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  1. lappir

    National HDT Rally Registration

    Looking forward to attending if only for a day. Rod
  2. lappir

    Luxe 5th Wheels

    Weekend Warrior's were not really junk, but not made for full time use. I had one and if I only used it on weekends I would probably still have it. Putting my motorcycle in the garage daily ruined the ramp door, leaving the slide outs out for months at a time and filling the cabinets full was too much for the way they were built. I am sure my Spacecraft will be around for years after I can no longer use it, but there are issues with a Custom built unit also. Good luck with your search for the perfect RV. Rod
  3. lappir

    O.T. Elio Motors

    Well said Randy A. I did put a little money in to reserve my place in line at the $7300 price. Will gladly pay that amount if they are successful in mass production. Doubt they will sell many at an additional cost if they renig on that deal, but maybe they will. Have been holding off replacing my current 4 wheel vehicle, but it doesn't look like I will have an Elio any time soon so I am starting to look at another. Rod
  4. lappir

    off topic AC/heat pump replacement

    For something that is much more quiet and does a much better job cooling, investigate the possibility of a Mini Split install. Depending on the size of your trailer a single unit could work very well for you. My retrofit was quite expensive and I still have a couple issues that will be resolved, but it is very quiet and cools much better than my previous unit. If the heating is almost as good then it will be worth the additional expense. I would never replace a rooftop unit with another rooftop unit. Rod
  5. lappir

    Volvo tilt wheel cable

    Mine broke about a week after I got my truck. Henry had just changed his and said he would never do it again. Took mine to a Volvo dealer in Missouri who did the job and a few other things for $200. I was happy, been a few years now though price most likely has gone up. I waited about 4 hours for the job to be done. Rod
  6. lappir

    RV "Lawn" Chairs

    I agree with Kirk, but they are pricey. Have had mine for a few years now, but don't use them very often. Will last me a long time I think. Rod
  7. lappir

    Not Secure

    Why is it the I am seeing "Not secure" on the forum? Rod
  8. this morning I looked at the user name and wondered why anyone would allow them access to our forum. I have a couple facebook pages I administer and decline any attempts to join with a name that isn't usual. There are also questions that must be answered before allowing to post. Is that happening here????? Rod
  9. lappir

    Single People and Campgrounds

    I'm a single guy who has been on the road off and on since 1989. Started full time in an RV around 2007. Best decision ever. I now know who slept in my bed last and don't have to really pack anything when I move to a new place. Have worked as a travel nurse since 1989. Some of those years I have had a sticks and bricks home, but most not. Am so glad I chose the full time RV life. No matter where my next job is, I have my home with me and all my important stuff. Rod
  10. Just looking at the author of the post makes me wonder why they were allowed membership. Rod
  11. I have traveled most of my adult life. Not always in an RV. I found out over 20 years ago what the sign I saw in the Laundromat "Wash and Fold" actually meant and how much it was. I have dropped very few coins in machines since then. The cost is so close it's a no brainer. Drop the laundry off and pick it up that day or a few days later. It's all nice and folded ready to be put away. I try to avoid letting them hang things up, because then I have to deal with the wire hangers. Of course I'm a single guy who has work clothes supplied every day. Your results may differ. Rod
  12. lappir

    Couple of Questions for Experienced Boondockers

    What Hybrid inverter did you go with? Not yet ready for solar, but think it's time to replace the MSW 3000 watt inverter that doesn't seem to want to work with my residential fridge now. Can't even get even get it to last 12 hours now. Will be replacing the batteries at the same time and will try to locate a used lithium pack of some sort. I see you are still with the lead acid. Do you have an autowater system or just have a reminder to check? Thanks in advance. Rod
  13. lappir

    Sewer pipe cap losses

    My plan is to go with bayonet fittings very soon. The standard RV fittings are really not all that well made and the sun if quite damaging to the plastic. I think Mark has had these type for a while. Rod
  14. lappir

    Staying powered up?

    The battery minder has saved me a few times. Have a florescent that doesn't light up very bright and left it on a few times. Need to just take it out, but keep thinking I will replace it with an led. Rod
  15. lappir

    Staying in a parking lot

    Funny you should ask. My Brother owns a tire shop and a tire cutter. Last week while visiting I picked up several pieces of scrap tire and put them under my jacks on Saturday. Will take photos to post in the next week or two. I will be sitting for 3 months and hope I will remember to take photos of the ground after. If the idea takes off, I have a source and profess I may be the first actual user. Rod