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  1. I have heard that 40% of everything purchased online is returned. Don’t remember where I read it, maybe online.
  2. First off, you don’t liscense a service dog. No such thing as a liscense or certificate. The certificate is just a diploma from the school that did the training. And if you train the dog to be a service dog she would go with you and not be left behind. I rescued a boxer about two years before I wentfull time. She was about a year old when I rescued her. Trained her myself to be a service dog. After I recooperated we went full time. She was already house trained. Leaving her in the RV is no different than leaving her in the house. I just make sure I do leave her too long and let her out as soon as I get back, just like at the house. She’s good for an 8 hour day just like when I was working.
  3. I saw it on the internet so it must be true.
  4. My son is a big fan of Green Mt. He talked me into buying the Davy Crocket model. It was a good smoker. Worked on 12v or 110v. Came with a 12v plug, 12v clip on cables for a battery and a 110 adapter to plug into an outlet. I ended up giving it to my son for when he goes camping because he has a large Green Mt smoker at home. I like to BBQ a steak and the smoker took too long to slow cook, so I went back to my Weber 2000Q using propane. I am just too impatient to wait for my steak to slow cook.
  5. Before I retired I worked part time out of my home. I had a P.O. Box at the post office as my address because I didn’t want clients to know where I lived. All my mail, business, utilities, insurance and junk mail went to my P.O. Box. This was many years ago however. Now I use the Escapees South Dakota address. The only problem I ever had was trying to buy a firearm at the Rapid City Cabellas and Shields. I was able to complete my purchase at a Mom and Pop gun store.
  6. Twotoes

    Window cranks

    I have a 2015 Itasca Ellipse 42QD with 10 windows that crank open and closed. About 6 of them won’t close tight and allow hot and cold air to escape. Also they bang while traveling down the road. I called Winnabego to get new ones but they want $75 each. Not spending $450 to fix a poor designe. Anyone know of a place to get discount replacement parts?
  7. Just a thought, I have never used Uber but it seems to be very popular. Maybe you could park in the suburbs and take a Uber into town. Or check to see if there is public transportation like a subway or trolley. I have only driven thru Miami on my way to Key West once so I have no idea what is there.
  8. Ok, so getting back on topic. Is the new TOGO using AT&T unlimited $360 a yr plan a good way to go? Can I stream using this device? What do I need to hook up to my tv? A fire stick, a Roko? What streaming services are available and at what cost? Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+. I assume I would get my local channels OTA? Does the TOGO set up a network for my iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Canon printer without needing any additional equipment like a router?
  9. It’s just a new digital form of old fashioned rabbit ears. It will receive over the air signals in HD if you are in an area to find a signal. If you are out in the boonies you may not have a signal. Also you will not be able to receive Cable/Sat only channels like ESPN, Turner Classic Movies, CNN, etc. You will only receive OTA broadcast channels.
  10. Twotoes

    GY 114 Tire

    When I replaced my China Bomb tires on my 4 month old fifth wheel trailer because I already had two blowouts I decided against replacing them with the Goodyear brand because of all the problems I read about Goodyear’s. I went with Mitchelin XPS Ribs. Had them for 5 years before I traded my 5er for a Class A. They aLmost never needed to have air added and look just as new 5 yrs later as the day I bought them.
  11. Go to an Ace Hardware or their website. I was just in one the other day looking at propane gages. I would imangine that any store that sells BBQ supplies would have some. True Value, Harbor Freight or the big box stores Home Depot, Lowe’s, WalMart and Target. Check out their web sites too.
  12. Twotoes


    No docj. I have Plan G and it pays the 20%. You don’t have to have Plan F.
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