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  1. I used to leave the grey open but now that my level indicators are not reliable I keep the grey closed. When the shower won’t drain I know it’s time to dump and flush.
  2. Check into Wholesale Warranties. Lots of good reviews.
  3. I am full time and usually stay in the same site for a month or two. I almost always use the hose support to keep the hose off the ground and prevent damage to the hose. I have had rocks or thorns puncture a small pin hole which is undetected until the next flush and then you get an old faithful effect. If I am only staying a couple of days I sometimes don’t use the hose support.
  4. As others have said it varies by camp ground. Pull thru sites will cost more so if on a budget it’s better to get a back in site. Some camp grounds will escort you to your site (like most KOAs) some do not. Some require you to unhitch your tow vehicle at the front but most don’t. No one will be bothered by you blocking the road for a few minutes while you unhitch near your site.
  5. When you fill your tank with fresh water you turn your intake valve to fill. When you are done filling your fresh water tank you should turn the valve back to to city water. Only turn on your pump when you are not hooked up to city water and are running off your fresh water tank.
  6. I’m in Omaha NE and it’s knocking on 90 degrees everyday with night humidity. I have all 3 A/C going and am keeping the interior at a comfortable 70 degrees. At night I keep it at 74. My Itasca has great insulation.
  7. I ride motorcycles. In my motorcycle safety class we were taught to brake before going into a turn and accelerate thru it.
  8. I have gone to Mex in the past but I am I the north for the summer and won’t be back to AZ till Nov, (assuming the campground is open and the border to AZ is not closed due to CV-19) and can’t wait that long. I need treatment soon. So my question remains, does anyone know of a nationwide dental plan?
  9. Twotoes

    Mt Rushmore area

    I volunteered in Custer State Park for 3 summers a few years back. All of their camp grounds are well kept, especially Game Lodge, Grace Coolidge, and Legion Lake. I highly recommend you stay within the Park.
  10. When I worked at Dream Catcher Escapees RV Park in Deming NM many boondocks would come in for one night and Park in the boondock area for $7.00 a night. They would dump and flush, fill there fresh water tank, do laundry and shower. In the morning they were gone. A week later they would comeback and repeat a night. For 6 days during the week they were boondocking out in the desert. You might try to find cheep campgrounds near you or on your route and do the same. Check out Pasport America for one night low cost campgrounds.
  11. Twotoes


    Each State has different laws. In Calif you have to file a non op. Other States have different rules. Check with your States DMV.
  12. Whiskey, tango, foxtrot. I don’t understand anything you said. I have never heard of a key logger or a reverse shell, nor a torrent portal, mixed in key or little snitch. Can you explain in English? Thanks.
  13. I am full time and use the Escapees So Dakota address as my domicle. My mail, except for my drivers liscense, registration, auto/RV Insurance and Medicare, goes to TX, as required by Escapees. My Medicare Supplement, purchased using my SD address is good at any Dr anywhere. I did not get a Medicare Advantage Plan because I am full time and did not want an HMO. I now need to get implants, which are very expensive. My Supplement plan doesn’t include dental. Does anyone know of a good Dental plan, with nationwide coverage? Do I have to use the SD address, as I did for my Medicare, or can I use Livingston TX address.
  14. The Pachenga Casino has a nice RV Park right there in Temecula. It used to be $50 per night but I haven’t lived there in 6 years. Also just down I-15 off of Hwy 76 is Paula Casino. They also have an RV Park for about $50 a night. I have never been there but it has great reviews.
  15. I am a full timer. My domicile is So Dakota. I still own my house in CA, which is rented out as well as two other rentals. I file a non resident CA Income Tax return for the rental income. Property tax of course is also paid on each house. I have a So Dakota driver’s license and all my vehicles are registered in So Dakota. My auto and health insurance is from a So Dakota insurance broker. CA is satisfied as long as they get the income tax from my rental income and will also get the capital gains tax when I sell the properties. You should have no problems retaining ownership of the CA house and establishing a domicle in another State.
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