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  1. I am all out of control pads, have 2 boards left. Contact by my email address, as I only monitor once a week, gatorcq@gmail.com
  2. I I have the Midnight for many years and have installed an additional 4 in the last few months. Loved them, the only difference I have done is to remove the display from the front panel, ran a longer cable (leaving the original installed and coming out), to inside the Rv for a nice installation
  3. Dale P

    Alfa Leisure 1007

    Posting the help on the Yahoo Groups (Alfa) or requesting help on the Alfa Tech site may provide additional help and someone in the area.
  4. Dale P

    Alfa Leisure 1007

    2 Yahoo Groups: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/alfaseeya/info https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/SeeYaDP/info 2 Facebooks private groups https://www.facebook.com/groups/Alfatechsite/ There are still over 4000 Alfa MH on the road. We have a very large group of owners that maintain and teach about the Alfa. You mention this one "2007 Alfa Leisure 1007". With the CAT this sounds like either the SeeYa or the Founder. However I do not know what you mean by the "1007"? unless this is the floor plan. If you look inside the pantry door, there is a data sheet. Look for a 5 digit number beginning with a 7xxxx. This is the serial number, with this number you may be able to locate some of the history on the Yahoo Groups, HOWEVER YOU HAVE TO DO THE SEARCHING using the search feature. Sometimes one of our members maybe able to inspect if they are close by. By the way, you will hear both positive and negative comments. Some people though just will bash anything they do not like. Remember everything on the Alfa was and still is in used in other Rv's. Alfa was an OEM just like the other Rv manufactures.
  5. EmPeg just sent you a private email with my home email address and phone
  6. Dale P

    50 amp power management

    Yes, we have done it many times with good results. Starting 1 a/c at a time. Just check the amp draw on your units
  7. Dale P

    50 amp power management

    So, first, I check my shore power setting on my Magnum MS2812. Make sure it is on 5 or 10 amp. This reduces the heavy charge to my batteries. Next, yes Water Heater and Refrigerator to Propane only. Do not use microwave unless A/C is off. No hair dryers or other heavy AC loads while the A/C is running. Take a look at your pedestal connections, make sure they are tight and no burn marks, as this generates heat and higher AC current draw.
  8. Dale P

    50 amp power management

    We never worry about it, unless we are on 30 amp service. Then we manage it, so we can run both A/C compressors
  9. No matter which SD domicile address you use, you need to show proof that you have spent 24 hours in SD 364 days prior to the renewal date on your drivers licences. See my original post.
  10. Why not ask the ones who are really doing it. Rv Sue http://rvsueandcrew.net/ Interstellar Ochard http://www.interstellarorchard.com/ And while you are at it, do a web search for Solo Rv'ers or seek the Solo groups
  11. Long story made short Story May 2013, changed domicile to SD. My driver's license renewal date - Jan 2018 Went to SD in Sept 2017 for Susan's renewal, (Jan. 2017). Used our over night stay in Yankon, SD., paperwork for her and me. Fast forward to now to cold to go there, my wife did the renewal by mail option. Had eyes examined - paperwork fill out - Nov 2017. SD has informed my my DL is being mailed to me. Yippee
  12. Think about this. How many campers are there? How many do not have any type of surge guard? has anyone report issues in the coach ? Most of the electronics can handle 135 Vdc, this is due to the electronics inside that convert the AC to DC. AC motors can handle the 135 Vac they will run faster. And yes it is the utility company that is responsible for the transformer setting. Complain, do not forget to inform the manager of what you are doing.
  13. Dale P

    electric problems

    first just change the GCIF. then see
  14. Let me explain it this way. In Sept of 2016, I helped a friend install the PT. His Magnum 2812 was installed in 2015. The unit did not communicate with each other. By the way, yes he had a ARC50. he spent many hours on the phone with Magnum. The final word was, change the board, as a newer version software was required. We never got an answer as to why, new software could not be uploaded. Now, this if first hand experience and not what we read on the website.