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  1. Thanks for your info. Will take a look at Poli-Glo. Rod
  2. HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Loved going around the San Juan loop when I worked in Gallup several years ago. I probably rode or drove around it 6 or 7 times one summer and early Fall. I worked 7 on and 7 off night shift so I'd leave on my second day off and spend a couple nights somewhere along the loop before going back to work. Beautiful country. Rod
  3. 5th Wheel Toy Hauler Questions

    I spent several years with my Weekend Warrior and 1995 Goldwing loading and unloading nearly every day. That activity really took a toll on the ramp door. Mostly because when I purchased the used trailer it had had the axles "flipped" which caused it to ride about 6 inches higher than usual. I didn't notice the lack of room, but I'm a single guy. I have since changed from a 1999 F350 to a Volvo with a motorcycle garage on the back and a Spacecraft Toyhauler with a 14 1/2 foot garage for my car. Don't daily load the motorcycle any more. Have a cover for work and one of the portable garages at home. What you start with in an RV will change as time goes along. There is always someone out there that will give you an idea of what your next project could be. Rod
  4. Getting ready to do something to the exterior of my Spacecraft. Built in 2013 and mostly only washed so far. Did start with the Orange bottle stuff a couple times. Have done the front cap at least once and the rear doors probably only once. By the time I got those done climbing up and down the ladder I couldn't even thing of attacking the sides. It's only 42 fool long, right? I had touched on this post a while back and am thinking of trying the Zep, but then I found this stuff. "Original Bike Spirits" . I just got a new motorcycle and have been using the Honda Pro cleaner polish and protectant Have used it for years and it works great. The can is getting near empty and was looking for a place near work to pick up some more. Found the Original Bike Spirits and checked out their MSDS sheet to find the product is made by the Zep company. Maybe I should buy a case and just spray and wipe like I do on the motorcycles. Pretty sure I don't want to do the 5 coats that I read about above. Will be at the Spacecraft factory the first of October and they are going to allow me to use some of their rolling scaffolds to make the job easier. Anyone want to do a Spacecraft tour, please stop by and grab a rag. Rod
  5. GPS When is it time to replace?

    Chuck, I had an earlier model of the Rand McNally and really liked it, but then it crashed after a mere two years of ownership. Tried CoPilot on a tablet, but didn't really like it. Bought the Garmin RV model but don't like it as much as I did the Rand. Offered to trade it to anyone who had a Rand that was still working and updated, but got only one person interested but that interest seemed to go away. I mostly use the Google maps on my tablet or phone. No I don't have all the RV stuff, but it gets me there. I do keep the Garmin running and hopefully if I head in a direction of a potential RV Hazard it will at least give me the warnings it does for the "Sharp Curve Ahead" or whatever. Thanks for the link to the site. The prices are much better than when I got the Rand. Especially with the built in camera. Rod btb Go Granny Go is still going.
  6. Cummins Electric

    https://www.forbes.com/sites/joannmuller/2017/08/29/take-that-tesla-diesel-engine-giant-cummins-unveils-heavy-duty-truck-powered-by-electricity/ Saw the above this morning. 100 miles isn't enough, but 300 may be when I retire. How many solar panels would I have to have to recharge? Rod
  7. Crossfire equalization system

    Keeping them away from corrosion stimulants will do a lot. Jeff probably runs year round in all road conditions. I try to avoid the salt and other products they put on the road to combat ice. Have only had mine on for less than a year. Hope they last at least 10. Rod
  8. Cleaning as a necessity

    Thankfully where I am currently parked I have three resident "Farm Cats". As I think back there was only one place when I parked "out in the country" where there wasn't at least a dog in residence. So far no furry unwanted guests. As the temperatures start cooling I am in hopes the cat's continue to defend my home. That's when we had the most problem growing up on the farm. Rod
  9. Couldn't find a price, was it listed?
  10. 2017 State Fairs - U.S.

    Attended the Iowa and Missouri State Fairs this year. Have attended Utah, New Mexico, Colorado and Florida in years past. Need to get to Minnesota maybe next year. Rod
  11. Sleepers for actual sleeping!

    Where did you purchase your mattress replacement's? Have seen some at "Truck Stops" but have yet to actually try one. Did put an Air Mattress(Cheap) on the top bunk, better, but not Great.
  12. Denver Co.

    Check out the Fairgrounds Campgrounds. I was there for a few months several years ago and was very happy. There is no sewer hook ups. but there is a dump station . Bath house was very clean to decrease your dumping needs. Rod
  13. Sleepers for actual sleeping!

    I sleep in my truck on the semi annual trips from South to North and North to South. Most often at interstate rest areas. On occasion I will stop at a Campground. With those stops I will sleep in my bed. ] Rod
  14. Sewer flies

    If your tank drain valves are closed you shouldn't have any thing coming up the sewer hose into your tanks. The standing water in your hose may provide a breeding ground for insects and such. P-traps are good for inside drains, not so much for outside. Rod
  15. Start 'er up or let 'er sit?

    What is this "Fog It"? I only start and run before my semi annual trips now. First year of ownership I would take it out for a drive every couple weeks, but doubt that it ever really got up to temperature, since I did not hook up to the trailer. Hard to really get everything up to working temperature without a load. (bobtail). Rod.