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  1. We were on the road from February through May. Even after arriving at our summer location, one of the bigger issues for us is the availability of groceries and other products (sporadically everything from rice, fresh and frozen meat to dogfood) . Several on this thread and other threads have stated that they order online and have delivery or pickup. We are rarely able to get everything we need at one store and sometimes not at any of them requiring multiple visits to multiple locations. Even online orders from Amazon, etc. were out of stock or delivery delayed for extended periods (that seems to have gotten better). Because of the small size of the refrigerator/freezer and generally limited storage space in the trailer, it seemed like we were running out of something every couple of days. Even though we have a larger freezer and refrigerator where we summer, limits on the quantity of items like meat and frozen vegetables has made it difficult to build up much of a cache. So, my question to those that shop online. Do you usually get everything you order? Since I see grocery store staff picking orders from the aisles, I am wondering how good an idea they have of existing inventory. Do they tell you when you order what is out of stock or low on stock or do you find out at pickup/delivery?
  2. Please note that the statement quoted by 2gypsies above was not mine it was from an article by an Associated Press journalist quoting Duke University health economist David Ridley.
  3. Italy Deaths as percent of cases reported 34,744/240,436= 14.4% From the same source: U.S. Deaths as percentage of cases reported 128,665/2,668,588 = 4.8%
  4. In regard to the original question, Here are some quotes from an article by an Associated Press journalist. I don't claim to be an expert. My take on this statement is that if a vaccine is 50% effective; even if everyone in the country was vaccinated, that alone would not provide the 70% of the population that many have predicted is required to develop herd immunity in the population.
  5. Here is a recent article by the Mayo Clinic. Another quote from the article that may be relevant to many in this group:
  6. From what I understand, how long the virus takes to run its course will depend on how long it takes for a significant enough portion of the population to develop immunity. That number is not decreased by slowing the infection rate. The slower the infection rate, the longer it will take for the required proportion of the population to develop immunity. A viable vaccine administered to a significant enough portion of the population will speed the process. How long the naturally acquired immunity or that from any vaccine lasts will also be an important factor. If the virus follows the pattern of the flu with different strains requiring different vaccines, the virus could become a long term cyclic part of the disease landscape. Evolution theory suggests that killing the host too quickly (i.e. before it can be spread widely) is not a good strategy for a disease organism. Thus a disease may become less virulent over time. A lot of questions still unanswered.
  7. We have driven US-191 between Hoback and Rock Springs several times pulling 30+ travel trailers and found it to be a pleasant drive. Have not done it in the past few years so do not know about current road conditions.
  8. You stated that My trailer came with two satellite connectors and a cable tv connector on the outside of the trailer. One satellite connector is for the main entertainment center and the other for the bedroom tv. If this is the case with your trailer try both. If there is also a cable tv connection, it is not uncommon for the connections to be mislabeled. Try that one also. When I got my current trailer, some of the cable connections were not properly connected. Check the length of the center wire on the coax connectors to make sure that it is long enough to make good contact. Check the connection at the back of all the connection plates also. If you can not solve the problem with the satellite cable wiring and the cable connection works, you can use the connection for the OTA/cable tv as Mark and Dale suggest or install a pair of diplexers on that coax to combine and then split the cable and satellite signals. I have done both with good results on previous trailers.
  9. Not really, it may speed things up but the communications to and from the hotspot to the router are still using the same radio (which can not transmit and receive at the same time) as are the communications to and from the router to network devices. A true two radio system has one radio dedicated to receiving signals and another to transmitting them. if everything is working properly, I typically get the best speed at the network devices by tethering the cellular device and connecting network devices by ethernet to the router. This results in the cellular device being the only radio being used as opposed to the three in the scenario you describe.
  10. Not in my experience when the cellular signal is on the slow side like 5-6MBS which is still not all that uncommon in many of the places that we like to stay. This past winter in a couple of places in Florida was the first time I have seen cellular speeds anywhere near some of the speeds reported by individuals on this forum. I don't think the speed of the processor changes the fact that the radio has to receive the signal and then retransmit it.
  11. Yes, I do too, but that uses hotspot or tethering data which does not last long if you have a 15GB limit before throttling as I do. I was talking about projecting the tablet/phone screen image to the Roku using the Smart View feature of the device. The data used doing that is counted as on device data which is not throttled.. As far as I know, you can not stream to the Mifi and project that video to the Roku/TV.
  12. Thanks for the correction, my bad, I edited the post. The Mifi says the software is up to date. There is no mention of "firmware" in the 8800L menus. As for contacting Wifi Ranger I have done that a couple of times. They were of little help as the problem is sporadic and the 8800L is not one of the devices that they test. One rep said he had heard of issues with the 8800L. Since I can always connect wirelessly, they were not overly concerned and did not seem to appreciate that in situations where the Verizon speed is not very fast (which we encounter fairly often in the places we like to visit) that the difference between tethering and a wifi connection can make a substantial difference in streaming quality. The Mifi seems to tether fine to my old Go2.
  13. We have Verizon. When we got new phones about 18 months ago, we could get a hotspot or a tablet with no equipment fee just the monthly line charge. We got a hotspot and a tablet. The hotspot has a fixed limit of 15GB before speed is throttled to 500MB which is virtually useless. The tablet has the same limit on hotspot or tethering usage, but is unlimited for on device usage. We have used over 250GB in a month and not noticed a significant speed reduction from prioritization. We can use the tablet for on device streaming or project video to the TV through the Roku device which can not be done with the Mifi. I have not noticed significant speed difference between the tablet and the Mifi. I have had more issues tethering the Mifi (8800L) to my Wifi Ranger Spruce router than I have with the tablet. I wish I had gotten a second tablet instead of the Mifi.
  14. We typically spend from Mid-May to Mid-August on the Mid-Atlantic Coast and will do that again this year. Having had our return from Florida in May seriously impacted by closures, travel restrictions and quarantine policies, we are waiting to see how things progress before heading out for our usual late summer/fall trip to Arizona, New Mexico, and Kansas. Our biggest concerns are the re-imposition of travel restrictions/quarantines when having to travel long distances through so many states. Another factor is what will actually be open. This is not only a matter of government policy, but also the economic impact of the recession on businesses. After the 2008-2009 recession, we visited many small towns where the downtown areas and historic districts were nothing but vacant buildings. For example, I remember walking through Chama, NM and only a couple of the buildings were occupied. It makes no sense to us to travel thousands of miles to just sit in a campground. However, I will miss my favorite fishing and hunting spots.
  15. You might want to read this article about Direct TV DNS channels.
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