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  1. Thx again. I think I will get the 3394. Great if it helps but cant hurt. Thx all
  2. Thanks for info So my tongue weight is 1080 and trailer weight 8400. Hitch rated to 2k. In your opinion will I Benefit from an Anderson ?
  3. So I just looked. It doesn’t distinguish between wdh and without but as is sticker shows rated up to 2k TW
  4. Thank you! Frame is 6” and ball 2 5/16. do you have Anderson and if so like it? thx
  5. I did just look in truck manual and under weight distribution section, it showed the following Vehicle Series Trailer Weight Weight-Distributing Hitch Usage Hitch Distribution 1500 Up to 3 175 kg (7,000 lb) Not Required 50% 1500 Over 3 175 kg (7,000 lb) Required 50% 2500/3500 Up to 9 080 kg (20,000 lb) Not Required 25% As mentioned, I have the 2500. That is some crazy weight that they say WDH not needed. I will see if I can find hitch ratings.
  6. Where could I find this info?
  7. I think you are right no matter what my weights come back at. I did that research as well and would like to go Anderson but trying to figure out which model. I called a couple times and just get answering machine. My trailer loaded is 8400. My tongue weight is 1020. Anyone have experience with the Anderson. Tow vehicle is a 2020 Chev 2500hd Z71 package (extra rear shock) with the duramax diesel.
  8. Hi Linda. I thought I indicated we kept closed until time to leave/washout but if not that is what we have done. thank you all for help. Sounds like main culprit could be exhaust fan running. Next time we will keep it off. thx again
  9. Hi All, We just finished our 4th weekend adventure so still very new to this. On this past trip we stayed 3 nights and toward the end when we would flush the toilet and an unpleasant smell came from the black tank. I realize why there is a smell but is there anything that can be added to keep smell down until next clean-out at dump site? We do put the additive in after clean out and have no problems when RV not in use. We were told it is best to keep dump valve closed until ready to do clean out instead of leaving it open. Thx for any tips and again excuse the question I didn't want to ask 😮
  10. Okay, thanks. I will work on getting the weights thx
  11. Thanks Here is pic of T/TT. fully loaded ready to go.
  12. Hello All, I have a 3/4 ton truck and a 34" TT. When connected together, both are level with no WDH. I have been on a few adventures within the state and it seems like all is well. I do use a anti sway bar. Is there any reason I would need a WDH even though level and ride seems smooth? thx
  13. Thanks Kirk. I called and they just said there are 2"x2" 's behind wall and to find those. I will see what I can find with a stud finder.
  14. Hi all. My wife would like a flat screen TV on the wall in bedroom. There is spot for as far as cable outlet and power but I cant find any info on what kind or bracket I should use. The wall seems thin. Is there a particular type bracket that I should use. The TV will likely just be a 26" or so. thx
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