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  1. What is the size difference in the cassettes as compared to the roof units? Are you using the same holes? They are out for me, but in time I'm sure others will want to know. Please take photos of your adventure. Rod
  2. lappir

    A/C stopped yesterday

    I suggested just that fact to the first person who came out to evaluate the unit. Of course I got the response "those engineers don't know the real life of working on these things. I've had more years actually working. " of course he didn't get the unit fixed so he won't be paid for his time. I may add a smaller Mini Split to the bedroom area and continue to use the single working compressor or I may just go out and purchase a stand alone portable unit and move it to where I am spending the most time. I have a 4 inch duct I can tap into to exhaust the hot air. The other issue will be the condensation drain, but some are said not to require a drain and somehow evaporate the condensation in the hot air output. Thanks again Vern. Rod
  3. lappir

    Transmission service light

    While in Pensacola earlier this year I noticed I had a front wheel seal that had developed a leak. Found it on my pre trip check and decided I could make it to Tallahassee before scheduling a repair. Got a referral from the park manager for a guy and took the truck in for the repair and a "grease" job. During his inspection he found the transmission yoke loose and an air leak at the splitter valve. Said it should shift a lot better, and he was correct. May have also corrected the other problem I originally posted here. Rod
  4. lappir

    3 Months in the truck????

    I did survive the three months and got some snow to boot. It was just starting to get warm when my contract ended. I can tolerate the cold much more than the heat and without starting the truck I don't have A/C. Not sure how the neighbors would like an idling truck all night. Rod
  5. lappir

    A/C stopped yesterday

    Vern, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately the unit was only half working. The resets are in the electrical box on the unit in the basement. I had read about them, but misread they were actually in the compressor compartment. I have since left the trailer in Concordia at Spacecraft for further evaluation. Last evening I got a call regarding the status. It's possible there is a bad compressor. You cannot truly tell on these units as they have two separate sealed compressors with no access to the Freon gas. There are replacement compressors and then the addition of recharge and evaluation ports would also need to be installed. My thought currently is to just replace the entire unit and save this one for parts if the next one lasts less than 5 years. I will purchase the additional 3 year warranty on the new one although it's for parts only. My other option is to spend the big bucks to convert to a Mini Split system. The few who have had them installed over the last year are happy with the cooling and they do have the ability to provide heat at a lower temperature than my current Coleman Mach. It's a considerable cost and in a few years who knows if they will withstand the occasional movement of a cross country trip entails. Have looked online for alternative basement air conditioners but have not found any. I know there are other systems designed for watercraft, but when I looked into them before the trailer build I wasn't sure how they would work. Hopefully I will have resolution to the issue completely soon. Rod
  6. lappir

    You run into the most interesting people.

    I didn't go to this year's rally but have attended one in Sedalia in the past. Was not well run that year either. $40 to walk through a tiny vendor area, the campground was quite a distance away and all parking areas clogged with golf carts and tow vehicles. Had a hard time finding a place to even squeeze my motorcycle in. The HDT Rallies have spoiled me. Rod
  7. lappir

    A/C stopped yesterday

    The end of May has arrived. Still no contact with the person who initially said he had "lots" of experience in RV air conditioning. That is until he saw mine. The person has not reached out to me and I will not contact them before my departure from the area on Saturday. I did get lucky last night and apparently hit the buttons in the exact way needed to reset the unit and was blessed with cool air again coming from the vents. The greatest sign was seeing the production of condensation from the unit. Rod
  8. Had some made for my truck and trailer. Will look up the source of the material. If you are close to Fremont, Iowa, there is a small upholstery shop that added hook and loop (velcro). Will also post a couple photos in the near future. Rod
  9. lappir

