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  1. A cell phone is a good idea if she keeps it charged and on her person, but if her fall renders her unconscious she won’t be able to call. The life alert, or other such device, will alert but most have to be activated by a button I believe, so if unconscious, same as a cell phone. I think there are some brands that automatically alert when on the ground, not sure. As stated in other posts, contact her Dr for advise. If the situation worsens and she is unable to take of herself but still insists to not go to an assisted living home you may have to petition the court for a guardianship of the person. But is she continues to walk out of the facility then you will have to hire a home health aid to assist.
  2. Thanks Shawn. Just an FYI. I left two messages several days apart. One with the main number when I called for my mail forwarding and one dialing your 800 number. On the second call I was told that you were in a meeting. Also anything we/you can do regarding the ATF issue.
  3. Call Tiffin customer service. They may be able to answer your question.
  4. JRP I was specifically told by Shields in Rapid City ( this was about 3 years ago) that they could not complicate my purchase of a Henry rifle because the local ATF had told them not to sell to anyone with a PMB. Their legal department was advised that they would be shut down if they ignored the order of the local ATF as per the salesman. I went to Cabellas and was told the exact same thing. I know others who use America’s Mail Box and were also denied. So it is the local ATF who is depriving us of a Constitional right. It may not be a ATF policy but it is a local ATF policy. The local ATF is violating their own general requirements and definitions to buy a weapon. And I was not buying a handgun, I was buying a rifle, which in most States you don’t need to be a resident, only a handgun purchase requires that.
  5. Thanks Shawn for staying on top of this. I don’t know what you can do about the ATFE not allowing us to purchase a gun with a PMB but the County Tax Asseor should accept the PMB if they are going to let us registure our vehicles, and take our money and registure to vote using a PMB. As far as ATFE, if the State of SD recognizes a PMB and we pass the Federal Bacground Check then we should be allowed to purchase. The ATFE is violating our Constitional right by forcing the merchants to deny us our rights.
  6. Because I don’t have WiFi most of the time. Im not as high tech as you docj.
  7. Yes Kirk, in the future I will just go to Wells Fargo and get a Cashiers Check payable to Pennington County and mail it into them. By the way after several calls to Escapees I have not had anyone call me back. I think Escapees is dropping the ball on this one. I know it is a minor point that can be corrected with a Cashiers Check but the issue regarding buying a weapon needs to be resolved. The only alternative is to avoid Schields, Cabellas and Runnings and purchase from a Mom and Pop store.
  8. Reminds me of an old Jonny Cash song “One piece at a time”.
  9. Agree with Kirk. Start your motor, maybe even drive a few miles and let the house batteries charge. Then try again. Or if you can hook up somewhere, that may also be another option.
  10. What an idiot. Not to mention the danger he/she placed those dogs in how about all the exhaust fumes! That person should be arrested for animal cruelty and the dogs taken away from him.
  11. Neither Dish nor DirecTv will install a rooftop dish on your RV. You can find an independent distributor who will. The most popular rooftop dish is the Traveler by Weinguard. There are two versions, one for Dish and one for Direct. They are both around $1,500. If you get the DirecTv version and later decide to switch to Dish there is a conversion kit for about $300. If you get the Dish model it can not be converted to Direct. You can also get a dish on a tripod but it will not automatically lock onto the satellites as the Travler will. Dish also has a few portabale automatic models, the Tailgator and the Pathway X2. As far as I know Direct does not have any portable automatic models. Both have about the same programming packages for about the same price. The main difference is the customer service and ease of changing locations for your local channels. Dish is better in both customer service and change of location. I believe Dish has a dedicated RV Department. Direct was just reciently merged with AT&T. They went from not so good to poor customer service and it takes a little effort to get a change of location from them.
  12. Yes, as soon as I am level I shut the motor off, hook up my electric, go inside and put the slides out, start my A/C, and go back outside to hook up water and sewer. I am a solo so I have to do everything myself.
  13. My source is what I see with my own eyes. I don’t know anyone in an RV with a Tom Tom or Magellan nor do I see many posts on RV forums about either. Maybe people use these in a car but the OP asked on a RV Forum what RVers use.
  14. I don’t have a choice. I have to let my motor run until I have my jacks down and I’m level. Can’t operate the jacks without the motor running. As soon as I am level I shut off the motor.
  15. Most popular manufacturers are Garmin and Rand McNaly. Garmin leads the pack.
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