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  1. PILOT / Flying J ....YES!

    Unless I am familiar with the particular station, I don't even try Walmart or any of the grocery/convenience store stations with the trailer in tow any more. It took a few times having to wait for the cars parked in front of the store or backing out into the street before I adopted this philosophy. If we are traveling and not going to unhook for the night, I will use a truck stop/travel center or watch for a station with the pumps parallel to the road. Now that I have a truck that can use B20, I will stop at Flying Js/Pilots. I won't go too far off the planned route looking for better prices when towing.
  2. HELP! Travel Trailers...which one

    Are there any of the fiberglass egg trailers in the size range the OP is looking for? I believe Bigfoot's largest is 25.5' and Escape's largest is 21'.
  3. Winegard antenna power switch

    Have you checked the 12 volt fuse for that circuit?
  4. PILOT / Flying J ....YES!

    If you travel the Blue Highways instead of the interstates, you will not encounter many Flying J's. In 13 years of travelling since retiring, I can only recall one Flying J that is not near an interstate. It is located in Dodge City, KS. There may be others, but I do not think there are many. There are a number of fuel reward cards that will also let you use the cashback feature of a credit card such as Penn Federal (which gives 5% on fuel purchases). Shell has one that gives 3-5 cents/gallon depending on how much you buy. In the mid-Atlantic Region, Sheetz has one. My favorite is the Kroger Corporation program that at times gives a minimum of 3 cents per gallon and lets you earn higher discounts based on your purchases at any of their several grocery and convenience store brand outlets. The discounts are good at any of their grocery or convenience store fuel stations and some Shell stations. Wynne Dixie has a program that gives you discounts at Shell stations based on your amount of monthly purchases. Safeway gives a discount to loyalty card holders at their fuel stations. I'm sure there must be others at the national, regional and local level.
  5. Buying tires online

    First in, first out is a very basic tenant of inventory management for products with a limited shelf life. I suspect that those picking the orders for Discount Tires Direct were following the company's standard protocol. Unless there is a procedure for the sales person (who may not even be located at the shipping facility) or the person affixing the shipping labels to check the dates on all the tires, their system likely performed as intended. It is good that they honored the phone salesman's commitment to provide recently manufactured product. I have no idea how popular the Endurance tires are or how common the ST235/85/16 size is, but given the age of 5 of the 8 tires received they are probably not a fast moving item for Discount Tires Direct. In my experience, the risk of getting older product increases for less popular/commonly sold items and is something to consider when making internet or phone purchases, especially if time is important or limited.
  6. Buying tires online

    Everyone's idea of good customer service is different. Getting old tires after I specifically asked for recently manufactured ones would not make me very happy whether they were replaced at no expense or not. If we had to change travel plans or extend a stay to wait for a second batch, that definitely would not make me happy. We have purchased new tires for both the trailer and pickup at local tire shops in several locations across the country over years of travelling. After adding the cost of mounting, balancing and valve stems to the internet price; the costs from the local vendors were not that much more. I got to see the tires before purchasing and the whole process was usually done in one day(often in just a couple of hours). Even when they did not have the specific tire I wanted, as was the case with Kumho 14" Load Range D tires for the trailer, they were able to get them in a couple of days.
  7. Highway 60 in Missouri

    Have not spent much time in that area. One place we did visit and enjoy was the Wonders of Wildlife Museum and Aquarium in Springfield. Our visit was shortly after it first opened. It was then closed for several years (I believe due to structural problems) and finally reopened. It is located next to the Bass Pro Shops and the Sporting Arms Museum (which was not there when we visited). Trip Advisor lists a number of other potential attractions in or near Springfield that we have not had a chance to visit. Roadside America lists several drive bye type attractions along US-60 going East.
  8. NM 70-54 Highway?

    One does not have to go through Ruidoso to get from Las Cruces to Santa Rosa. US-70 to US-54 does not go through Ruidoso. A detour to Ruidoso on US-70 at Alamogordo and back to US-54 at Carrizozo adds 23 miles some of which is on state highway NM-48 that has a one mile section of 8-10% grade. Staying on US-70 to US-380 back to US-54 adds 60 miles. Staying on US-70 to Roswell and taking US-285 to US-54 at Vaughn adds 80 miles. The only real grade on the US-70/54 route is just East of Las Cruces through the Organ Mountains. The grades are 3-6%. We have driven all these routes. The US-70/54 one is the shortest and easiest if you do not want or have time for stops along the way. If you do not already have one, I suggest getting the Mountain Directory for Truckers, RV and Motorhome Drivers.
  9. NM 70-54 Highway?

