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  1. Where will you be work camping in CA? Have you called to confirm? Most areas of CA are on a Stay At Home Order and National Parks, State Parks, County and City Parks and most private camp grounds are closed.
  2. I just called Hart Ranch today to see of they have monthly rentals and was informed that they do not. I called Custer State Park to see if I can volunteer again but they are closed and the phone just goes to voice mail. This is going to be an interesting summer.
  3. Jim and Alice, where in the Black Hills do you work camp? I volunteered at Custer State Park for 3 summers several years ago.
  4. It is not a scam. I have used it about 4 times now. The last time was last week, at a Loves Truck Stop in FL. I pumped 119.276 gallons of diesel for a pump price of $308.81. TSD debited my account $215.65 total for a savings of $93.16 on one full up. I was almost empty so that is a full tank fill up. I usually fill up when I am 1/4 full and save about $75 average. You will get a different discount at different stations but Loves seems to be the best pice.
  5. Twotoes

    YellowStone 2021?

    If you intend to explore Yellowstone in your Jeep and you may want to stay in Cody and enter from the east rather than stay in the west which is more crowded. Lots to do in Cody as well. Buffalo Bill Cody Museum is fantastic. From there you can also take your Jeep on Chief Joseph Hwy, and the Bear Tooth Pass.
  6. I volunteered in Sun Valley two summers ago for the US Forest service. Friends who live there said exactly the same thing. The rich who have cabins there are flying in on their private jets and infecting the whole area. A friend in VT who is a ski instructor said the same thing is happening there. Rich people from NYC are driving up and infecting the area. STAY AT HOME MEANS STAY AT HOME NOT TRAVEL TO YOUR SECOND HOME.
  7. I was to spend the month of April as a volunteer at Andersonville Civil War Prison and POW Memorial but the NPS closed it and I was canceled. I was scheduled to be a campground host at Shenadoa NP in VA for May and June but just got an email from the park that the Governor of VA has issued a stay at home order till June 10 so the camp grounds will not open. Not sure where I will go now.
  8. My son lives in eastern NE, in Omaha. He is home sick and can't even get out of bed. He works as an installer of fiber optic cable in homes. His wife, who works in a hospital is also home, with two kids out of school. The whole family is on quarantine.
  9. I normally go to AZ for the winter. This year I went to FL for a change. FL is having a worse time than AZ with the virus. I left FL last week after two weeks of self quarantine, and am now hunkering down in a small town camp ground in GA. GA is having a very bad year with pollen. A wet, warm winter followed by an early spring and tree pollen is everywhere. My allergies are going crazy, but I am not near any big town nor lots of people.
  10. Many WalMart parking lots are being converted to drive thru testing areas. You may not be able to park there. Also shopping centers and casinos are closing and not allowing RV parking while they are closed so available parking is getting less and less available.
  11. I filed my 2018 and 2019 tax returns but my only income is rental income so I do not get a refund. I do collect Social Security which is a direct deposit. Will my stimulus check be direct deposited by the SSA to my above account or do I need to go on the portal to registure a bank account with the IRS?
  12. What is a CMRA? Why don’t you just use the Escapees mail forwarding service address. You don’t need to have your domicile at that address. Anyone can use a mail forwarding address without changing their domicile. Many RVers who have a physical residence but travel for several months in the spring, summer and fall use a mail forwarding address. Escapees is open, and everything can be done on the phone, even the payment. You can change your drivers license later if you want to or keep your CMRA on you license.
  13. I got a call 2 days ago that I let go to voice mail and the message said that I had won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes for One Million ($1,000,000.00) dollars. All I had to do was call them back and give them my banking info so they could send a direct deposit of my winnings to my account. I was so excited. I’m looking at buying a Prevost, lol lol lol
  14. Well after changing the coax cable between the turret and the LNB, everything worked. Simple fix. Unfortunately just after I got it fixed it started to rain and I lost my signal. The clouds have pasted and I’ve got my signal back. Thanks all for your help and suggestions.
  15. You can renew your driver’s license anywhere in the State but you must register in you county because they want the tax dollars, however you can register by mail.
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