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  1. As far as cops enforcing the speed limit and out of area visitors getting stopped more frequently than locals, if the cop is using radar, and she/he measures a vehicle doing 45 in a 25, the distance he can use the radar and get a reading is a lot farther then they can read a license plate. And to pass up a good ticket like that because it's a 'local' (whatever that is in Q) doesn't make sense.
  2. Problem solved. Replaced with a Dometic 320. Thanks all for the earnest suggestions.
  3. Thanks, Orca. I was hoping it wasn't just me being unappreciative. And WeBeFulltimers, I think I'm gonna go with the 320.Thank you.
  4. I've searched this blog but didn't find anything leading to an answer. In my '19 Winnebago 34T, a Thetford Style ll toilet (per the SKU, this equates to an Aqua Magic Style ll) came standard. The front of the bowl is too shallow. I'm sure there are other men who have or had this problem and I'm wondering if they have replaced their toilet with another and what that other toilet was/is. Thank you Doug
  5. Bill, B of A 4.99 20 years Doug
  6. Even though I was a current customer with excellent credit, the best Bank of the West offered for 20 years was 6.46%. I went elsewhere. Doug
  7. James We purchased our '19 Winnebago dp a month ago. Even with a credit rating of 830, the best we could do was B of A for 4.99% for 20 years. Good hunting.
  8. If a cruise ship originating or ending in the States wants to have gambling, it must stop at a foreign port. You can cruise around the Hawaian Islands but there would be no gambling if the ship did not leave the islands and go to some foreign port.
  9. Back in ‘01 I retired after working continuously for almost 40 years, I hit the road the same day. It took a full 6 months to finally figure out I wasn’t just on vacation. And you’ll enjoy your slow ‘n go attitude a lot better. As for cruising to Hawaii, you can leave out of San Diego or Los Angeles, San Francisco or Seattle. Finally. don’t forget to smile and enjoy!
  10. Under 5 with BofA for 20 years on brand new mh.
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