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  1. Twotoes

    Article in Rapid City, SD. today

    I use the Escapees SD address and voted by mail in 2016
  2. Just make sure that it won’t make the floor slippery or you may fall on your a** while taking a shower, lol lol lol.
  3. Twotoes

    Garmin RV770LMTS vs. Garmin dezl770LMTHD

    I just purchased the Garman RV 770. Have only used it for one trip so far. You can program the height of your RV as well as if you have propane and it will route you away from low overpasses and tunnels. It can also be programmed to avoid toll roads. It has Bluetooth to connect to your phone for calls and will even show text messages on the screen. When connected to your phone it will give you live traffic alerts and weather alerts. It has hands free voice command. Besides finding nearby fuel stops, and campgrounds it can search for dump stations and repair facilities. I don’t think the truck version can do all this.
  4. Twotoes

    Directv vs. Dish

    As far as I know only Dish has Pay As You Go
  5. Most of what you want to do only involves your Federal return. As far as Calif is concerned as long as they get their cut they will be happy. So I think if your wife files a CA tax return and pays the total of the taxes due you will not have to file a non resident return. But check with your CPA.
  6. My understanding, and will need to fact check this:)! Is that we can use the exclusion only 'once every two years'. So if we were to say sell the Vacation home two years after becoming California residents. Change our Primary over to the current Rental home - we'd then need to wait at least two more years before we'd be able to use the exclusion again.  Incorrect. It is a one time exclusion. You are only eligible on one property for life. The 2 year rule is that in order for the property to be considered your primary residence you must have lived in the property 2 years out of the last 5. The exclusion is only for a personal residence and not rental property which is always subjected to capital gains tax.
  7. The 2 year out of 5 is a Federal Law for your Federal Capital Gains taxes. It is not CA law. The exemption is only $250,000 per person. If you file a joint return each souse can claim the $250,000 for a total of $500,000. Also be aware that this is a one time exemption and can not be used again on another property. If your spouse dies and you remarry you will not be elegable for the exemption again with your new spouse.
  8. I am a former CA resident also. I have 3 rental properties still in CA. One was my former primary residence. I file a CA non resident return on the rental income. I have a property manager who manages all 3. I am also looking at liquidating 1 or all 3 properties soon. Yes the capital gains are a killer. I am looking at property in other states and doing a 1031 tax free exchange to avoid the taxes. If you don’t need the money from the sale you may look into a tax free exchange. I highly recommended you speak to your accountant and a tax lawyer. I also highly recommended you have a property manager. I pay 9% of the rental income to the management company.
  9. Twotoes

    Black Tank Chemicals - Liquid or Dry?

    First off a RV holding tank is not a septic tank or septic system. It is only a holding tank. So do not use anything ment for a septic system. When I had a fiver I used to use the packets, called them breath mints for the toilet. Now I have a Class A with a macerator toilet and I use a liquid. I only use it about every 2nd or 3rd time I dump And if I and going to roll, after I dumb I fill the black tank about 1/3 with water and pour a half bottle of Dawn anti bacterial soap down the toilet. When I get to my next stop I flush the black tank about 3 or 4 times with water to rinse it out
  10. Twotoes

    Volunteer at Epcot

    EPCOT. Every Person Comes Out Tired. Lol 😆
  11. Twotoes

    Prospector RV Park Ely, NV. Closed

    Wow. I’m at the Loves truck stop at the intersection of I-15 and US 93 right now. I was heading to Ely. Guess I’ll park here for the night and head all the way to Twin Falls ID tomorrow.
  12. By the way. I have been full timing for almost 5 years. I use rvparkreviews.com a lot. I just posted my first review and it was rejected because it was a negative review. I had to edit it to includ some positive comments about the RV Resort before they would accept my review. Just an FYI.
  13. Wow. The Op just posted a link to his blog. I loved the pictures and the info on the blog. I don’t think he did anything wrong in posting a link. He did not make a lengthy post, just a link.
  14. Twotoes

    CG in or around San Diego

    Sorry house just got rented, but thanks for your interest.
  15. I’m not sure if this is the correct sub forum but I did not see one for this subject. I am currently looking at the purchase of a GPS. I travel solo so it is difficult to use a smart phone or tablet so Co Pilot is not a good option. I am looking at both Garmin and Rand McNally The Garmin RV 770 LMT and the Rand McNally OverDryve 7 are very similar in features and price. Please help me choose.