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  1. jayco1

    Weather where you are?

    Western Ohio 75 degrees, light rain, supposed to get a lot colder, into the 30s soon.
  2. jayco1

    Proper Towing Vehicle for 22' Travel Trailer

    Rarely does anyone ever wish they had gotten a smaller truck.
  3. jayco1

    Route 66

    Thanks every one.
  4. jayco1

    Air Blowout, Winterize Kit, or Both?

    I drain as much as I possibly can, add pink, pump it everywhere. I then go back underneath and crack each drain to be sure the pink got there.
  5. jayco1

    Route 66

    A very long time ago we drove 66 across the country, have talked about trying it again with our RV. Is there still an actual highway you can follow? Searches seem to indicate there is just bits and pieces, may not be practical for a trip.
  6. jayco1

    Steer tires?

    Our T600 had 24.5, but we were very happy with Michelins
  7. jayco1

    MDT to tow 24k GVWR Teton

    We had an M2 with Mercedes engine and Allison trans. Had it for 2 years, ran coast to coast, very satisfied.
  8. jayco1

    New Truck

    Had similar one for 2 years, loved it.
  9. jayco1

    Vegas Vacation

    We really like the looks of LVMC but I think it is class A only and while we have a new unit it is not an A.
  10. jayco1

    Looking to upgrade from pickup

    Just a comment, we had an M2 with Mercedes and Allison, could not have been more satisfied. Pulled a large trailer across the country several times.
  11. jayco1

    Vegas Vacation

    Without considering price, where is the best RV park in Las Vegas? Best amenities, access to casinos, location, etc. Things like shade, shuttle service, dining, etc. Thanks for any suggestions.
  12. jayco1

    furnace won'y light

    Last year ours wouldn't light at the start of the season, gave the burner two sharp taps, it lit and worked there after. Redneck repair.
  13. jayco1

    House batteries

    I like less stink, vibration, and noise.
  14. jayco1

    Why is it SO Hard....

    You mean 15 minutes doesn't save you 15% ? The little rodent lied? Happy Travels