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  1. I hook up my sewer lines only when I need to empty. They last much longer that way and I have very large tanks so I can go over 2 weeks. Am contemplating an incinerating toilet and will be further able to lengthen the times between dump requirements. My first experience living in an RV in South Florida I had neighbor children who seemed to delight running over the hoses despite my politely informing their parents of the actions. "My kids would never do that. " was the response I got. Rod
  2. I'm not in Arizona for the summer heat wave but in SE Missouri. There certainly is humidity in addition to the heat. I have a single ODU (Outdoor unit) and two IDU's (Indoor units). I don't have a lot of windows, but I do have a few and certainly would have less if I were to build another trailer. Actually I would probably more aggressively investigate the possibility of having "Horse Trailer" like windows over a conventional window. You know the kind you see on the horse trailers on the road that are hanging down and open when the horses are being transported in the warm weather and closed when it's cold out. I'd turn them upside down and only use them when parked as a awning and keep them closed while on the road or during inclement weather protecting my glass. Potentially could do this as a retrofit someday I guess. Now back to the Mini Split. I have finally figured out how to use both of my IDU's and not have it wake me up in the middle of the night. I have to keep the larger unit (18000 btu) in the garage end of my home set at a lower temperature than the smaller (9000 btu) unit in my bed/living room. If I try to put the living area unit at a lower temperature I am bothered about a very high pitched squeal that seemed to come at 3AM when I first started using the Mini Split system. After a full month here in Missouri I'm happy to say my sleep has not been disturbed by the Mini Split. Depending on the location my electric bill has ranged from $18 per month to $40. With the highest I was also allowing electricity to heat my water. At the lowest I would use my gas as an instant heat. It only takes 5 minutes for me to be able to take a comfortable shower after flipping the switch to light the burner. When it's on electric I just leave it on. I haven't tried to find out how long it would take with just turning the electric portion on. On arrival to a new spot I sometimes use both, not for any good reason it seems today. I started this message a few days ago and thought it was lost. Came back to redo it and found the prior written part still there. Will have to remember that. Rod
  3. Hello Lappir, I saw you have a 99 VX.  If you know anyone looking, mine is for sale.  Sorry to send a sales note, I am networking and advertising.  Mine is listed on Facebook.

  4. Kirk, My account used to reimburse my debit card fees, if I would use it at least a certain number of times per month. I always did, but the decided to remove the reimbursement anyway. It used to be a small hometown bank that had great service and great people. Now it's a Larger Regional Bank that cares nothing about the people and only about the money. The tellers who had been there for years are all gone and it seems they can't keep any of the new ones. I will move once I find a location where I may be for a few years. Right now I plan to continue to move and change my thoughts of pulling cash with each purchase instead of a lump sum when I think I will need it. Now to find the hiding places and remembering them too. Rod
  5. Have to wait for the last deadline before knowing if I will be working or not during the event. Will attend for at least a day if I am within a reasonable motorcycle ride. Rod
  6. With the 4 door Crosstrek I am able to open the door and exit. There is a bit of body contortion, but so far doable. My previous Isuzu VehiCross required me to exit through the drivers door window. One time I was able to squeeze out between the door and car, but my mild claustrophobia prevented me from additional attempts. The Crosstrek is more difficult to use the over the tire straps I had used for years with the VX so I have found a better and actually easier method to secure the rear wheels. It's still tough to tie down the right front. Rod
  7. Same people who build the huge offices, and fancy buildings. What about the salaries paid to a CEO and others. I resent your suggestion that I am not paying my bank enough to be convenient to me. It's not "My bank who is charging me." It's just a game to them. How much can we charge the customer before they try someone else? Banks make money on their deposits, loans and investments. They spend lot's of money on advertisements, big buildings, executive salaries. Why should we not expect fairness? Thanks for your comment and please agree to disagree with what each of us think is a suitable expectation. Rod
  8. My first trip pulling my trailer with my Volvo and the cruise control wouldn't work. My brother had driven the truck to Florida for me and was right behind me. We had radio's to communicate and I asked him if it had worked on the trip. He said you have to apply the brakes before the cruise control will work. Since starting the trip I had not had to apply the brake, hit all the lights and was on the freeway in nothing flat. I pressed lightly on the brake pedal and nothing. I quickly stabbed the pedal hard and then hit the cruise and success. I now try to stop once before I head on the interstate so I'm not hitting the brake at 70 because the cruise won't engage. Didn't see anyone above share the fact. Rod
  9. The longer I have my truck, the more the fuel mileage decreases. When I first purchased I was getting over 9 on the computer read out. Of course it was "Bob Tail" for almost 8 months before finally hooking up to my first trailer. Seemed to stay the same for a while and then I started to change the truck and finally the trailer. I'm a lot more heavy, have removed the side fairings(Wish I hadn't), have a taller box (Drom) and of course a much heavier trailer. I no longer keep the display on the MPG setting and instead it's on the clock and sometimes my "average speed". I fill up when I need or want to and am happy my truck is providing me with a driving experience many others can only dream about. "Priceless". Rod
  10. Not sure what happened with the above post. Linked two to one reply. Anyway, had some success by contacting a local computer repair person and have more information on what path to take. Unfortunately I was on the motorcycle when he called me back so I couldn't write down all the info he gave. Did have success in finding the needed cords available at "Staples", but only online. Will look at a couple more local locations before having them shipped to the store here. Thanks again for all the replies. Rod
  11. Back to you. Thinking of doing a fresh water dive for the first time. Table Rock Lake isn't too far away and it used to be good or so I've heard. Need to find a good company with some experienced buddy's. Rod
  12. Back to you. Thinking of doing a fresh water dive for the first time. Table Rock Lake isn't too far away and it used to be good or so I've heard. Need to find a good company with some experienced buddy's. Rod
  13. Thanks, just what I'm looking for. Will see if I can find one in town before getting it from California. Rod
  14. lappir


    Seconding the good plan and the rest. I have 250 texts a month only. Every new job I take I have to tell them to not text me about a dozen times before they stop. I answer none of them and two text's from the same number gets blocked. My Children and certain very close friends are the only one's not blocked. I do have to do an occasional reminder to send an email or call. Rod
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