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  1. I posted it because I thought it may be of interest to members of this forum. I had no ulterior motive. I did not even express an opinion. Others have posted about RV's damaged in tornados, missing RVers, RVers murdered in Mexico, etc. The original article and several others said it was an RV. This is an RV forum. This is the time of year that many RVers are headed to the Southwest. Many may not be familiar with the danger involved in crossing or even camping in washes. I guess I should know better than to post on this forum as there is always someone ready to shoot the messenger of any post that they do not like or agree with. If you don't like a post, why not just ignore it instead of criticizing the fact that it was posted. If the moderators (which I do not think you are) want to close the topic or delete it they can easily do that.
  2. No expert here either, which is why I started this thread. I don't know since my phone does not have that feature and I don't know if my Roku or Vizio TVs do either. If you have Verizon, it is pretty easy to check your data usage and it shows up pretty quickly. I would watch some prime video and see if the hotspot data increases.
  3. My Samsung Galaxy J7 phone and Tab A do not support Miracasting as far as I can tell. According to this article, newer Samsung phones do not support miracasting. Not 100% sure, but I believe my phone uses Android 7. I have an older computer that was upgraded to windows 10. I see a way to miracast (project) to the computer from a phone, but can not find the settings to project from the computer to a TV.
  4. The TV and the phone have to be connected somehow for what you describe. Wifi, Bluetooth, USB cable. I am not sure what is commonly referred to as casting always works the same. When I cast from an app (like HBO Go, Crackle, Fox Now) on my tablet or phone to the Vizio Smartcast TV, once the video starts playing, I can power off the tablet and the video/tv channel will continue to play until I change inputs or turn the TV off. It seems like the app connects the TV directly to the streaming website just like occurs with the built in apps. If I cast to the same TV from my laptop using the cast feature in chrome, what is on the computer screen is what shows on the TV. If I shutoff the computer, the video/tv show stops on the Smartcast TV.
  5. Not sure what the difference between mirroring and casting is, but the Roku TV and Vizio Smart TVs I have using casting, which as far as I have been able to figure out uses up my hotspot data.
  6. At least on my Samsung Galaxy J7 and Tab A, I can not cast from the device while streaming direct from the cellular connection without the TV being connected to the devices hotspot.. The phone and the TV must be connected to the same network which if a hotspot or a router that a cellular device is tethered to the cellular data counts as hotspot data.
  7. I am looking for a solution that will let me display TV/video streamed on a phone, tablet or even possibly a laptop on a big screen TV and not use hotspot data. I do not have an unlimited plan other than the car connect in the truck which requires the key to be in the accessory on position thus draining the battery or requiring connection of a battery charger. The metal of the truck and materials in the trailer seem to create some connectivity and speed issues that I have not been able to adequately resolve with antennas/boosters. I have read Technomadia's information on the subject and looked at the MHL compatibility website. I can cast to the TV in the bedroom from phone/tablet or computer, but that uses hotspot data that does not last long when streaming. I am thinking that phone or tablet might be better than a laptop as my Sleek may be able to provide some signal boost if needed. Is anybody actually using a device that hardwire connects to the TV that is currently available that works well for them? What brand/model? What cables/adapters are required?
  8. If your dump valves are located outside rather than in a bay, they may freeze as may the water in the exposed drain pipe. I leave the gray valve open. If necessary, the black tank has always thawed with some warm water poured over it and the exposed pipe.
  9. The Federal government collects a 10% excise tax on fishing and boating equipment. The revenue is distributed to the states. There are some strings attached such as states must agree to not use fishing license receipts to fund any other purpose. The funds are currently distributed based on the number of licenses sold, so the creation of a National License or reciprocal license may hurt some states if a different apportionment formula could not be developed.
  10. State Trust Lands were conveyed from the federal government to states when territories gained statehood. From the State Lands Website: .
  11. In my experience, Arizona Trust Lands are generally well marked with signs indicating the requirement for a permit to enter. The location of Trust Lands can be seen on this website.
  12. The area I described is apparently part of the Prescott National Forest. My bad. The MVUM can be found here. It is on the East Map. If you look at the Coconino National Forest Map, there is no Coconino Forest land West/South of the Verde River. The Coconino National Forest MVUM can be downloaded from the Forest's Website. The area being discussed is on the South Map as is the area along FR-525 mentioned in my initial post.
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