed areas , and there were many, were free. Most had a 14 day limit, some were only 10.
  7. Twotoes

    RV for commercial use

    Take a look at purchasing a used Red Cross Blood Mobil. They most likely have the A/C and power requirements already modified in the RV since no one wants to donate blood in a very hot motorhome. Just a thought.
  8. Twotoes

    LiveWave Antenna

    Before I went full time I cut the cable at my sticks and bricks. I went to WalMart and purchased a digital rabbit ears antenna for my tv. It cost about $24.95. You plug it into a electric socket for power and screw a coax cable into the tv, extend the rabbit ears and I got about 40 or 50 broadcast channels. Only negative is that it was good for only one tv at a time. Not sure I would pay $39.95 for this Livewire.
  9. Twotoes

    Majority RV & Retirement

    South Dakota does not have income tax and is very RV friendly. It’s sales tax is also a low 4%. Don’t know about property tax. I like the Black Hills part of SD. The rest of the state is like TX flat and not much there.
  10. Twotoes

    Best Cell Booster

    I am disabled and can not get on the roof of my RV. Called WeBoost today and was told that the outside antenna goes on the roof and should be extended after parking and retracted before driving off. It can only be extended and retracted by hand. It would be nice if it could be done with a remote. Are there any cell phone boosters that are remote or do not need the exterior antenna mounted on the roof?
  11. Twotoes

    Costco vs Sams Club

    docj the founders name was Sol Price not Sam. Sam was the founder of WalMart. Sol Price started FedMart in San Diego. Sold it to a German outfit that ran it into the ground. Sol took the proceeds from the sale and started Price Club which was later sold/ merged with Costco.
  12. It is State law that requires a vehicle to be registured and every State has different laws. Federal law only has jurisdiction over the roads due to Federal funding to the State. Registration is a State issue.
  13. Twotoes

    Costco vs Sams Club

    The real question was at the end of his post asking which club to join, Sams or Costco? Not sure why he did not just come right out with it. I did. It’s the title of the thread.
  14. Twotoes

    Anxiety of Where To Stay!

    You mentioned Tucson. Escapees has a Co-Op just South in Benson. You can get a monthly rental there for about $350 to $400 with full hookup. It’s about 40/45 miles south of Tucson, about 30/35 min drive. Some lots have a storage shed on them you can use for an additional $50 a month. Give them a call. They may be full now but will have sites open after March or April.
  15. Twotoes

    Costco vs Sams Club

    Yes. I stated in my post that Walgreens and CVS do it but I am asking if I decide to join which is preferred Costco or Sams Club.