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  1. The Anderson hitch is prity good we have had it for two years with mayby 6000 mi. The part that gos on trailor cane be instald in revers to shrten over all langth.
  2. It is hard to git started it runs 5 min. shuts down keep trying to start when it gits heated up it runs good , 5 yr old Atwood gas and electric
  3. Out of the three you have mentioned, the aspen treal by Dutchman is the best of the three.
  4. Utah I215 you can use no problem it is I think 20 miles longer
  5. If thay toll only maybe 80% go to roads gas tax 98% go to the roads as for electric cars thay need to fighyor out somthing
  6. i have used adventure rv and have got most of the part i have needed
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