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  1. trailertraveler

    Bar Harbor, ME to Savannah, GA

    Delaware State Parks use to give a discount to America the Beautiful Pass holders if you reserved by phone or walked in, but not if you used Reserve America. I think they still may, ask. Weekends are still busy this time of year, so you might want to check Reserve America for availability.
  2. Welcome to the Escapees Forum!! I am not familiar with the companies that assist private owners in renting their RV's, but there are a number of RV dealers and rental companies that rent travel trailers. You have the truck. I would think that renting a trailer would be considerably cheaper than renting a motorized RV which would include mileage fees. You would have to check on the insurance issues with your insurer as far as whether additional liability insurance would be required in either case. If you rent a motorized RV, you will either have to do all your site seeing in it or find other ways to get around the areas you visit (rental car, Uber, commercial tour, etc.). I doubt most RV rental companies will permit you to tow a car behind their RV. If you are use to towing a boat, horse or utility trailer; towing a travel trailer will not be that much different. Since you are talking about a summer trip, you might even consider renting a popup tent or hardsided trailer. That would give you better fuel mileage due to the lower profile. A hybrid or rear slide trailer would give you more room when setup while minimizing the length of the trailer when towing. Again, Welcome to the Forum!!
  3. trailertraveler

    Bar Harbor, ME to Savannah, GA

    The route is DE-896 and it is the last exit before the tolls. Or you can take DE-1 at Exit 4 to US-13 and miss some local traffic on DE-896 and US-301. From Virginia Beach you can take either US-13 or US-17. They go East and West of the Great Dismal Swamp and then come together at Windsor, NC. If you take US-17 South it will take you to I-95 just North of the Georgia/South Carolina Border. It takes you along the coast through much of the area just hit by Florence which is why I said that I have no tdea what conditions will be when you want to travel.
  4. trailertraveler

    Bar Harbor, ME to Savannah, GA

    Many folks take an inland route eventually putting them on I-81 and cut over to I-95 South of Washington DC. When are you planning to leave Maine? After Nov. 1 many of the campgrounds/RV parks along this route are closed but if you do an internet search you will find some that are open. We start each year after visiting family for the holidays from the mid-Atlantic states. We prefer the coastal route down the Delmarva Peninsula and across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. From Norfolk/Virginia Beach we take US-17. No idea what it will be like when you are planning to be travelling.
  5. trailertraveler

    Road advice New Mexico

    Emory Pass is a little over 8,000' in elevation so definitely can get snow. According to the most recent NM DOT guide I found, the highest sections of road are priority 4 which sounds like there is no plowing/maintenance until after a storm and only during daylight hours.
  6. trailertraveler

    Road advice New Mexico

    We have driven this route from both Silver City and I-25, but never with the trailer even though it is only 11'3". Nice scenic route with several things to see along the way. I would not hesitate to drive it towing the trailer, but we do not like to tour with the trailer in tow. There are lots of 10, 15, 20MPH curves. We explored from each end at different times visiting the ghost towns, cliff dwellings, etc. This website has photos of the bridges. Here is a description of the roads in the area. Here is another description of this scenic byway with a closeup of one of the bridges.
  7. trailertraveler

    5th Wheel vs Travel Trailer

    This has been my observation also. When comparing the 250/2500 to the 350/3500, some of the extras for towing on the 250/2500 were standard on the 350/3500. It seems to me that even when comparing the differences in dimensions between the 150/1500 and the 250/2500 and SRW 350/3500; the biggest difference is in the height. For some makes the height will be greater for the 4x4 than the 2x4. Width seems to be similar for all. Differences in length seem to be primarily due to the cab configuration (standard, extended, crew) and bed length. The longer the wheelbase, the more stable it is towing longer trailers. With a 5th wheel a longer bed helps prevent contact between the truck and trailer when backing. With a short bed, a slider 5th wheel hitch is recommended.
  8. trailertraveler

