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  1. Watts is gives one an idea of the light output but it is best to compare Lumen output and color temp when shopping for LEDs. ...even then it is a shot in the dark
  2. If you are not looking for it to float then I've used Tech-12 instead of Amsteel. Close to the same strength but 30%-40% less. Breaking strengths are an average, not ultimate.
  3. Best if Amsteel is kept clean. Sand and/or storing it on a rusty winch drum is not good for it.....sharp particles will wear the core of rope out.
  4. .....these are like sliced bread https://www.amazon.com/VELCRO-Brand-Black-2-Inch-91140/dp/B001E1Y5O6 ....folded in half and fed through one or both sides of these... https://picocanada.com/en/view_product/7083-0 ....never had any luck with these mounts sticking https://picocanada.com/en/view_product/7085
  5. Use a tool that is made for insulated connectors. A tool made for bare (no heat shrink) will cut the heat shrink http://www.ancorproducts.com/en/703010 If allot of butt connectors need to be done http://www.ancorproducts.com/en/703030 #4-4/0 crimping tool ...no dies to change. http://www.ancorproducts.com/en/702040 Manufactures of tinning wire...Ancor Marine , Almo and Vertex Marine....all come out of the same factory in the USA http://www.ancorproducts.com/en/products/wire-and-cable https://www.almo.com/ http://www.vertex-marine.com/ The #5 butane torch (faster) listed here with the vent open for a gentle flame. http://wonderfulengineering.com/10-best-butane-torches-that-will-never-let-you-down/ To prevent corrosion and make maintenance easy.....20cc syringes of Tef-Gel. ***Don't use this on electronics*** also works on any bolts that will need to come apart in the future. http://www.tefgel.com/contain.php?param=tefgel_price For electronics http://store.caig.com/s.nl/it.A/id.2852/.f
  6. Rock Lights.............. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/8pc-LED-Rock-Lights-Under-Body-LED-Lighting-RGB-RF-Remote-Control-/162456791742?hash=item25d32deabe:g:9RIAAOSw03lY4pIM&vxp=mtr https://www.auxbeam.com/more-lights/rock-lights/70021943 http://www.rigidindustries.com/led-lighting/40020 Magnetic too
  7. Does anyone know a supplier that will custom make radius corner compartment doors that are 1" or 1 1/2" thick? The doors in our Cameo are made by Challenger. The thickest door they make is 3/4". Thank you. JT
  8. Thought about doing that but we are often at sites that are not level so the wheels maybe off the ground or the bumper 4' off the ground I've pushed the rear jack back to be 60" behind the rear wheels. I'll add a set just ahead of the axles. The pump mounted in the front storage look brand new. The pumps mounted behind the wheels (no mud flaps) are in horrible condition. I'm moving all the pumps into the trailer and going to run hydraulic lines.
  9. I just cut the Big Foot jacks off our Cameo. We are 35' OA. Plan is: Move the front jacks outboard of the frame to to provide a wider stance. Tilt/slope the jacks 1/4" / foot. Drop the jacks down 2" Extend the mounting plates on the back jacks by 3" to provide a wider stance. Add cross members perpendicular to the jack to prevent the frame from twisting. Find a spot for 2 more jacks. The factory set up was 2 jack at the front and 2 behind the rear axle. This left about 9' at the back. When someone moves in the back of the trailer the tail to wags the dog. Move the pumps to one (dry) location and run hydraulic lines. The larger diameter cylinder rods that the Bigfoot have will provide more stability. Many of the part used in the Bigfoot System are readily available from other suppliers.
  10. Truck looks fantastic! The 3 LED in a black background along with the taillights make for a great look. Thumbs up for the cut down sides on the back drawers.
  11. I just dropped the 60gal black tank out of our Cameo. Each trlp we make sure it is 3/4 full before dumping and we flush it 2-3 times then add 5 gal so it is never dry. Before dropping the tank I flushed it until the water ran clear. Even ran the hose down the toilet. Being a plastic tank the bottom had sagged 1 1/2" lower than the outlet. As a last measure to make sure these wasn't any surprises I put a jack under the tank to push the bottom up above the outlet....glad I did.....I spend the next 1/2hr hitting the bottom of the tank with a 10lb plastic hammer to shake things up. The tank flush is on the side of the tank. I may add one at the end opposite the valve or upgrade the pluming for the flush to 3/4" Edit: It would seem that the solids are similar to sand in a bucket. When there is constant motion the sand is loose but once the motion stops the sand packs down and takes allot more motion to get it to move again.
  12. I wanted to make sure you know our F350 SRW is close to the CVWR. I looked at the 2008/2011 Cameo brochures the "listed weights" of the 2008 35SB3 and the 2011 34SB3 are similar.
  13. If you want to find out which trailer has a strongest frame you can use a forklift to lift front of the trailer up under the pin box. Take a measurement to bottom of the pin before lifting and again when the front jack have just (1/16") cleared the ground. The measurement is the static deflection in the frame. The dynamic defection will increase between 50% and 75% Less than 1/2" is great 3/4" is acceptable Pass on anything with 1" or more deflection
  14. My apologies I didn't pay attention to the model of Cameo you are pulling. I should have been more detailed. When we pull our 34SB3 (empty water tank, 2 kids and a 90lb dog) we are 500lbs under the CVWR and 200lbs under the max pin weight....we do it but it is not a relaxing drive windy days.