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  1. No large dogs rule is a joke. I see many dog owners in the RV Resorts walk their small dogs while they ride along in a golf cart. They stop to let the dog do it’s business, never getting out of the cart and then continue to drive on without picking up what is left behind on the ground. Never see a large dog owner walk their dog using a golf cart.
  2. I am a lawyer but not a tax lawyer. The rules for deducting an office in your home are that the area used as an office must not be used for anything else and you must not have any other office anywhere. As far as deducting an RV and travel expenses associated with using it for your business . . . Many business have boats etc. and deduct them and the expenses associated with the vehicle but it is used only for business purposes. If you use your RV exclusively for business it may be deductible but if you are living in it and sleeping in it you probably would not be allowed to deduct it. Now if you are a corporation or LLC and the business owned the vehicle it may be deductible as a business expense. I recommend that you seek the advise of a Tax Lawyer or qualified CPA. Your are treading on a very thin area of tax law.
  3. When I had a fifth wheel I had a Ford F-350. Mine was a 6.7 Diesel. Don’t get the 6.0or 6.4. I went with the 8 ft bed just to have the ability of a thighter turning radis. Also I didn’t want to have a sliding hitch. My Ford came from the factory with the fifth wheel prep package so it was easy to just drop in the hitch.
  4. You will be about 45 min north of San San Diego.There is Sea World, and the San Diego Zoo. Lego Land is in Carlsbad. If you like micro beer there is Stone Brewing Company in Escondido just 20 min east on Hwy 78. Safari Park, a part of the Zoo, is also in Escondido. Just north of Escondido on I-15 is Temecula where there are many wineries to go wine tasting. And then there is the beach. Carlsbad and Oceanside have great beaches. Downtown Oceanside and Carlsbad have lots of restaurants and shops too.
  5. What we call RV insurance is really insurance against damage or total loss. Not true. The main purpose for RV insurance, as well as auto and homeowners, is to protect you from liability. The secondary coverage is protection from damage and total loss.
  6. I too need window latches. I have a 2015 Itasca Eclipse with a dozen latches of which 4 are broken. Called Winnabego and was quoted $75 each. I’ll be damed if I’m going to pay $300 for 4 window latches. Looked at a couple of RV Surplus places and they only sell the entire window not just the latches. There has got to be a place to get them for @$10 each.
  7. I always get an email confirmation that my mail request was processed and sent out. The only negitive I have is being charged $1.00 for EVERY piece of mail sent to my Escapees So Dakota address that has to be forwarded to Livingston TX. I use Livingston for most of my mail, and have e-bills and online payment for most things, but my insurance still needs to be a SD address and the insurance keeps sending junk mail to the SD address and I am charged by Escapees to forward mail between Escapees addresses. If you are going to offer a SD address I should not be charged to send the mail from SD to TX.
  8. Well docj, not far from Yuma AZ is El Central CA which is below sea level so some day you may have ocean front property in AZ.
  9. I have vehicle/RV insurance. I pay $2,300 a year for the policy. I have never had an accident. I get $250,000/$500,000 liability for my $2,300. I paid $7,500 for an extended warranty good for 5 years on my $250,000 Class A two years ago. I have already had $6000 in repairs (all 3 A/Cs went out at $2,000 each) and only had to pay my deductible. I have three years left and $1,500 to break even. Hope to never have my Diesel Motor or tranny to go out but if they do I am covered. Just like vehicle insurance you hope you never have to use it but you still pay to have it.
  10. Where in NE are you? My son lives in Omaha and I am heading there next month. What is the name of the park you are in?
  11. docj I have been all over Europe and Asia and everyone I have been with had a sat phone. Never even saw a cell phone overseas.
  12. So maybe we could get satellite phones like in Europe and Asia and ditch cell towers, or maybe we will have phone service with satellite wifi.
  13. SafeRide, with a FMCA discount is $69 for a year and includes all your vehicles.
  14. A few years ago I spent the winter at the Escapees Co-Op in Benson AZ. As directed by the office at the Co-Op I went to the local Post Office to set up General Delivery. The P.O. advised me that they would only accept General Delivery for a maximum of 30 days and I would have to pay for a P.O.Box. The Co- Op knowing that it was the Escapees in TX forwarding my mail gave me a free postal box in the Park and TX addressed my mail to my space #. A thumbs up to the Co-Op.
  15. Twotoes


    Maybe in the summer but in the winter months your rent for a space will be $1000 or more plus electric. Good luck.
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