    We have driven that route a number of times. Most recently at the end of this past October. It is good mostly two lane. Limited fuel stops after Alamogordo in Carrizozo and Vaughn. If you have time for stops along the way. Oliver Lee Memorial State Park, New Mexico Museum of Space History, White Sands National Monument and Three Rivers Petroglyph Site are near or in Alamogordo. Valley of Fires Recreation Area is near Carrizozo.
  10. How Much Payload Can My F350 Carry??

    The surest way to get the actual payload capacity would be to load the truck as it will be when you go to pickup the camper (full tank of fuel, passengers, tools, etc.) and weigh it. Subtract that weight from the GVWR listed on the sticker usually found on the driver's side door frame. This will give you the remaining payload capacity. It will not tell you whether you might be over the front or rear axle or tire weight ratings which will depend on how the weight of the camper and other load is distributed.
  11. Does anyone know open campgrounds on east coast

    It may help folks give you more specific ideas if you say where in NH you are headed and what route(s) you are considering. We travel the East Coast fairly often and prefer to avoid Baltimore, Washington and Richmond by taking US-17 and US-13/113 up the coast to South of Philadelphia instead of I-95. Others prefer a more inland route using I-81 and other routes to pass to the West of the Baltimore/Washington area. Still others grit their teeth and take I-95 and the beltways. There are some parks open all year on each route which may or may not work for you. In my experience, the farther North and inland you go, there are fewer choices.
  12. HELP! Travel Trailers...which one

    Welcome to the Escapees Forum!!! In my opinion, finding a floorplan that meets your needs is very important to your satisfaction with any unit. Will you be using the trailer fulltime or just for weekends/vacations? What kind of weather conditions do you plan to use the trailer in? Do you already own the tow vehicle or will you match a tow vehicle to the trailer after you select the trailer? Your price range generally puts you in the new market for entry level and seasonal use models from a number of manufacturers and may put you in the used market for four season and fulltime units such as Artic Fox, Open Range and Grand Design. It would help if you told us some of the brands/models that you are considering based on your floorplan and features preferences. There are relatively few travel trailer owners that participate in this forum so the odds that someone owns the exact model(s) that you are considering is not that high. If their is an owners' group for the manufacturer(s) of the units that you are considering that may be a source for specific information about models and any issues with the manufacturer or the specific model(s). Since you have never owned an RV before RV Reviews and the RV Consumer Group may have information that you would find helpful. Again, Welcome to the Escapees Forum!!!
  13. Proper Towing Vehicle for 22' Travel Trailer

    Welcome to the Escapees Forum!!! An issue that is not mentioned all that often, but that can become one especially for SUVs is the relationship between the wheelbase of the tow vehicle and the length of the travel trailer. Here is a link to a discussion of this issue. Another thing to investigate is what the frontal area of the trailer is that is used to calculate the tow rating of the SUV or other potential tow vehicle. For lighter duty vehicles like SUVs and 1/2 ton pickups it may be more on the order of a cargo or horse trailer than a travel trailer. Many folks recommend a safety margin between the ratings of the tow vehicle and the weight of the trailer to be towed. This calculator may be helpful in determining an adequate tow vehicle. Since you do not have the GVWR of the trailer, if at all possible load it as you would for travel and get it weighed. As an alternative, assuming that it has properly rated tires, multiply the maximum weight rating of the tire by the number of tires and then add 15%. That should at least get you in the ball park of the trailer's GVWR. Again, Welcome to the Escapees Forum!!!
  14. Domicile is very confusing to me

    It sounds like you are a retired federal employee participating in the Federal Employee Health Benefit Program (FEHB). The state specific plans, such as the California one which appears to be an HMO, may not be very good while travelling depending on their in network and out of network policies. The fee for service plans offered by Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Mail Handlers and others are nationwide plans and may be a better fit depending on your needs and travel plans. Here is a link to charts that list the FEHB plans and costs. It does not appear that Blue Cross/Blue Shield offers a plan similar to those in California in South Dakota.
  15. My Facebook RVing Group

    Not sure I understand your responses? Both of the groups that Kirk linked to are associated with Facebook. You have to log into Facebook to access either of them.