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  1. trailertraveler

    Need Towing Instruction NH

    As mentioned, Getting out and looking is essential when backing alone. Even if you only do it once at the beginning of the procedure. As was mentioned, you need to know the height of your rig to avoid overhead obstacles which can cause damage to the RV. I have found an extendable or sectional painters' pole marked at a length a few inches longer than the height of the trailer to be useful. If the ground is uneven, I still will get out and look. I had this same thought. An empty parking lot is a great place to practice. Setup some markers and practice backing in. Also practice pulling out in both directions to learn how the trailer tracks. Running over a curb can cause tire damage. Objects like poles and signs close to a corner can cause damage to the trailer. Vehicles parked near a corner also need to be avoided when negotiating a turn. If there is a boat ramp nearby, pay a visit and watch folks backup to the ramp. If you have a friend with a boat; meet them at the boat ramp, talk to them and watch them. If it is not crowded maybe they will let you try backing a few times. Welcome to the Escapees Forum!!! Good luck with your new RV and safe travelling.
  2. trailertraveler

    Drop KOA Value club Membership

    PPA is not a franchise so they often participate in more than one third party program. Many participate in Happy Camper and some the Escapees' 50% Discount Program. Depending on the area of the country, one program may have more participating parks than the others. The conditions are usually the same for all of the deep discount programs that a park participates in. Some give discounts to Good Sam, AAA, AARP, military, etc., and will give that 10% discount whether you are a PPA member or not.
  3. trailertraveler

    Drop KOA Value club Membership

    No discount membership is worth it unless you use it. We also use Passport America. It does not take many stays to break even. However, since we try to travel/stay where we find the temperatures and other weather factors (chance of tornados, hurricanes, seasonal flooding) to our liking; we find that more than 50% of the time the PPA discount does not apply. We have also found that parks seem to drop in and out of the PPA program more frequently than programs with a lesser discount. There are often additional charges for 50Amp service or more than two people (neither of which is of concern to us). There may be day of the week, length of stay, reservation, and payment restrictions. You have to read the listings in the PPA directory carefully. It is not uncommon for the regular rate at PPA parks to be what I would consider over priced for what you get.
  4. trailertraveler

    Essential pots/pans

    Since you list a size range, do you even have an RV yet? In my experience with a 27' Class C, 27 and 29' travel trailers; the issue is not so much one of not enough storage space as poorly designed storage space. Cabinets rarely have enough shelves to make good use of the space. Adding shelves or nested baskets, which I have done in several of the overhead cabinets, can improve the situation. The pantry in our current trailer had a bottom storage area that was far to tall to make good use of. I installed two additional shelves. The under sink cabinet had no shelves so I added one. Nesting sets of pots, pans, cookie sheets, microwave cookware, etc., take little more space the a single one. Weight may be a bigger issue than the amount of storage space.
  5. trailertraveler

    TT Tires

    Just because you switch to a higher Load Range does not mean you have to inflate to the Maximum psi. If your weights are within the limits you can use the tire manufactures inflation/load chart. As I mentioned in my previous post, the rims on my previous and current trailer were not marked with a psi rating, just a weight rating. I have heard the same from many other trailer owners with 14 & 15" rims. This tire/wheel dealer has this to say about the issue:
  6. trailertraveler

    TT Tires

    If the tire manufacturer publishes a tire/load inflation chart, I would take that as an indication that following it is OK. Here is one for Maxxis. I didn't see one on the Carlyle website but you could contact them.
  7. trailertraveler

    TT Tires

    I had the Maxxis M8008. They like most ST tires were speed rated at 65 MPH. They served me well for about 30,000 miles over 3 years. I replaced them due to age and sidewall damage to some from off road use. I have had the Carlyle Radial Trail for two years and about 21,000 miles. As you stated they have a higher speed rating. Both seem to have enjoyed a pretty good reputation. I am not sure which is more available on the road as I have not had a need for an emergency replacement. Upgrading from a Load Range D to a Load Range E is not necessarily a bad thing as long as the tire dimensions are the same. I have seen posts about checking the rims for the maximum rated pressure. I have looked at the rims on my current and previous trailer and they had no marking indicating maximum pressure. I asked some dealers that sold rims about this and they said that if the rim was not marked otherwise it should be able to handle tires that will fit it. I upgraded from Load Range C to Load Range D on my previous trailer and ran those tires at the higher pressure for 4 years prior to selling the trailer. You can also use the tire loading charts and run the Load Range E tires at an appropriate lower pressure than the maximum 80psi.
  8. trailertraveler

    Yellowstone to Mt. Rushmore and Custer State Park via Cody WY

    US-16 is a popular and scenic route. There is one significant pass (Powder River Pass) between Ten Sleep and Buffalo with grades up to 7%. US-14 and US-14A have more severe mountain driving than US-16. The route with the least mountain driving is WY-120/MT-72 to US-212/310. This will take you to I-90 at Laurel, MT. This route will take you near the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument which in my opinion is worth a visit if you have not been there.
  9. trailertraveler

    Overnight in Wyoming

    The closest Cabela's I am aware of is in Sidney, NE about 105 miles East of Cheyenne. It has a campground. Don't know if they allow free overnights in the parking lot.
  10. trailertraveler

    Overnight in Wyoming

    Free campsites near Cheyenne, WY.
  11. trailertraveler

    Route 66 Historic Trail Designation

    Thanks for the links. I recognized some of the locations in the video even though they went by very fast. Contacted my Senators about the legislation.
  12. trailertraveler

    Visiting Pueblos in New Mexico

    It has been a few years but this was not what we observed or the impression we got. When, we were there they were still using the original single water source. I do not recall seeing a single motorized vehicle on the streets of the residential area. I am not sure that it is reasonable to expect the community not to modernize as they may choose. The pueblo is their home not a historic monument mandated by law to be maintained in its original state in perpetuity. The residents are real people not reenactors. We have been to a number of pueblos including Acoma, Cochiti, Isleta, Laguna, Ohkay, Picuris, Sandia, San Felipe, Santo Domingo, Taos and Zuni. Acoma was one of the more welcoming other than the Casinos which many have. We have visited some where entry by non-tribal members is prohibited. One even had gates at the entry. We have visited some where at least parts are indistinguishable from any modern subdivision. We enjoyed the information provided at the Acoma Museum complex and the Pueblo Cultural Center.
  13. trailertraveler


    I don't think that made any difference as Bass Pro allows overnight RV stays at some of their stores. I think it depends on local regulations and other factors. Some Bass Pro locations are in malls and others do not seem to have as large a parking lot as most Cabella's. This letter was posted on the internet a few years ago: Campendium lists a stay at a Bass Pro just last month.
  14. trailertraveler


    In my experience that would be the best way. Some of the free camping websites do include some of the Cabella's. Not sure if they include all that do or a statement about those that do not allow overnights. Based on my experience at the Hamburg, PA store the policy has changed a number of times over the years with the whim of the local community and law enforcement.
  15. trailertraveler

    Walmart vs. Amazon

    Not sure I understand this statement. The only issue we have had is whether the campground that we were staying in would receive and hold packages. UPS, FedEx and the postal service all have seemed to be able to find the campgrounds. I have received packages sent by all three. Now if you were using a mail service that had a PO Box and used a street address for UPS and FedEx, I can see a problem. But why use a mail forwarder and ship an item twice rather than ship it direct to a campground or Amazon locker? In the few cases where I had to use General Delivery to a Post Office, I purchased from a vendor who would agree to ship via the postal service.