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  1. OK, makes sense now, I was beginning to think the record heat wave had gotten to you and cause a loss of upper math function in your head.
  2. You ask for dikes around my house you will get handed a set of diagonal wire cutting pliers
  3. I just dump the air with the dash switch and turn the truck off and leave. When I come back and crank it up, it gives me a warning to air up the suspension. Why is Volvo that complicated?
  4. It depends on how you look at it. If every post you make has to be approved by an admin before it is posted for the rest of the time you are a member, it makes it rather hard to respond to a topic in a timely manor. I don't think the points you have accumulated on this forum ever disappear, they stay with you forever. I think he is at the maximum right now and will stay that way the rest of the time he remains on the forum.
  5. They got someplace quick, just not where they had planned to be.
  6. That depends, on a newer truck with DEF they need to driven at a minimum every two to three weeks and get warmed up. I have several friends in the HDT repair world that love it when you don't run them often. DEF dosier, NOX sensors, DEF filters and DPF filters keep them employed and taking a LOT of vacations to exotic places.
  7. I'm shocked! That sounds political!
  8. Egon, This must be a labor of love. According to your posts above, you paid 48K for the coach, have a budget of 15K for the interior, 10K for the engine, nothing at all for the exterior and you want to sell it for 75K. That is only a 2K profit assuming you hit your budget numbers without any labor costs. I need to sell you my 64 Fairlane and buy it back when you are done.
  9. First off, welcome to the site! Secondly, you are in the right place to learn about HDT's
  10. Qwimby1, You have this exact same topic started in the days end forum. It would be better if you kept the topic in one location and consolidate all of your answers there.
  11. We have spent nights at trucks stops if we are off of the road early. They fill up fast and are often full by 6:00 PM. We have never had a problem staying in one but then again, our tow vehicle is a Kenworth T680 so we fit in a little better than some.
  12. Mark, I sent Sibernut a PM, hope he can still receive them. I also agree with your statements about being familiar with the used HDT market.
  13. Like most of the ones above, I take care of a lot on our coach myself. For the stripped out holes, I don't use toothpicks. Find some wood golf tees, sand the finish off of them, coat the outside with wood glue and drive it into the hole if the existing hole is large enough. If the hole is too small, drill it out to the size of the tee and then drive it home. Once the glue has dried, trim off the excess tee flush with the wood and you can then re-install the screw. You will have a good, solid piece of wood to work with. The wiper motor could be as simple as the wiring pulled from the motor itself. Any auto mechanic can diagnose that issue and it does not require a trip to any RV dealer or RV repair. You can then order the motor (if that is the issue), have it shipped to your next stop and get it installed there. Most of the repairs on a motorhome or trailer are not that difficult to do but it does take time to get the parts if they are manufacture specific.
  14. Most of us think it was over the curry remark in this thread:
  15. Tom, As a member of Escapees, I DO own a part of this forum in my mind. Our dues as Escapees members pay for the the main site, escapees benefits and this forum so I think we should, at the least have some input on the site. If you just joined the forum and are not an escapees member, then yes, I would agree with your comments about it being free to join and free to leave. David