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  1. Twotoes

    Sunflower RV Resort

    I didn't see a Campground Forum so I posted here. I am looking at spending the winter at Sun flower RV Resort ( A Cal-AM Resort) located in Sun Valley AZ, a suburb of Phoenix. They have a special Sept to Dec for $1,195 for all 4 months total. Has any one stayed there? I looked at rvparkreview.com which give them a good (but not great) review, and Good Sam which give them a great review. Just would like to get some actual reviews from anyone who has stayed there in the past. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. I may be interested in this. Will call you for more info.
  3. Twotoes


    I purchased the color monitor at this years Quartzsite show. Love it. Keeping the black and white monitor as a backup.
  4. Twotoes

    Another CG Ettique Question

    Using an appropriate feeder doesn't take the place of birds searching for food, it augments the natural food supply. And attracts the bears!!! Do not put a feeder in your campsite. Do it at home.
  5. Twotoes

    Crossing into Canada since July 1, 2018?

    I will never cross into Canada because I will never give up my guns.
  6. Twotoes

    Another CG Ettique Question

    I volunteer at many National and State Parks and it is a mystery what people do to the local wildlife, like the incident in Yellowstone where a visitor put a bison calf in their car. I am in a National Recreation Area now and just recently we had a bear encounter with a camper who put out a hummingbird feeder that attracted the bear. A feed bear is a dead bear. The birds can live without you feeding them,. If you want to put out a feeder do it at home, not in campground. You are only endangering the wildlife and yourself, and the other campers.
  7. After living in San Diego for 35 years and have been full time RVing for the last 5 years I can say that San Diego has the best weather in the country. I only left because of the extream traffic conditions.
  8. Twotoes


    Facebook is starting to verify the info. I have a friend who used his nickname and he had to change it to his real name.
  9. Twotoes

    10 Year Rule

    I have been asked when making a reservation the age of my RV. Mine is only a few years old so it has never been a problem. However when checking in no one has ever verified the age of my rig. If my rig was over 10 years but still in good condition I would just tell them it is 9 years old. They never ask for documentation.
  10. I know that there are several threads on this topic but I am confused so I thought I would start a fresh new thread. I am a fulltimer and about to turn 65 in a few months. I use the Escapees South Dakota address. My current health insurance is with Avera and only covers me for emergencies outside of SD, which I am never in the state. Now I am in the State of Confusion heading to the State of Insanity. All this alphabet soup Part A, B, D, F, G etc. I was told that when I reached 65 and was eligable for Medicare that it would be eaiser. Now I am finding out that I have to apply in SD for my Medicare coverage and Supplemental Insurance. I thought I could apply anywhere since it is a national program. Not even sure how the Supplemental Insurance works. And what the hell is a donut hole? PLEASE HELP A NEWBIE TO MEDICARE.
  11. Twotoes

    RV parks

    Depending where in AZ you are leaving from, in Deming NM along I-10 is an Escapees park called Dreamcatcher. It is not along I-40 but you can take I-25 up to I-40 after Deming.
  12. Agree. I volunteer a lot but would never volunteer at no pay to be a management superevisor. If this is a government type of operation, National Part, Forest Service, COE, State Park, or local county or city park they can advertise on volunteer.gov for volunteers.
  13. Twotoes

    So Dakota Drivers Liscense Renewal

    I am not sure but I would tend to believe that almost 90% of fulltimers who use a PMB in SD do not intend to reside there.
  14. Twotoes

    Sick Cummins N14+ in Rexburg Idaho

    My brother lives in Rexburg. Its a small town. You may find a shop in Idaho Falls just south of Rexburg.