    5th Wheel vs Travel Trailer

    Storage space does not necessarily equate to cargo carrying capacity. Light weight trailers and supposedly 1/2 ton towable 5th wheels often do not have what many on this forum would consider adequate cargo carrying capacity for fulltiming. A pickup bed covered by a cap provides a large volume of storage space. Of course the remaining payload capacity of the tow vehicle after the hitch weight, passengers, fuel, etc. is the controlling factor not just the volume. Many, RVs that I have seen make poor use of the storage space available. The addition of shelves, bins, and other storage aids can often help make far better use of the available storage areas. There are trailer hitches like the Hensley, Propride and Pull-Rite that move the fulcrum point forward so that the forces on the tow vehicle are similar to that of a 5th wheel.
  9. trailertraveler

    any Blm land available to stay off I90 in Montana?

    Many of the Montana Fishing Access sites that allow camping are shown on the maps on these websites: Free Campsites, Ultimate Public Campground Project. They also show many Fishing Access Sites, Fishing Lakes, Wildlife Management Areas, Water Management Districts, County Parks, City Parks and fairgrounds that allow camping in every state. Here is a link to Montana Fishing Access sites with camping. With the sites shown on a map, it is relatively easy to find ones near your proposed route of travel or destination.
  10. trailertraveler

    5th Wheel vs Travel Trailer

    Yes, you have the length issue correct. When choosing a tow vehicle, you need to be aware that a 5th wheel puts more weight on the tow vehicle than a travel trailer. The recommended pin weight for a 5th wheel is 20-25%. Recommended tongue weight for a travel trailer is 10-15%. So, for example a 10,000# 5th wheel will put 2000-2500# on the tow vehicle while a 10,000# travel trailer will put 1000-1500# on the tow vehicle. The tow vehicle needs sufficient payload capacity to carry the weight from the trailer without exceeding its GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). This runs counter to the fact that the 5th wheel tow rating is often higher than the travel trailer (conventional towing) rating. The calculators on this website may help you in matching truck and trailer/5th wheel combinations. The link comes up to the travel trailer calculator. There is a link to the 5th wheel calculator in the menu in the center of the page. Another factor that is often overlooked in regard to sizing a tow vehicle and travel trailer is the wheel base of the tow vehicle in relation to the length of the travel trailer. This article covers the basics of this issue.
  11. trailertraveler

    It can't be this complicated...!!??

    When we bought our 2013 Aspen Trail, each individual trailer had a sticker by the door that said "Accu Weight" with a hand written number and a statement that the weight was for that trailer only. The weight on our trailer's sticker was a couple hundred pounds more than the published dry weight for that model. Since the batteries were added at the dealer, I am sure that at least that weight was not included in the weight on the sticker. Each trailer we looked at had a different weight although I will say that the dealer did not have more than one of any one model. I do not know if other Thor/Keystone brands or models do this. Also not sure whether this was done at the factory or by this individual dealer.
  12. trailertraveler

    Disadvantages Of A Class A When Fulltiming

    A good RV Roadside Assistance Plan will take care of both the tow vehicle and the trailer,
  13. trailertraveler

    Tow Vehicle Tire Load Capacity

    Not necessarily. Many pickup trucks have more weight on the rear axle than the front. The tires are typically sized for the load on the more heavily loaded rear axle. The front tire pressure recommendation may be lower than maximum to get better ride, handling and tire wear. Look at the plate inside the driver's side door. It should give you the recommended tire size, Load Range and tire pressures.
  14. trailertraveler

    Tow Vehicle Tire Load Capacity

    The tow vehicle tires need to be rated to carry at a minimum it's Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). The tires of the Towed Vehicle/trailer need to be rated at a minimum to carry it's Maximum Axle Ratings.
  15. trailertraveler

    Boondocking Web Sites? - paid access

    Here is the link to another program that might interest you. Harvest Host Here is a link to their map of locations.