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  1. We are thinking of selling our 2017 Cherokee that is fully equipped as a Toad with BlueOx products. As a trade in, I'm worried that this may actually decrease the value, but in a private sale to an RVer it would increase the value.What has been your experience selling a nice, well-equipped toad? If selling privately, where would you suggest we list it (other than here) to reach the right buyers?Thanks!
  2. Does anyone know of an app or website that can help me find places to refill the propane on my Class A coach? Usually I'll try the campground or a Flying J. My current campground doesn't have propane, and there are no Flying J stations along my route. Suggestions?
  3. I'm planning to replace both skylight domes on my 2004 Southwind and found a manufacturer called EZ Tops (www.eztopsworldwide.com). Their domes look good and the price is right, but their website seems to suggest that rather than screwing the domes to the roof, you should simply tape them down using Eternabond. Has anyone done this? On the one hand it sounds like a simple process without the need to drill new holes. On the other hand - taping down the skylight? Second question: If I go with another brand that does need to be screwed into the roof, can/should I use Dicor Self-leveling Lap sealant, or do I need to get a skylight specific caulk? Let the opinions fly!
  4. Within the RV community, particularly on YouTube, you'd think that the only reasonable choice for a 12v air compressor is the Viair 400p. It looks like a great unit, but at $200 (more or less) it aught to be! But how do the alternatives hold up? Harbor Freight has a compressor that has comparable specs for $65. I assume there are others. All I need to do is re-inflate my Class A tires from time to time (95 PSI), and blow out the water hoses once or twice a year when winterizing. What's worked for you?
  5. My wife and I fell in love with Encore’s Voyager park I Tucson, but we don’t picture spending winters out west. Can anyone recommend a park on the east coast with a similarly active community and great amenities? We are thinking about a winter base for spring, summer, and autumn travel.
  6. Yes. We have a WiFi monitor too. But we have been places without cell service, and sometimes we’re just too far away to get back in time if there’s a problem. Our biggest fear is the power going out on a hot day and leaving them without AC. I’m hoping this device might solve that problem.
  7. Does anyone have experience with the ShorePower Automatic Generator Start System? According to the manufacturer, this add-on device will monitor shore power, and automatically start your generator if the power goes out for any reason. As pet owners it would be nice to know that our dogs won't lose AC if there's a power failure when we're away from the campground. But I can't find any reviews, and I'm reluctant to spend the money unless I'm fairly sure that the system would work! We have a class A with a built-in Onan generator. https://rvautomations.com/automatic-generator-start-system/?fbclid=IwAR1F8uQEGtm1hsZAmMh-F2TR5fOG9in9cqDnB8UF6-UL4Y6qmlHi35E-9dk
  8. My wife and I are headed toward Big Bend National Park next week, and all of the reservable sites are taken at the Rio Grande Village campground. However, the majority of campsites in the park are not reservable. Has anyone tried to get one of the non-reservable sites in the park around this time of year? How good are our chances of finding a site? Any tips on when to arrive to have the best chance? We are willing to take a risk... but would like to know how good or bad the odds are before heading so far!
  9. Fortunately it looks like Flo is going to pass quite a bit south of me. I'm camping in northern Delaware. But it looks like we'll still get a good dose of rain. If the storm changes track and heads up this way I've got a couple of options, depending on how close she's going to get. If it just shifts a little north, I can leave the motorhome and hang out with some friends in their sticks n bricks. If it shifts way north, I'm heading inland as fast as my little wheels can take me! Now an interesting question: If you had to abandon your motorhome to get to a place of safety, would you rather leave it a) in a heavily wooded campsite where the trees will act as a wind-break, or b) in the middle of a field where there's no chance of a tree falling, but the wind will hit full force and might blow it over?
  10. Thanks for asking! Ultimately we ended up purchasing a 2004 Fleetwood Southwind 37A. Yep, 2004! The interior is really excellent quality including solid oak cabinets. On the other hand, since it's older the glue has dried up on quite a few of the wood joints and I've had a little bit of repair work to do. No a big problem since the materials are good to begin with. On the other hand, we had an "incident" which pulled the back cap off of the RV, and we were amazed at how little there is holding those things together! Here's a link to a short tour: https://youtu.be/YGOGczmk-8I
  11. Our Blue Ox Patriot II supplemental braking system allows us to set the braking force anywhere between 1 and 10. The problem is that there is nothing in the instructions to suggest how to choose the right setting for your needs! We are driving a 2004 Fleetwood Southwind 37A, pulling a 2017 Jeep Cherokee. The Cherokee weighs about 4000 lbs. Right now I've got the braking force set to 7, but that's just pulling a number out of a hat. Any suggestions?
  12. Thanks for the great suggestions. I'm glad to say the floor is dry this morning, and the temp is going up again tomorrow.
  13. We are camping in Florida, and even here we are having sub-freezing nights. We noticed water seeping onto the floor from under the refrigerator. I checked outside and the evaporation pan was full to overflowing. I wonder if the cold weather is a factor in this problem? If so, would it help to switch from electric mode to propane mode overnight, which would generate some heat in the refrigerator compartment outside? Any other suggestions?
  14. The propane detector in our 2004 motorhome recently started giving false alarms, so we decided to replace it. The original unit is a CCI Controls Pre Tell 26, Model No. 7773.0. I bought a Safe T Alert 30 series "Classic Propane Alarm" on Amazon that says it replaces most CCI Controls flush mount propane Alarms without modifications. But... The CCI alarm has three wires (two red and one black), going into a three-prong connector. This plugs into another 3-prong connector in the RV, which also has two red and one black wires. The replacement has one read wire and one black wire, with no connector. So, 1) Are these compatible or do I need to return the new unit? 2) If they are compatible, how do I wire it? Do I connect all 3 reds together with a wire nut, and the two blacks with another? Thanks in advance. Jeff
  15. The weather service is predicting a brief dip to 32 degrees on Monday night/Tuesday morning where I store my class A motorhome. Is this an emergency where I need to run up and winterize before Monday? Or is a brief touchdown at 32 really not a problem? Otherwise the lows are in the 40s.
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