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  1. Hauling our motorcycle

    Heard about this idea many years ago. Today is the first time I have actually seen one for sale. Too long ago to remember the particulars, but think the guy said he was trying to get a patent on it.
  2. Replacing Steer Tires

    Who will put on the tires once they arrive? What's the shipping cost. They are not light weight. Your local dealer may want your take offs. I don't use Amazon and refrain from most online shopping, unless the shop that should have items in stock says " we can order that in for you". Rod
  3. Ramp Question

    Drill through the piece to run your zip ties (or bailing wire)through. Rod
  4. POR-15 Magic

    I used some on the exposed areas of my frame and it seems to degrade a bit if exposed to a lot of sun. Maybe fade is a better word. One day I will reapply and then cover with the appropriate bed. Rod
  5. Update of Bed Build

  6. South Dakota or Florida

    I haven't read all the posts, but I am 61 this year and still working. Will work well into my 70's I'm sure. Didn't think about retirement when I chose South Dakota and my current health insurance agent say's don't change anything right now. Everyone has a different reason for choosing their domicile, hopefully you can find the best one for you. Rod
  7. 7 foot long drom box for sale

    Just sent the check. Should arrive Feb 1. Rod
  8. Spacecraft...

    I haven't spoke with anyone in person in regards to the sale, but it appears to me that Spacecraft is still in business and everyone is still there. Marsha has sold her rights to control the business, but will be there for a few months to ease the new owner through the transition. It appears that all the staff remain including Wyatt Trautman. I didn't make it to the Tampa RV Show, but apparently Greg Wallman was at the show and met with clients with build plans in progress. I look forward to meeting him in person and hope to continue my relationship with the Spacecraft family. Rod
  9. Staying in a parking lot

    I had issues with my Weekend Warrior in a South Florida campground sinking the little 3 by 4 inch pads but not with my larger pads on my Spacecraft. Rod
  10. Chevy volt battery questions

    Wyatt at Spacecraft has installed a few of the Volta systems. They are pricey in my book. Rod
  11. Update of Bed Build

    I used the roll on liner on my truck tool box many years ago. Still looks good. Did take a while putting on though. I did at least 3 coats I think. Used up two quart cans. It was from Tractor Supply too. Rod
  12. Chevy volt battery questions

    Thanks. Found a 2kw for $285 or best offer. Location Arizona.
  13. Chevy volt battery questions

    At some point I will start looking seriously for a complete volt battery pack. Right not I cannot. If anyone finds they cannot use the entire pack I would be interested in a 48 volt section to put in my truck. Rod
  14. Semi-Trailer RV vs. 5th Wheel

    Just found this topic. It has been a few years since I took possession of my semi style Spacecraft. I wouldn't go back to a conventional RV. I do have limited experience though. The Spacecraft was my second trailer purchase. The likelihood that I will have to replace my trailer during my lifetime is quite slim. I thought I would get 10 years out of my first RV style, but got a lot less. It is a daunting task building a custom trailer. It's nice more of them are being built and giving future owners some real trailers to look at. Won't see any at the big RV shows though. At least not for a couple more years. I don't know the exact numbers, but the majority of the trailers I viewed at Spacecraft this past summer were on the Semi frame. Only the new "show" trailer was a conventional RV. I am also available for more specific questions or input via email or private messages. Rod
  15. Anybody going to Tampa?

    Hate to go on the weekends but it's the only time I have time off to go. Going to be a long drive from Pensacola to Tampa. The trip back I will stop in Tallahassee for a day. Hope everyone has a good time. Rod