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  1. Death while full timing

    Wow I posted this on Jan 2nd. My Mom passed on Feb 4th and my Dad passed on Feb 18th. Both were in the same nursing home together in adjoining rooms. They were in their home city. The prepaid cremation service is working with the family now to do the creamation and get their remains into the veterans cemetery now.
  2. I use the Escapees So Dakota address for my domicile. I have a So Dakota Drivers liscense, registered and insure all my vehicles at that address and am registered to vote using that address. Today I got a Jury Summons saying I was picked at random because of my liscense and voting registration. Obviously I have never lived at the Escapees SD address. I called the phone number on the form for the court, advised the person that I am a full time RVer and that it was just a PMB and was advised that I should just check the box that I have moved. Well I have not moved, I am still using the address, but have never actually lived there She said just write a note on the form saying that I am a full time RVer and mail it back. Well that’s what I did. Has anyone else had to deal with a Jury Summons in SD?
  3. South Dakota to NY/NJ

    The most direct route is to take I-90 but you will run into some traffic in the Chicago area. There are many ways to avoid Chicago however but you will need to get of I-90 for awhile.
  4. RV Service in Phoenix Area

    X2 on Massey.

    Ever heard of a sewer pig but have seen some sewer rats in NY. LOL LOL LOL
  6. Slides

    I park mine and leave the motor running while I auto level. I then turn off the motor and go outside to plug into shore power and hook up the water and sewer without the slides out yet so I don’t have to bend over and/or hit my head and back on the extended slide out. Then I go inside and extend my slides. Never had any problems.
  7. UK couple travelling America in rv top tips

    What will you do with th RV at the end of the year. Have you considered renting one. If you rent you can buy insurance thru the rental company.
  8. I use the Escapees address for my SD drivers liscense and registration. I can renew the registration every year by mail, no inspection required. My drivers liscense is good for 5 years. My liscense expires on 01/01/2019. The SD web site says that you can renew by mail if you have a physical address in SD. But if you use a PMB you must go in person AND show proof of one night stay just like you did when you originally got the liscense. It does not say how early you can renew. I don’t want to go to SD in Dec. I would like to go in Aug. Does anyone know how soon before expiration you can renew? I did try to call them but wasn’t able to get anyone on the phone and the web site is unclear on this point
  9. RV heating concept

    The exchangers radiate the heat into the room.
  10. Yuma, AZ. SKP Get-Together (Feb)

    Happy Valentines Day. And the beginning of Lent.
  11. PILOT / Flying J ....YES!

    With a 43 foot Class A Diesel and towing a Jeep Wrangler I do not want to be driving around to find fuel that is .10c less and hard to maneuver in and out of the station. I like the confidence of the RV lanes and location just off the interstate. As far as staying overnight. I just spent on average $250 in fuel. I believe I have paid for the privilege of staying the night. I prefer to stay at rest stops however which are much quieter if I can find one along the way.
  12. Not sure but I think Even with location turned off or the phone turned off I believe it can still be tracked. The only solution is to take out the battery so there is no power. However if you have a iPhone the battery is not removable.
  13. Live full time in your RV

    Columbus NM is right on the border of Mexico. It’s where Poncho Villa raided the USA. I believe you can walk from the location into Mexico it is so close.
  14. class A license form

    When I bought my Heartland Cyclone I still lived in the People’s Democratic Socialst Republic of California and no one told me either that I needed a Fifth Wheel Endorsement on my drivers liscense. I even asked the salesman and he never heard of it. I went to DMV to get the endorsement and they didn’t know how to do it and had to call Sacramento. All I had to do was take a written test. Then they had to find the test for me to take. Soon after that I got my South Dakota domicile with no need for a special liscense. now I have a Class A With no need for any special type of liscense.