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  1. Twotoes

    Techma toilet

    X2. In my 5th wheel I could go 7-10 days without dumping. In my Class A with a Techma I can only go about 4 days. I live alone. It’s mellow if it’s yellow, if it’s brown flush it down, lol lol lol.
  2. I would use your domicile address, where your vehicles are registered and your drivers liscense is from. Your vehicle insurance should be the same as your health insurance.
  3. Twotoes

    Cleaning Windshield Safely

    X2. A brush on a long handle. I don’t climb on ladders anymore.
  4. Twotoes

    Transfer switch?

    I alway unplug from shore power before starting my generator to avoid the hard switch back from gen to shore. Always with A/C off. I run the A/C while the gen is running to give it a load but turn it off before switching back to shore. My transfer switch went out on me last year. Found out that there was a loose wire that shorted it out. It was only 3 yrs old. Replaced it with a combo transfer and surge protector model so now I don’t have to plug in a surge protector at the pedestal.
  5. Like all ESP plans a preapproval is required for any service. My plan required that the Mobil tech, I was in the Outer Banks of No Carolina and far from a dealer, send them a written estimate before they would approve the work. Then they insisted on a second Mobil tech of their choice to make a second opinion. They would not pay for my Mobil techs time for his inspection and the time he had to be there for their independent techs inspection. They also would not pay for the shipping and sales tax of the parts. So a $50 deductible ended costing me over $700. But the entire repair was over $6,000 so it still was a benefit to have the coverage. I just was expecting to only be out of pocket $50 not $700.
  6. Twotoes

    Canadian phone for US citizen?

    My Verizon phone works in USA, Canada and Mexico. I can also switch to an international plan for Europe for an extra cost.
  7. I have an iPhone and iPad. I had a Mac Book too but it got wet and doesn’t work anymore. Now that I don’t have a computer anymore I use the data on my iPad. I have unlimited data on both the phone and tablet. If you don’t have any Apple products you may not find the iPad gifted to you very useful.
  8. Twotoes

    Generator Noise

    Many parks both private and government have posted generator hours. Most are like 8 AM until 8 PM. Ask when you make a reservation what their gen hours are and if there is a noise limit. As far as truck stops go, they are very noisy and many trucks run their gen all night. As far as rest stops, I don’t think there are any rules but common courtesy would dictate the hours and noise level.
  9. Not sure about the other co op Parks but the one in Benson AZ requires a refundable $500 deposit to get on their waiting list. If other co op also do this and you want to get on multiple lists it could get expensive. But at least the deposit is refundable.
  10. Twotoes

    Discontinuing of 3G devices

    To bad we can’t do like the rest of the world and have satellite phones. Europe, Asia etc do not use cell towers to my knowledge.
  11. Twotoes

    Any recommended RV parks in or near Quartzite.

    While at Quartzite last Jan 2018 I had Solar Bill install 6 new batteries for my couch. Had to return 3 times before they got it wired up correct. Can’t say I would recommend them either.
  12. Twotoes

    Class A Non commercial drivers lisense

    Every state is deferent. Most states don’t require a Class A non commercial liscense for a 5er only a Class A over 25,000 LB’s. When I was still a Calif resident I purchased a 5er and had to get a fifth wheel endorsement, like a motorcycle endorsement. I went to the DMV and they were clueless and had to call Sacramento. Check with your State for your states requirements.
  13. Twotoes

    water softener for 5ther

    Is there a difference between a reverse osmosis system and a water softener?
  14. I am a attorney but do not specialize in tax law. The laws regarding deducting for a in home office are very strict. For a sticks and bricks house the area must be used exclusively as an office and your business must not have another Office location. For an RV it may be difficult to argue that an area is exclusively used as an office. I have seen some 5th wheel toy haulers that use the garage exclusively but that may be an exception in the RV world. Depending on the amount of tax saved I think it may not be worth taking the deduction. Also the under the new tax laws the standard deduction has been doubled so you may not even itemize. I highly recommend that you consult a tax lawyer.
  15. Twotoes

    Charles Schwab closing IRA due to PMB address

    This goes back to the Patriot Act which required every financial institution to have a physical address on record for every account. The Act expired many years ago and was not renewed, however many financial institutions have not changed their rules. I would think that your VA and Medicare info should satisfy Schwabs requirement but if it does not then I agree with the others that you should move your accounts.