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  1. found this link to state park closures.
  2. The article you linked to and several others talk about exposing your body to UV to cure/rid your body of the virus. I was talking about UV light affecting the virus's survival in the environment and the risk of contracting it from activities in the outdoors in the absence of other people not as a cure for an infected individual.
  3. If I understood the speech by the Governor of New York, he was encouraging people to go to parks, hike, get fresh air, exercise, etc. Entrance fees to the New York State Parks has been suspended. It is my understanding that UV light kills the corona virus so outdoor activities on sunny days with a high UV index should be relatively low risk.
  4. Unfortunately, it seems that panic may have already set in for many. We just went to a Walmart in Bradenton, Fl. The shelves were virtually bare of many items. Employees were handing out toilet paper, Two four pack limit. Th e meat shelves were empty except for chitterlings and sweetbreads. The only frozen vegetables were brussel sprouts and corn on the cob. In the pharmacy section all the cold and flu medications were gone. With the limited storage capacity and refrigerator/freezer space in our RV stock piling for weeks or a month is not very feasible.
  5. Here is a link to a discussion of boondocking in the Sedona/Cottonwood area. You will note that the land outside the Thousand Trails is part of the Prescott National Forest not the Coconino National Forest or BLM. This is important because each Forest has its own special rules regarding boondocking as does BLM. When we were in the area in September, overnight stays were still prohibited at the Walmart in Cottonwood which was the result of a shootout between vehicle campers and the police in the parking lot a few years ago. As discussed in this link. If you have an America the Beautiful Senior Pass, you do not need a Red Rock Pass.
  6. I heard back from Kristian today, Unfortunately my 8800L has maxxed out its hotspot data. I will have to wait until the next cycle so he can access the logs. He said that he is aware of some connectivity issues with the Spruce and the 8800L. Thanks for your efforts to help!!
  7. Here is a link that gives information specific to state park camping passes. I know that there are other states that give a senior discount but do not have a specific senior pass. I believe Delaware is one of them. They do accept the America the Beautiful pass as proof of age.
  8. I filled out the website request form after speaking initially with Christian. After getting the Spruce online using ethernet through the Go2 so that he could download the logs, I called back and the call was answered by Steve. After trying several things that did not work, he told me that the 8800L was not a tested device and basically not guaranteed to work, I suspect that he closed the service ticket which I never got a case # for. He said he would let folks know about the issue with the 8800L. I have not heard anything more.
  9. Thanks! I would likely do similar as I still have several months on the Verizon contract.
  10. I am glad that your Spruce is working well for you. That fact does not change or solve my issues and the fact that the Verizon 8800L, which I thought was a fairly common device, is not on their testing list. The problem is that the 8800L and at times the phone and tablet will connect then disconnect then connect/disconnect in an endless loop. This occurs when both tethering and connecting by wifi. I prefer to tether to reduce speed loss as we rarely are in areas that have the speed that you have previously stated that you experience in the places that you stay. I don't think that the problem is with the devices other than the Spruce because they work perfectly with my Go and Go2.
  11. Thanks! The website says that one is out of stock. It will be a few days until we are somewhere long enough to get something shipped so I will keep checking to see if they get any more.
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