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  1. Wyoming

    The Buffalo Roundup is always the last Fri in Sept.
  2. Extended Service Contract Too Much

    When I was shopping for ESPs I called Coach Net and they told me that because the new rig would be covered by the manufacturer for one year that they would not sell me an ESP till the end of the year. They said to call them back. That was for their extended warranty not the roadside assistance. Also I was trading in my old rig and was told by the ESP company (not Coach Net) that since it was included in the purchase, even though my down payment was more than the cost of the ESP, that the prorated refund would have to go to the bank to apply to the balance of my loan and they would not refund it to me. So besides paying interest on top of the cost for the ESP, unless you buy it separate from the rig the prorated refund goes to the bank.
  3. Anybody here know New Mexico well?

    The Escapees park in Demming is just a gravel lot but the spaces are all pull thru with decent room between sites. There is a club house and they have many pot luck dinners, ice cream socials and some activities. There are about a dozen full time residents but most people just spend a night or two or sometimes a week getting off the road. The sites are all full hookup and there is a dumpstation if you are just boondocking in the park. There is also a laundry room and showers. There is a hotel next door with a restaurant and a bar. The hotel has wifi and you can go there to get online. Don't know if a wifi booster would work or if the hotel would allow you to use up that much data. They do have a password you need to get online.
  4. Try contacting the local bar association to see if they have a formal Lawyer Referral system. Many bar associations have this at no cost to the consumer and the lawyers have been vetted by the association.
  5. Anybody here know New Mexico well?

    There is an Escapee park in Demming NM called Dreamcatcher. I believe there is also a co-op Escapee park somewhere in NM.
  6. Monthly Electric Rates

    I'm told that the park is APS.
  7. Kirk it might be helpful if a location was given. I'm not sure where Bass Lake is and I'm sure there may be more than one Bass Lake. Thanks
  8. Yuma SKP Get-Together

    You may consider starting a new thread. After scrolling thru three pages I finally found the current announcement.
  9. Monthly Electric Rates

    Well to quote myself above. I inquired when I paid the electric bill and was told that my park does not include an up charge. The bill was high because the utility company charges an up charge during the summer months based on your usage. Starting with my Nov bill there will be no utility company upcharge for the winter months.
  10. Hydralic landing gear

    Call Heartland customer service and ask them.
  11. Monthly Electric Rates

    I'm at a 55+ park near Phoenix. Staying Oct thru Dec. Just got my first month electric bill for Oct. over $200. I have never had an electric bill go over $100. Boy was I surprised.
  12. Domicile Question

    And some states like CA have abolished common law marriage altogether no matter how long you live together. This is due to CA being a common law state. You have to say I Do before you are considered married and given away half of what you own.
  13. I didn't sell my sticks and bricks when I went full time. I rented it out. When I am ready or need to get off the road I will either move back in or sell it and buy something else
  14. Any news on South Dakota's rates?
  15. Happy Trails RV Park (Suprise, AZ)

    I went on a tour of Happy Trails last week. It is a first class outfit. I am staying at another RV Resort nearby till Dec. They have a lot of Park Model sites as well as RV sites. When I checked on renting an RV site for Jan, Feb, March I was advised that all sites are rented and none are available. I wanted to rent a site to check it out before buying a lot. What is nice about this place is that you get a deeded lot unlike most places where you don't own the land and am only leasing. Guess I will have to wait till next year.