    A/C stopped yesterday

    It would be really great to say I have my problem resolved, but I cannot. I asked a question about North Florida Georgia RV repair, but should have asked about Tallahassee RV Truck and RV Repair. I had a front wheel seal leaking and had a local reference that they were a good place to have work done. Fixing the wheel seal and a couple other issues worked good. Unfortunately with my A/C problem it's been less than satisfactory. I am still having no success in having my A/C problem resolved. Yes a person (the owner)arrived Monday afternoon following the issue starting on Saturday. Diagnosed a faulty capacitor, that he did not have but would order and have the next day. Friday arrives and I have not heard from the "Owner of Tallahassee Truck and RV repair" . I inquire, but get no response. Finally on Monday I get a response that they will be there with the required part on Tuesday, that didn't happen and on Friday I was informed of an issue in getting the needed part. It's now been over three weeks that I have been without air conditioning. I accept that I have not been a pain in the ASS of the person who I asked for assistance, but I will expect compensation for their failure to respond to my needs in a timely manor. I made them aware of my A/C issue 5/14/18 and today 5/25/18 I am still waiting on a resolution to the problem. This is just an update and a vent. I hope that I have resolution of my problem before I leave North Florida next weekend. Rod
  10. lappir

    New buyer looking for advice please

    Welcome to the group. No matter what RV you choose it will be difficult to live full time in the snow and Ice if you plan to move often in those conditions. If you have a location where you can set up during the more reasonable temperatures and do it well, you may be able to enjoy a winter and then see if that's really for you. It really won't make a difference which type of unit you choose there are pros and cons with each. Really it's what you find you like the best. I have spent a few weeks in sub zero temperatures in an RV built for full time use and while I had no unrecoverable issues it's not something I would do again in the future with out some significant planning. You mention using Class B and C units. Did you take an additional vehicle for use while parked? How did that work for you? With a 5th wheel you have the tow vehicle that can be disconnected and used for other tasks and the "Camper" stays put. I tossed it around many years ago and went with the 5th wheel and on from there. Rod
  11. lappir

    A/C stopped yesterday

    Thanks for the replies. Did get an email response yesterday afternoon asking my location. It was late afternoon when I saw it and didn't get a response when I replied with the name of the RV Park and a request for info on their minimum charge. I did compose an additional email this morning before work and hope to see a response this morning that someone will be able to come to my location today. I have survived the nights but could not stay in the trailer during the day. It is supposed to rain today but I hope it will do it while I'm at work and not when I get home and hopefully find a service person here too. I do have a large umbrella so as long as there isn't any lightning I could offer a little protection. Rod
  12. lappir

    A/C stopped yesterday

    Added info to original post. Unit installed new 2013. Basement Coleman . Thanks for the replies.
  13. Has any one used Florida Georgia Mobile RV Service? Sent them an email this morning and hoping for an email response or at least they will leave a voice mail if they try to call. Got home at 2pm yesterday to a warm home. It was the hottest day of the year so far and I thought I hadn't set the thermostat low enough. Nope temperature inside 91 degrees air coming out of vents seemed cool but no. Turned everything off for a bit and then restarted. Same result. Circulation fan starts but don't hear any compressor start. Outside find the exterior fan not running. Check all the circuit breakers and nothing changes. Pull the cover off and there is a green light flashing on the circuit board. There are no disconnected wires that I can find and no signs of insect or rodent activity. I have a multi tester, but have no idea where to start. I know there is a number where a service tech can call and the rep will walk them through the evaluation, can't find it on any of my paperwork. Going to be cooler today and better through next week hopefully. First time ever sleeping in this rig with the windows open. Humidity picking up now so I'm closing everything up and heading to my daughters for the heat of the day. Will come back after dark and open it up and hopefully get a good nights sleep before work tomorrow. Unit is a basement model from Airxcel Model 46515. Thanks Vern, I put that in my email to the tech, but forgot it here. Happy Mothers Day. Rod
  14. lappir

    My Build

    If you are using the gas for small engines you can separate the alcohol from the gas by adding a bit of water. The water and alcohol won't mix with the gas and you can pour off the alcohol that mixed with the water. Link below describes. https://sciencing.com/remove-ethanol-gasoline-7830109.html