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  1. But even if you are certified by a Dr the ADA does not recognize an emotional support animal. You must have a physical disability per ADA rules. Unfortunate and wrong for the military who may be suffering with PTSD. It is almost impossible to purchase a vest without going online. I tried my Dr, Petco and Petsmart and could not find a vest for my dog and had to go online to purchase one and I am litigate disabled.
  2. Many campgrounds now have cabins. Many cabins have multiple rooms or you could possibly rent two cabins. You will still need to rent a car. You could rent the bikes when you get to the location as a daily rental. This may be easier and eliminate the need to rent an RV. Summer, Memorial Day to Labor Day is prime season. It will be harder to reserve a cabin or RV, it will be more expensive, and more crowded. After Labor Day the weather is still good, the demand is reduced and the price is also reduced, and it is less crowded.
  3. Since you only have a week I would start out in a State Park with no hookups. If it has hookups don’t use them. May go to two different parks so you get the feel of moving around and backing in etc. Do this for the first 3 nights. See where your tank levels are at and then double them as if it were a week and you will know how long you can go without hookups. Run your generator to recharge your batteries. This will give you some indication of how long you can go on a charge without shore power. Then for the balance of the week go to a campground or two. Hook up each time to get the experience. Dump your tanks at least twice to get the experience. Have fun, enjoy.
  4. Kirk. You need to become the marketing director for the club.
  5. I don't even have a Facebook account. I find it to be anti-social media. It would be nice to have an over 55+ fulltimers BOF as well. They could call it Nomadic Seniors.
  6. No I am not wrong. The ADA was amended a few years ago to eliminate any animal not a dog. Only dogs can be designated as a service animal. The old ADA definition of a service animal did include birds, horses, monkeys etc. but no longer, only dogs now.
  7. The ADA does apply to air travel. As your link says, animals that provide emotional support need documentation. Service dogs, are regulated by the ADA and do not require any documentation, nor does any documentation exist. There is a difference between service dogs and emotional support animals. Also a service dog, must be a dog, not a horse, bird etc. An emotional support animal can be many types of animals.
  8. Kirk, why can't Escapees just contact the other 3 mail forwarding services in SD and ask them, how many customers do you have. Explain to them that we just want to know how small a number we are. They don't have to provide any personal information, just how many they have. We could do the same for FL. As many do not even vote at all, or do not vote on local issues and what few numbers we are, it can be shown that we do not have a major impact on the results of a local election.
  9. Actually the man should be seated before any other passengers. He should have to have the inside seat so that the next passenger would not have to climb over the dog to get seated. He also should have been required to have the dog on the floor at his feet and not on his lap. The airline is just as negligent as the dog owner and is liable for the passengers injury to his face. Most airlines have someone with a service dog sit in the front row of seats that have more room in front of them.
  10. Twotoes

    Purchasing Fuel

    If the station is in a well populated area it should be ok, but I have seen some out in the middle of nowhere and I would avoid it for fear of old fuel. The fuel price might be cheeper but the cost to repair my diesel pusher would exceed the savings.
  11. Wow thats a new one. A rally for boondockers.
  12. How do you know its Chineese and not Korean?
  13. I renewed my drivers liscense in SD last year. According to their web site, if you have a PMB address you can not renew online and must renew in person. If you have a physical address in SD you may renew online. I had to actually go there and spend a night to renew my drivers liscense good for 5 years. Annual vehicle registration renewal can be done by mail.
  14. When I was shopping for full time insurance for my Class A I was told by Hartford that they do not write full time coverage. Liberty Mutual, Safeco a division of Liberty, and State Farm also told me the same. I went with Geico and saved lot of $$$ from my previous company Allied which is a division of Nationwide
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