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  1. Moki Dugway - OK for 30' 5th-wheel?

    If you are OK with a section of less than 2 lane gravel road that has as steep as 10% grade with tight turns and steep drop offs. I don't think there is a posted length limit, at least not that I can recall. I personally would not drive it in an RV. Stay the night at Goosenecks State Park and explore the Moki Dugway, the Valley of the Gods and the Sand Island Petroglyphs in your tow vehicle.
  2. Scheduling stops

    I'll check into that! Thanks! Much of New Mexico gets colder than many RVers like during the winter. Even if you don't stay all year, the New Mexico Camping Pass is one of the better deals out there and it is no secret. In our experience since 2004, the New Mexico State Parks are getting more crowded every year. The basic site fee for a non-utility site at New Mexico State Parks is $10. So, the break even point is 18 nights for residents and 23 nights for non-residents. The pass gives a $10/night discount for sites with utilities if they are available at the park. The camping pass also covers free entrance (generally $5) to those New Mexico State Parks that charge an entrance fee. There is also a park entrance pass for $40. The passes are good until the end of the month of purchase, so if purchased on the first of the month they are actually good for 13 months. There is a stay limit. Here is a link to the regulations which read: "Campers may reside in a park for a maximum of 14 calendar days during any 20-calendar day period unless the director otherwise decreases or waives this limit. Campers shall completely remove camping equipment and gear from the park for six calendar days during the 20-calendar day period. Campers can go to another park for six days, then return." A number of states have annual camping pass programs and annual entrance pass programs. Some are available to non-residents, some are not. Ohio even gives discounts to Passport America members at several of their state parks for stays in the middle of the week. If one is going to spend any significant amount of time in one state and enjoys staying at state parks, it is worth doing some research.
  3. Route 66

    U.S. Highway 66 was decommissioned. Interstates now follow much of the route of the old highway. I-40 through New Mexico follows the US 66 route and the old highway is often the frontage road or the business route through towns. Still lots to see and do in the small towns and the remnant sections of the highway. Here is a link to a set of maps and a link to another. Here is a link to the Route 66 Museums. Here is a link to a state by state list of attractions.
  4. Grey Water Dumping

    Nothing says you have to dump your whole tank at one time. In such situations I may dump 1 or 2 buckets a day. Some of the grey water disposals we have encountered are in loops with only RV sites no tent sites. Every situation is different. You have to check with the management and follow their rules.
  5. Grey Water Dumping

    This type of waste valve cap makes it much easier and less chance of a mess if you choose to fill buckets. A short piece of hose attached to the outlet helps direct the flow into a bucket preventing splashing and spills. Adding a shutoff valve lets you stop the flow without closing the RV waste valve. We have been in a number of city, county and state campgrounds that have grey water disposal sites. They are sometimes raised so that you have to use a bucket and can not use a direct gravity feed from an RV tank.
  6. Grey Water Dumping

    It depends on the rules established by the land owner/controlling agency. We have been in some areas where you can and other areas where you can not. In some National Forests like the Apache-Sitgreaves the rules vary from Ranger District to Ranger District. In one area we camped you could dump grey water on one side of the road but not the other. We have been in county parks where you were permitted to dump grey water on the grass areas. At a fair grounds, they had perforated pipe buried around the trees. You are permitted to dump grey water into those pipes to water the trees.
  7. Air Blowout, Winterize Kit, or Both?

    When I use to winterize, in addition to what has been mentioned for the water lines and drains; I would make sure that the fresh water tank and waste tanks were empty. I would empty the diluted antifreeze/water mixture from the waste tanks and put enough antifreeze down the drains and toilet to try to get it to the dump valves.
  8. Senior Paas and the Great Outdoors

    Since you have internet access, getting a license isn't that hard. Most states sell them online. Here is a link to the state agencies. I generally buy licenses in three or four states a year for anything from a few days to a full season and haven't bought a license in person at a store or agency office in so many years I can not remember when the last time was.
  9. Have you been to Cabela's?

    If you are looking for convenience of locations and sheer numbers of blacktop boondocking opportunities, I think it is hard to beat Walmart. There are over 5,000 Walmart/Sam's Clubs in the United States. Lowes Home Improvement has over 2000 locations. Both of these considerably outnumber Cracker Barrels 645 locations in 44 states and Cabela's 120 locations with no store in 10 states. If your RV is much over 25', the satellite imagery of Google Earth or Google Maps can be very helpful. Here is the Cabela's in La Vista, NE. You can clearly see some large parking spaces on the West side of the building. In street view you can even read the Truck/RV Parking sign at the entrance to the lot from Westport Parkway. You still need to check with the local management to be sure overnights are permitted. Compare the Cabela's lot to the La Vista, NE Cracker Barrel.
  10. Sumter Oaks reports?

    Call the Bushnell Walmart they have allowed overnights in the past. You might also try contacting the Sumter County Fairgrounds. I have seen RVs there in the past.
  11. Truck Camper

    I do pretty much the same since my suggestions about a travel route and things to see along the way was dissed. They have no problem however in jumping into the travel trailer forum to claim that everything larger than a Casita needs to be towed by an HDT. The most recent claim was that anything over 25' was unsafe to tow. That is why I often recommend that folks asking questions about travel trailers visit some other forums with more members that actually own travel trailers. It is not mentioned to induce them to leave this forum, but to indicate that they may get more information that is actually useful to them.
  12. Pilot & Flying J

    That is in compliance with the Federal labeling requirement. Some states have stricter requirements. I have seen stickers on pumps that say 5-10%, 11-20%, etc.
  13. Pilot & Flying J

    If they are, they are breaking federal law by not posting it on the pump as federal law requires any bio content over 5% be identified. I check the pumps carefully. Most of our travel is not on the interstate so I am not stopping at many of the chain truck stops like T/A, Petro, Flying J, Pilot, etc.
  14. Pilot & Flying J

    The fact that most Flying Js now have higher than 5% Bio (which is not recommended for our 2008 duramax) has resulted in my not using them unless I have to. I have found that the Shell truck stops are usually pretty easy to use when towing and their fuel rewards card can be used with a credit card that gives a rebate on fuel purchases. Since we only travel about 200-250 miles a day and often stop for more than one night, I fill up most of the time when not towing. On those occasions, I find it hard to beat the Kroger chains of grocery (Kroger, Smith's, Fry''s Dillion's, City Market and others) and convenience stores (Kwik Shop, Loaf N Jug, Quik Stop, Tom Thumb Food Stores, Turkey Hill and Smith's Express) . The reward points build with purchases at every store in the Kroger family and you can get your discount (which at times is 3 cents even with no points) while also using a credit card that gives a rebate for gas purchases.
  15. Major Data Breach - Equifax

    I mentioned this before, but it must be on one of the other threads (there are three running on the same topic, very confusing). Discover has a new free service for card holders that searches the web for the social security number associated with your account and will notify you if it shows up on suspect sites and notify you if any new credit cards, mortgages, car loans or other accounts are opened on your Experian credit report. You can read about it or sign up here.