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  1. Checked there site: https://lionenergy.com/products/lion-safari-ut Now $1000, not a good deal
  2. Most of the batteries are come out of China. $699 is a good price. Friend purchased Qty 6 (same size) for $650 delivered to door in Fla.
  3. use the Tech - Button to check temperatures.
  4. If it is too cold outside the unit will not kick in the Heat Pump. What is your outside temperature ?
  5. It is possible a software change was completed for the Winegard ?
  6. Ok, I just read a Blog, stating that Winegard has introduce a Kit, to allow the use of a Hopper 3. The kit P/N RPSK01H includes the following items: Solo Node - Dish Network Hybrid Solo Hub P/N 203952: Short cable - 1.5 Ft LNB - Dish 1000.2 DISHPRO Hybrid (DPH) LNB: The only item of difference is the Solo Node. This implies that purchase the Kit, or buy individually, now we all can use a Hopper 3.
  7. 2 places I would post http://www.irv2.com/forums/f115/ http://www.monacoamerica.com/
  8. First, it does not take 50 years. We were offered a spot with 8 months. We choose to accept it, as long as our 40 Ft DP would fit. We learned that once we were a lease holder we could put our name on a relinquish lot list. This means, we were offered the lot first. Within 5 mths, we got the lot we wanted and relinquish, the first lot. You would be surprised how each SKP Co-oP facility works. It is not always first on the list. Second, on certain SKP's . people will put there name on, yet are not ready to become lease holders, so they decline, and are moved down the list. So, your statement " 50 years " is not based on fact. As I stated, you must read the requirements, and discuss with a board member on becoming a lease holder and HOW, that specific Co-oP works. By the way, the SKP, in Benson, has a hot list, you must call in on a Saturday to be on that days relinquish lot list.
  9. Let's set converters,, they put out 13.3 volts. this is a float stage for deep cell batteries. What is needed is 3 stages, Bulk rebuild battery back to 90%, (voltage low, high current) as the battery is charging the current drops and the voltage increases.When Voltage reaches the cutoff stage, usually around 14.3, it then transition to a absorption. This is a time event, based on the capacity of the deep cycles. After this tie event, it will then go into float stage. There is many posts on this subject: https://www.gonewiththewynns.com/RV-Smart-Converter-Charger search bar " converter Vs 3 stage charger " https://www.batterystuff.com/blog/3-stages-of-smart-chargers.html But we all have our opinion
  10. With a class C, I bet all you have is a Converter and not a 3 stage battery charger. Read up on both and you will see why a Converter is not a good battery charger. After every trip, you will need to remove and use a 3 stage charger on it.
  11. There are many DIY'er using the Chevy Volt battery. I suggest you search on the WWW. I have read up on using the CV as a battery system for Rv. many different ways. But Alas you have to search on the WWW. By the way, this include YouTube videos , showing how to reconfigure a 48 Volt pack to 12 Voth pack So, please really explain what you want and want to do. Otherwise my suggestion is the same. This is how I learned all about the CV battery system
  12. Just replace toilet, or sit. I am sure your spouse would like either option
  13. First he need to report back on the temperature setting. Greater then 4 degrees, gas will come on. If less the 4, should work ok. If not, then start looking at the thermostat .
  14. We return for a 1 night stay. This allow Susan to get her renewal. 4 months later, Susan did my renewal online. Since the one night stay paper was good for 1 year. By the way, we stayed and did it in Yankton, SD. Easy and quick. Check when the office is open. AND she make sure both of our names were on the receipt of the SD park we stayed at. Your best bet is to CALLED and ask the motor vehicle department. You will also be require to provide a recent vision test form. Went to Sam's Warehouse for that.
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