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  1. Hi Lappir,   I finally found those links to your photos.  I have an interest in a big spacecraft also, but I doubt we will ever be in a position to order new, so just dreaming for now.

    In your signature I noticed your Vehicross and now have seen the pics.  Looks like it's in great shape.  I rushed into buying mine and it's a little abused.  It seems to me a better vehicle than a jeep, especially as a toad for full time.  How do you like it for the weight, loading, unloading, etc?

  2. 5er toy hauler or DP & Trailer?

    I am not close to retirement but have been full timing in a toy hauler for many years. Have stayed in state parks, but mostly have found some private landowner who has allowed me to park on their property. I am usually in one place for at least 3 months and most often near 6. My first toy hauler lasted less than 5 years of full time use. It was a 2007 with very few miles/hours on it when I purchased it very slightly used. My current is a 2013 that I am sure will outlast me. I have an HDT with a garage for my motorcycle and a semi type trailer with a 15 1/2 foot garage for my car. Depending you your Sport Touring bike (I've had an FJR 1300 and currently have a 2015 R1200RT that I load across my storage box on the truck. Here is a couple links to some photos of my rig. https://goo.gl/photos/9h3ApA17u9ypah586 https://photos.app.goo.gl/EgRJXHzsR62jt6vz1 Rod
  3. HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Traveled from Oskaloosa, Iowa by motorcycle to near the Kansas City Airport to load up and start the trip to Tallahassee, Florida. Left Friday morning about 0730 and arrived Tallahassee at 1830 Saturday evening. A short stop at Spacecraft for a last look around for a while, fill up with fuel and then a non stop to Sikeston, Mo. for food. Spent the night in the parking lot with another pickup and 5th wheel that ran their generator all night. Left at 0530 with one stop for fuel. I have to remember to cross Jackson Mississippi off my list of cities to travel through it's not as bad as Hannibal. Mo. but almost.
  4. What if

    Nice looking rig. Rod
  5. Need tax preparer/CPA recomendation

    ralogan@etex.net out of Winnsboro, TX. Works for a book keeping company and does personal taxes on the side. Have known her for 40+ years but haven't had her do my taxes yet. She will be doing my 2017. Rod
  6. Notice East Coast Rally

    Impressive. Must be more than 72 rigs that you had last year. Good Job. Rod
  7. What Happened to Forks

    After watching a recent video that Gregg posted it's too bad they couldn't stay in business. Very nice looking rig in the video.
  8. 3 Months in the truck????

    Thank you for the replies. Tallahassee is the main place I want to be. The closest job was Pensacola. The first place that had a spot until March I grabbed. My trailer won't fit, but I think I will be able to manage with the showers either at work or in the park. With 12 hour shifts it's work eat and sleep for three nights and then back to Tallahassee. Wish me luck. Rod
  9. Need tax preparer/CPA recomendation

    I may have one and have asked if I can share the info. Rod
  10. Solar panel real world output

    Thanks everyone for their responses. I have almost 42 foot of unused roof space. I have three waste tank vents and that is all. I would like to be able to run a system similar to the system Steve Dixon has done with a "Volt" battery system , but I want it more plug and play than what he has had to do. Still in the information gathering so I apologize if the question was too basic. I know someone who explained it differently to me with some residential systems where Emergency Services personnel are trained the panels are always producing electrical current with any form of light and are only considered safe when covered or in complete darkness and there are no exposed wires. If power is being produced it has to go somewhere, I was just wondering where it goes when the batteries are at capacity and there is no power needed at that specific time. I guess that's where the power need vs power available calculations need to take into account the time of year, ambient temperature, if it has rained or is raining and a ton of other information. Am I making too big a deal of this? These are the questions in my mind that I cannot get past to actually start the project. Thanks again. I will start another post when I am ready to really start. Now back to the original topic. It seems that I may have hijacked.
  11. 3 Months in the truck????

    I don't know if I will be able to do it or not. Accepted a job in Pensacola, FL. but still want to spend time in Tallahassee. I have a spot reserved in Tally and the only spot I could easily find near Pensacola was only 30 feet long. My 42 foot trailer won't fit I'm sure. Hopefully my unmeasured truck will. My plan is to park the trailer in Tallahassee for my weekends and stay in the truck for the 3 shifts I work in Pensacola. I will commute back and forth on the motorcycle with the car remaining on my Huge spot in Tally. Hopefully it's only for 3 months. Rod
  12. Solar panel real world output

    So, how do you tell when you have too much? The not enough is easy. Things stop working because there is not enough power. I'm assuming excess heat comes from too much output and where it will go is my question. With an RV feeding excess power back to the "Grid" is not an option. (at least not yet) that I know of. Anxiously waiting for the day when I can fill my roof with panels and have everything I need and want powered where ever I may be. Then it will be how to collect enough water. That may be more difficult in certain areas. Rod
  13. What would proper wifi cost a park?

    I have stayed in parks that allowed either cable or DSL in the past. Not many, but some. Ok, maybe as I think about it. ONE. Rod
  14. I have the same heat pump and hope you are successful. There are so many times when my Gas furnace starts in the morning when the heat pump has run all night. I would like to have the choice of when the gas is used vs the heat pump. Rod
  15. Several years ago I looked at almost all the toyhaulers made. One of them I looked at was purchased by my younger brother and he kindly allowed me to take it to Florida for a winter. I found out quickly that while it looked nice and was quite comfortable for the 4 months I lived in it, there were also a lot of things that would not stand the test of time if I were to live in it full time. I continued to look and look. I also started looking for a new tow vehicle too. The 1999 F350 left me stranded in the middle of a very busy multi lane road in South Florida about 1/2 mile from my destination. It was not a fun adventure. I had the transmission rebuilt in the Ford the year before (the cause of the stranding), purchased a trailer in Utah and had to stop on the interstate about half way up the climb out of Salt Lake City. EGT and Transmission temperatures getting way too high. I did make it to the top and had no major difficulties for the remainder of the trip, but knew the One Ton truck I thought would pull anything, really wasn't up to the task. I found this Escapees site and the HDT forum and attended the National HDT Rally in Hutchinson, KS on a motorcycle with a tent. Only stayed for two nights the first year but knew I needed to pursue the purchase of an HDT. Fast forward a couple years, found the truck and purchased it, did some modifications to the truck to haul a car (Mini Cooper at first) and thought life was good, then the trailer I thought would provide me with at least 10 years of travel didn't look like it would make it another year (for me). I went to Marsha at Spacecraft with a budget and asked if she could build sturdy no frills trailer within my budget and she thankfully said yes and followed up with her promise. There were some "compromises" but I have a very solid toy hauler with a 14 1/2 foot garage and plenty of living space for me. I have no doubt the trailer will outlive me. Can I take the trailer off road, no. That's not what I needed. Can you order one today and have it ready by next Spring, probably not. I am not sure of the exact time frame for builds but I believe they are at least 12 if not 18 month fully scheduled for their builds currently. You can get all the fancy electronics and make up the floor plan you like. You can put it on traditional axles, air ride single or dual wheel axles and most likely the "Moreryde" style independent suspensions too. Just west of the Spacecraft factory is the New Horizons factory where there is talk of them doing a different "Toyhauler" in the near future. You can customize some things at New Horizons, but they do have more restrictions (I hear). Good luck with your search. Rod