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  1. lappir

    Wet and Forget

    I agree. My roof is fiberglass. My winter digs for the past few years have been under a large pine tree. Have lots of sap on the roof from there. Have one more season staying there. Next Spring after leaving I plan to remove all of the sap and treating with a Fiberglass treatment. Rod
  2. How many use a source to find the best price of fuel on your planned route? Many years ago someone posted about Truck Master and I used it to try and plan my fuel stops, but most times missed them by not planning my route correctly in the GPS (ie waypoints). Next weekend I hope to do better. I also found a button to allow unattended locations and the best price along my route includes one of these places in Memphis, Tenn. Anyone used "Capital Fuels"? They have 8 locations in and around Tennessee. The Google Map photo doesn't look all that great, but I will check it out anyway. Rod
  3. lappir

    Wet and Forget

    Wet and Forget is the product name. Found in a local Lumber Yard where I have been staying the past 3 months. I won't use Amazon or many of the big box stores. I would rather pay a small business owner a bit more to keep the money in the location where I am. Please consider that when you make your next Amazon order. Rod
  4. lappir

    Wet and Forget

    I have no stake in the company and this is not an advertisement. In fact I'm not sure where I first saw the product, but was able to locate it at a small business where I am currently parked. I used the product a couple months ago and was up on the roof today to finish the job. I ran out before I finished the entire roof the first time and was unable to complete the job until today. I have attached a link to some photos I took today. You do have to look closely to see the difference, but take my word for it. There is a remarkable difference between the previously treated area and the untreated. The only thing that is remaining is the pine tar. It's amber now instead of being black as it was before the initial treatment. https://photos.app.goo.gl/uC8m4jBe5qE13jn59 It was early evening when I went to the roof today. Too much dew this morning, and then there was sunshine all day. The instructions say to apply on an overcast day with light winds to prevent too rapid evaporation. The reason I didn't complete the roof on the first application was a sudden increase in wind that day. (and I didn't fill the sprayer. Only made a gallon to start. ) Had I filled the sprayer I would have had plenty to cover the entire roof. Rod
  5. lappir

    Any Traveling Nurses?

    My first Travel Nurse assignment was in 1989. I have traveled for the majority of my career. The best company is the one you feel you can trust, but it's like buying a used car, except you usually don't get to see the face of the person trying to sell you on what you want to buy. Seek the advise of your professional tax adviser before banking on any additional tax free money. The tax laws are ever changing and are certainly not CLEAR in their interpretation. My thought is the only people who benefit from the low taxable pay rate and high "non-taxed" payments are the companies that promote them. They are not required to pay their share of the income taxes that are taken out of your paycheck. I am not a Tax Professional though. I will continue to travel until I am no longer able to work. Many places have asked me to stay on staff, but none have made me the offer I cannot refuse and doubt that they ever will, it would take a lot. Feel free to private message me with specific questions. Rod
  6. No matter when the Rally's are set there are going to be folks who cannot make it due to one thing or another. Weather is one of those things and is very unpredictable, especially at least almost a year ahead of time. Personally I think October is a great time to visit Hutchinson, KS. Any earlier to me it's way too hot and windy. The Kansas State Fair won't be changed to accommodate the HDT Rally or the Good Sam Rally. While I'd like to take a week off every year to attend, I cannot. Will plan to be there next year though. Rod
  7. lappir

    National HDT Rally Registration

    Posted on the Facebook page but no responses yet. Will only be able to come for a day on Friday. Plan to spend the night in a motel. Any that those of you have used before would avoid? Thanks, Rod
  8. lappir

    My Drom

    Thank you, I jumped right on the box when I saw it for sale. Actually having it on my truck, I am very happy. Hope to have many years of use. Rod
  9. lappir

    My Drom

    I looked but couldn't find a previous topic where I posted photos of my previous truck box. I'm sure they are here somewhere, but won't take the time today to look. Here is a link to some photos of my latest Drom Box. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Ps8NuJ8MP4McajLN8 Rod
  10. lappir

    A good GPS unit?

    Great link, thanks RV.
  11. lappir

    National HDT Rally Registration

    Looking forward to attending if only for a day. Rod
  12. lappir

    Luxe 5th Wheels

    Weekend Warrior's were not really junk, but not made for full time use. I had one and if I only used it on weekends I would probably still have it. Putting my motorcycle in the garage daily ruined the ramp door, leaving the slide outs out for months at a time and filling the cabinets full was too much for the way they were built. I am sure my Spacecraft will be around for years after I can no longer use it, but there are issues with a Custom built unit also. Good luck with your search for the perfect RV. Rod
  13. lappir

    O.T. Elio Motors

    Well said Randy A. I did put a little money in to reserve my place in line at the $7300 price. Will gladly pay that amount if they are successful in mass production. Doubt they will sell many at an additional cost if they renig on that deal, but maybe they will. Have been holding off replacing my current 4 wheel vehicle, but it doesn't look like I will have an Elio any time soon so I am starting to look at another. Rod
  14. lappir

    off topic AC/heat pump replacement

    For something that is much more quiet and does a much better job cooling, investigate the possibility of a Mini Split install. Depending on the size of your trailer a single unit could work very well for you. My retrofit was quite expensive and I still have a couple issues that will be resolved, but it is very quiet and cools much better than my previous unit. If the heating is almost as good then it will be worth the additional expense. I would never replace a rooftop unit with another rooftop unit. Rod