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  1. trailertraveler


    According to the Park's website, Fishing Bridge RV Park will be closed for the 2019 season. That means that there will be a little more than 300 fewer full hookup sites available in the area. You might want to consider making reservations sooner rather than later if you want a full hookup site.
  2. I have not found one website or app that includes every campground. I use a computer based mapping program for planning. I have downloaded campground data sets from sources such as the POI Factory, Discovery Owners Forum, Ultimate Public Campground Project and USA Campgrounds. When we encounter campgrounds that are not on any of those lists, I add them to my campground POI database. Programs like Copilot, Garmin Base Camp and Microsoft Streets and Trips can display these POIs. POIs in GPX format can be download to and displayed on Google Earth and be added to a Garmin GPS unit.
  3. trailertraveler


    There was a call for a boycott of Cabela's related to their firearms sales and perceived association/support of the NRA, but this was after the merger with Bass Pro. The same boycott resulted in Dick's Sporting Goods deciding to end ammunition and firearms sales. There was a call for a boycott of L. L. Bean based on one of the Bean family member's campaign contributions during the 2016 election.
  4. trailertraveler

    Taxation w/o representation

    It sounds like AZ is a state that has a personal property tax. I have seen park models in Florida that have license plates on them. If my memory is correct, Texas requires trailers to be registered as a vehicle or taxed as personal property like a Mobile Home. I remember some discussion about how the inspection requirement for vehicles prior to registration renewal would affect trailers that were setup permanently in Texas, but do not know what the resolution to that was.
  5. trailertraveler

    Rose Colored Glasses

    As we travel across the country, we encounter a considerable number of craft/tradesmen who like the founders of Escapees, travel from job to job. They are welders, carpenters, heavy equipment operators, oilfield workers, etc. They are not all young. There is at least one active member of this forum that I believe falls into this group, but for the most part, I do not think they identify as RVers and join RV organizations or discussion groups. You will usually not encounter them in state or federal campgrounds due to the length of stay restrictions that are pretty much the norm for public facilities. When you encounter one, you may find several working on the same project.
  6. trailertraveler

    Anyone familiar with either of these RVs?

    I would suspect that dealers may send them to auction immediately as is often the case with lower priced and older model cars and pickups that are traded to new car dealerships. Owners of the smaller units may also have a greater incentive to try private sale to maximize their recovery of costs.
  7. trailertraveler

    Research phase pop up vs class c

    The Max towing capacity of your SUV may be calculated based on the SUV loaded with a 150# driver and not much else. You need to know what the Gross Combined Weight Rating for your SUV is. Then load up the entire family and anything else that will be carried in the SUV and go to a weigh station. The Gross Combined Weight Rating minus the actual weight of your SUV and all its passengers and cargo will be the maximum weight of the trailer that you can tow.
  8. trailertraveler

    Anyone familiar with either of these RVs?

    Have not had either of those models, but currently have a Dutchman Aspen Trail product that is much like the Springdale line. It has served us well for five years at about 16,000 miles per year. When you call Dutchman for warranty, you are dealing with Keystone so the link is likely more than both being owned by Thor. Like the Springdale it is aluminum sided. Having had both aluminum and composite trailers, my experience is that the aluminum ones are not as well insulated although they don't have the cold spots from the aluminum frame that some of the composites do. I did not compare the R-value of the models you are considering. The finish on the aluminum seems to hold up better than the composite. After five years, our composite trailer had decals pealing and a less than glossy gel coat despite constant efforts to maintain the finish as recommended by the manufacturer. After five years, the aluminum finish is still looking good (although there are some small dimples on the front above the rock shield) with far less maintenance. I think you would find that the slide does make a difference in the feel of the trailer's living space. The Shadow Cruiser also has about 500# more cargo capacity, but given the capacity of your Sportsmen, that is likely not much of a concern. Your Dodge diesel pickup should do well towing either one.
  9. trailertraveler

    flip tire on the rim

    If this is such a concern, why is the standard rotation pattern for tires (including belted radial tires) an X pattern of exchanging front to opposite side rear?
  10. trailertraveler

    Southern New Mexico

    There are a few scattered around, just as there are some Forest Service campgrounds that have some sites with hookups. There are also some New Mexico State Parks that have a few full hookup sites in addition to the more common water and electric sites.
  11. trailertraveler

    Southern New Mexico

    If you were to take US-380 from Roswell to US-54 at Carrizozo you could visit Lincoln, Fort Stanton (which has a BLM operated campground), and Smokey Bear's grave site. The BLM Valley of Fires Recreation Area is a couple of miles West of Carrizozo and has a campground although it, like the Fort Stanton campground, may be affected by the government shutdown.
  12. trailertraveler

    Southern New Mexico

    If you do not have one, I suggest that you get a copy of the Mountain Directory for Truckers, RV and Motorhome Drivers. I gives detailed descriptions of the grades and low speed turns on many, many state and U.S. highways.
  13. trailertraveler

    Southern New Mexico

    Ruidoso is not quite as high in elevation as Cloudcroft. According to the Mountain Directory the grades on US-70 are 4-5% versus 6-7% on US-82. Ruidoso is a larger town than Cloudcroft. Lots of shops on the main drag and more choices for places to eat. There is also a Casino. Several RV parks also. US-380 from Roswell to US-54 at Carrizozo does not have any serious mountain driving. The BLM Valley of Fire Recreation Area is a couple of miles West of Carrizozo. We have towed the trailer over all these routes several times with no problems. But not in winter weather. US62/180 from Carlsbad to El Paso would be another possibility. There is 6-8% grade at Guadalupe Pass. We have not driven this route.
  14. trailertraveler

    Southern New Mexico

    On 82, Cloudcroft is a nice little town for a lunch stop and walk around town. Cloudcroft is over 9,000' so check the road conditions before traveling US-82. Several things to do in Alamogordo: Oliver Lee State Park, White Sands National Monument, Three Rivers Petroglyph Site, the Space Museum. Las Cruces is also a good stop with lots to do. Check the calendar of events for Old Town Mesilla. There are things going on most weekends. If you like to hike, check out the Organ Mountain Desert Peaks National Monument.
  15. trailertraveler

    2 axle light weight travel trailes

    Check out the Winnebago Micro Minnie Line. The specifications page shows the # and weight rating of the axles.