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  1. I use the Escapees South Dakota address as my domicile. My drivers liscense and tags for my vehicles are So Dakota. I am registered to vote in SO Dakota. My vehicle and health insurance are So Dakota. But my mail still goes to Livingston, except anything related to my license, vehicles and insurance which goes to the So Dakota address.
  2. Twotoes

    Emergency Motorhome Drivers

    Wish I could help but I’m down in Surprise AZ. I believe that FMCA will get your rig home if you are a member. Not sure about the emergency vs non emergency thing? Please Keep us informed as to your status.
  3. Twotoes

    Diesel is $2.77 at Walmart in Hutchinson

    Where is Hutchinson?
  4. Twotoes

    Mississippi Sandhill Crane Volunteers

    Clicked on the link for volunteer.gov and nothing shows up.
  5. Twotoes

    Surge protectors and adapters

    If you purchase a 50 amp surge protector you will only be able to plug it into a 50 amp receptacle. So you will plug the 30 to 50 amp adaptor into the 30 amp pedestal and then plug your 50 amp surge protector into the adapter and then connect your shore power cord to the surge protector. Another way would be to have your surge protector hard wired into your RV and then you would just plug your shore cord into the adaptor which is plugged into the pedestal.
  6. Twotoes

    Social Security to increase in 2019

    Im just turning 65 in two months and am in the process of applying for a supplement plan and a part D plan. I am going with Mutual of Omaha at $116 a month and Silver Script Part D at $28 a month and 0 deductible starting Dec 1st. I hope they don’t raise it Jan 1st. I will have to call my agent and make sure the premium is Locke in for a year. I was also told that the Part B in the amount of $135 will be automatically deducted from my Soc Sec direct deposit.
  7. Twotoes

    HDT Natl Rally, RE: Monday's Seminar with A White

    It may be good to give some details regarding the seminar including the time and the location where the seminar is taking place.
  8. Well I started this thread a week ago and today I tried to pay my bill and got a message that my account is being upgraded to AT&T and I could not pay my bill at this time. I guess they think it is an upgrade! I hope when I head back north in the spring I won’t have any problems changing my service address. The message said late charges will not apply. We will see how AT&T does. My two year contract expires next March and I may switch back to Dish but I will have to spend $500 to convert my Travler dish on the roof.
  9. Twotoes

    TST Tire Monitor

    Opps clicked on the wrong button. To continue my story . . . Not sure what they found but in today’s mail I received a brand new monitor and charging cable. This is a first class company with great customer service. There are a lot of companies out their with decent products but you can’t beat TST’s customer service.
  10. Twotoes

    TST Tire Monitor

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I thought I would give it a go. Everyone is quick to post something negitive when things don’t go right. I want to put out a thumbs up 👍 for TST Technologies. I have had their tire pressure monitoring system for many years starting with my 2012 toy hauler. When I purchased my Class A in 2017 I bought two new sensors for the tag and four for the toad. When at Quartzsite last Jan 2018 I purchased their new color monitor. On my trip South last month Sept the monitor charging cable would not make a good contact with the monitor and the monitor wouldn’t charge or run plugged in. I called TST and they asked me to send them the monitor and charging cable to look at. Not sure what
  11. Twotoes

    New Dental Programs

    Last year I wintered in Yuma. Went to a DDS in Mexico that went to dental school in Chicago. The office was clean, the assistants were good, and the price was only $600 comparied to $3000 that the Dentist in the US wanted to charge.
  12. Twotoes

    legal travel problems/solution 48 foot Coach???

    Having been a Calif Traffic Judge I’m sorry but you are wrong. Window tinting on a out of state vehicle is not subject to Calif law and if you as a LEO issued a violation for window tinting I would have dismissed the violation. Just like the law regarding the height of a motorcycle handlebar. Vehicle length is not an equipment violation and is subject to local state laws just like the motorcycle helmet law in CA. Calif has a 65 foot max length and 45 foot single vehicle length which meets Fed law as to max allowed on a Fed Interstate. There are also roads in CA where the legal length for that highway is shorter due to the physical conditions of that particular road.
  13. Twotoes

    To TOAD or Scooter

    You state that you have a Class A. That type of RV can tow just about anything. You may think of getting a small used pick up that can be towed 4 down and you could put the Vespa in the back of the truck and have both with you. I have a Class A and put a Hydrolift on the back for my Harley and tow a Jeep, another option but more expensive.
  14. Twotoes

    Wash and Wax

    Thanks Kirk. I have used Blue Beacon in the past for a quick cheep wash but I am looking for a wash and wax. I use the truck wash when traveling a couple of times a year and at least once a year get a hand wax to keep the rig looking good. After rolling for three weeks taking my time heading south the rig needs a really good wash and wax right now. Trying to find some outfit for around $250 to $300. Verybody wants over $500. I’ll be here for 3months so I have time to look.
  15. Twotoes

    Wash and Wax

    Great idea. I’ll give it a try. Thanks