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  1. By no means do I understand all the dynamic but when I look at the connection to the frame it looks like a pivot that will (for lack of knowing a better term) twist the bolts holding the hitch to the angle. The bolts would see less twist if the long horizontal pieces of angle was on the opposite side of the HSS from the frame bolts or there was a piece of angle on both side of the HSS at the connection (8 bolts instead of 4) to the frame.
  2. When the PD is plugged into shore power batteries are not needed as long as the PD has enough output to run the trailer at peak loads. The batteries can be disconnected (I never disconnect the brakes) from the PD, house load and solar for week(s) or month(s) depending on the self discharge rate. Testing the battery voltage for the first 4-5 days tells what the self discharge rate is.
  3. ........just told a buddy to buy a clamp on meter. He came back with one that only measures AC amperage through the clamp and only 10amps DC though the probes. The Fluke 325 is good. At 400amp it will check the DC amperage draw on an inverter.
  4. Can I quote both of those Yarmoe? A converter uses a different program than a true charger does. Primary purpose of a convert is to supply power. Primary purpose of a charger is (should be) maintaining the batteries. I haven't run into a converter that requires a battery to power a trailer. Any info on these? Our converter never idles below 13.4V. With a 3 amp load the converter is 13.6V-13.8V. It will remain (always on) at this level for days. The ProN charger is programmed to "maintain" the batteries below +/- 13.5V. Rather than continually charging it goes sleep allowing the batteries to rest even with a 1 amp ghost load from our trailer. It will take +/-10 seconds to wake up when there is a large draw as such it cannot power the trailer without a battery. When on shore power I rest the batteries by unplugging the converter. The ideal would be a converter with a program that allows the batteries to rest but I haven't found one.
  5. Did it today.......cut things apart 3 times to get the wring to the point that I was happy with. Lucky l've learned from past mistakes that it is easier to hide too much wire than make the wire longer.
  6. Sometimes is easier to take things apart and start over.
  7. We pulled he couch out and custom built bunk beds.
  8. Hey John Apologizes....meant to point out that Rolls is an expensive Full River in a red case. When I pulled the ROLLS out I went back to wet cells but cheap ones that I'm not worried if 400 charge cycles are lost from negligence on out part.
  9. Outdoors RV, Northwood Fox Mountain are not the same as Northwood Silver Fox. The Silver Fox marketing is understated. Outdoors RV marketing is overstated. "4 Season" ratings are 80% marketing The Silver Fox uses Astro foil in the roof where it works....somewhat. Outdoors RV wraps the bottom of the trailer even the bottom of the slide claiming "R15 rated". http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/blogs/dept/musings/stay-away-foil-faced-bubble-wrap With the exception of $1M custom RV nothing is built as good as it was 15 years ago. Back then a trailer was built buy a crew of half as many people getting paid 3 times as much that took pride building something with their hands. Most of them could build a trailer from the ground up themselves. **Trailertravel make a good point. No matter what you get...giving the trailer a better ride makes it last longer. I'm doing what you are looking at (except 5th wheel, 4 people + 90lb Lab and 4 Season ). Maybe we'll meet on the same logging road We had 3 options Option 1: Buying new custom built. Option 2: Buying new/used AF32-5M, adding Bigfoot leveling, 5" of lift, installing independent suspension and 17.5" ties/wheels.....options that Northwood won't consider doing. Option 3: Buying a used and modifying it. We chose option 3 While were were talking to the salesman about the 32-5M "he said" that the old (pre 2007) Kofmfort trailer they used to sell before Thor took over Komfort were build better than Silver Fox.. When I look at the price of them I think hew was right.
  10. Rolls AGM come out of the same plant as Full River. The Roll we had we consistently fell short of the rated 20 hour rate.
  11. Am I high or low?
  12. The primary purpose of a converter/power supply is to supply power when there are no batteries. A converter is always on as it is suppose to be. Always on means always charging. Some have the bulk charge rate (voltage) set to low to charge batteries properly. The PD we have in our Cameo is a good 3 stage (bulk absorption float) smart converter but it is not a battery charger. It is always on. The 50amp ProNautic chargers we'll use go to 0.0 amps once the batteries are charged. If amperage remains below XX amps for too long the chargers goes to sleep. ProN comes with programs for wet AGM Lithium as well a 2 programs that can be customized. When dry camping in the winter we'll set the bulk rate on both at 15.2V to shorten the generator run time. Thought I'd add......the ProN chargers take about 10 seconds to react to a power draw. As such would only work to power a trailer if battery(s) are used.
  13. 95% of what makes a battery the best is how the owner maintains the battery(s). - Low discharge level - A charging system that matches the capacity of the battery bank - Solar power - Not using a converter/power supply to finish charge the batteries. - Using a temperature sensor - Checking fluid level / using distilled or RO water
  14. Were did the Yesterday I was hot on fiberglass insulation since I pulled more of it out of the under belly of our Cameo. It has been inside since February while I work on it. I've added new steel beams under the front bunk as well as made the frame 12" front to back by removing 12' of the 1/8" x 2"x 6" HSS that was above the axles and replacing it with 24' of 3/16" x 2" x 6" HSS. Can you tell me where the frame issues are on yours so I can address them if need be? PM if you like. Thank You JT Is is possible to let me know what issues are with yours.
  15. We are at the CVWR towing a 35' Cameo with our 2016 F350CC SRW with a BD3 hitch. Our maximum turning angle is +/- 80 degrees. The angle would change depending on the design of the front cap. Before we bought the BD3 we considered sliders then decided a DRW long box was the way we would go once the modifications on the trailer are done.