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  1. Silver Strand State Park is in San Diego. It is right on the beach just south of Coronado, just north of the Mexican boarder. As far as short trips in AZ to stay cool during the summer look at Sedona, Prescot etc. Grand Canyon will be very crowded in summer. Higher altitudes will always be cooler. It’s not cool weather but going to the Colorado River is always fun in summer. Parker, Lake Havasu, Bullhead City. You stay cool by staying in the water.
  2. chirakawa, I don't have a zip code. I am a full timer and move often. Sometimes I will sty a couple of months. Do the available channels change depending on location or, except for locals, are they the same everywhere like on the satellite?
  3. chirakawa, I don't have a zip code. I am a full timer and move often. Sometimes I will sty a couple of months. Do the available channels change depending on location or, except for locals, are they the same everywhere like on the satellite?
  4. You are wrong. I have spent many summers in Caldwell ID. It gets warm but not hot. You don't have to use the a/c everyday. And they have a nice pool there to cool ff in.
  5. Is YouTubeTV a live stream? Can you get ESPN, Fox News, NFL Channel etc, like on the Sat. What is the downside?
  6. I don't have an HDT but have stayed at Ambassador many times. Don't know if you already have this on your activity list but there are many wineries in the local area and a wine tour may be something your members might be interested in doing. Just a thought. The office had a brochure with a list of wineries last time I was there.
  7. I used to I've in San Diego before I went full time. Most RV parks there are around $100 a night. Campland by the Bay was $99 a night when I lived there. Went once in Feb and got the winter, local resident discount and only paid $65. Just looked at Chula Vista RV Resort for a summer stop in 2020 and they are about $100 a night.
  8. Great pictures, good job. Looks like a pro shot them. Wish my budget was more like yours, I think mine is double, but I have a Class A, Jeep and a motorcycle so I spend much more than you on fuel , insurance and I like FHU so my camping is is more. I volunteer in National Parks in the summer and an added benefit is free camping so that helps.
  9. If you consider going farther north I have stayed at Ambassador RV Resort in Caldwell ID a suburb of Bosie for $410 + electric, monthly rate. It is a very nice park, pull thru, FHU, pool, laundry etc. Its getting more popular and you need to reserve no less than 6 months in advance now. I used to just arrive but no more. The spaces are roomy, grass between each, wide roads. The Escapees HDT group have their annual meeting there.
  10. Jan thru beginning of March will still be cold so I assume you will be taking I-10 most of the way. After seeing the sites in FL when you leave FL, Golf Shores AL would be a good first stop. There is even an Escapees Park there. From there you can make New Orleans. Continuing on I-10 you could stop in Livingston TX, Escapees HQ for a night and then continue on I-10 to San Antonio TX and see the Alamo, staying at the Escapees Co-Op in Hondo TX. Next is New Mexico. Carlsbad and Roswell are great places to stop and Escapees happens to have a Co-Op there too. Next on the route will be AZ. Escapees Co-Op in Benson is right off I-10. Tombstone AZ is just down he road. Then follow I-10 to Tucson and Phoenix. Lots to do at both. You can then stay on I-10 and go to Palm Springs CA and Los Angeles or take I-8 to San Diego (great beaches - I lived there for 35 years before going full time in my RV) and then head north on I-5 to LA. If you want to follow the coast of CA get on Hwy 101 thru Ventura, Santa Barbara, the Central coast of CA, Hearst Castle and head to San Francisco. Good luck, take lots of pictures.
  11. Before I went full time I was in perfect health and almost never saw a Dr. so I never had a primary care Dr. Now I have Medicare and I just go on the Medicare website and find a Dr. where I happen to be. I roll about every 3 months or less so in the past year I have seen 4 different Drs. The first one found out that I have diabetes so the other 3 were for follow ups. Its a new year now and everything is under control, so I will probable just get an annual physical and go with it. Doing the same thing with the DDS, and always get the new patient discount.
  12. Are you asking about the US Post Office or the Escapees Mail Center. If the mail center just call them and ask.
  13. Twotoes

    Range day

    I have never shot at this facility. I have been to the Ben Avery facility off of I-17. I went to FL this winter or else I would love to attend this. Maybe next year.
  14. Not sure about FL but many members of Escapees use a FL address. I use the Escapees South Dakota address. SD requires a one night stay at any motel/hotel/campground anywhere in the State. I just used my receipt from my campground to get my drivers license. Then I was able to register my vehicles and register to vote. I have any mail regarding my vehicles, i.e.: insurance, tag renewals etc, and health insurance addressed to SD. This mail is forwarded to TX. All other mail goes directly to TX. DMV fees and insurance is cheeper in SD. You can renew your tags by mail. No inspection required. Your drivers license is good for 5 years so you don't have to return for a one night stay every year. You don't need a special case license t drive a motorhome. You may want t consider SD instead of FL.
  15. I would load it when hooked up but it cane be done without hooking up. If not hooked up the rear jacks need to be down. The same when unloading.
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