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  1. Cats are great companions and somewhat less trouble.😃
  2. BBB is not unbiased.
  3. jayco1

    Tinker Week?

    I think if zip ties disappeared our rig would collapse right in the middle of the road.
  4. Do you have the skills and tools to make some on the road repairs? There almost certainly will be some.
  5. I stay in AZ for medical reasons. I am sick of snow. 😃
  6. Have a "Q", smaller size, sparker out after around 4 years. Have to be careful getting cleanup scraps on the burner, really hard to unplug the little holes.
  7. DW enjoyed Paperwhite for about 2 years, then it became erratic. Used the Amazon trade in plan to reduce cost of new one.
  8. Western Ohio 75 degrees, light rain, supposed to get a lot colder, into the 30s soon.
  9. Rarely does anyone ever wish they had gotten a smaller truck.
  10. jayco1

    Route 66

    Thanks every one.
  11. I drain as much as I possibly can, add pink, pump it everywhere. I then go back underneath and crack each drain to be sure the pink got there.
  12. jayco1

    Route 66

    A very long time ago we drove 66 across the country, have talked about trying it again with our RV. Is there still an actual highway you can follow? Searches seem to indicate there is just bits and pieces, may not be practical for a trip.
  13. jayco1

    Steer tires?

    Our T600 had 24.5, but we were very happy with Michelins
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