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  1. Our T600 had 24.5, but we were very happy with Michelins
  2. We had an M2 with Mercedes engine and Allison trans. Had it for 2 years, ran coast to coast, very satisfied.
  3. Had similar one for 2 years, loved it.
  4. We really like the looks of LVMC but I think it is class A only and while we have a new unit it is not an A.
  5. Just a comment, we had an M2 with Mercedes and Allison, could not have been more satisfied. Pulled a large trailer across the country several times.
  6. Without considering price, where is the best RV park in Las Vegas? Best amenities, access to casinos, location, etc. Things like shade, shuttle service, dining, etc. Thanks for any suggestions.
  7. Last year ours wouldn't light at the start of the season, gave the burner two sharp taps, it lit and worked there after. Redneck repair.
  8. I like less stink, vibration, and noise.
  9. You mean 15 minutes doesn't save you 15% ? The little rodent lied? Happy Travels
  10. Buy a new Corvette and leave it with me. I will be sure it is driven regularly and taken care of.
  11. Thanks Kirk, there is a new 2015 for $109k. We kind of like the Murphy bed idea.
  12. Pretty interesting, does anybody have one? What do you think about it?
  13. A tow truck with a large camper shell will make a huge difference, kind of like having a garage.