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  1. One other thing to check, with that many miles, would be the battery cables and the ones to the starter. They can build up internal corrosion that is not apparent until you you check them. Use a good DVM in auto ranging DC mode to check the differential in each wire as you are cranking the engine and see if you have one or more with a problem. You would be surprised at how bad some of the wiring can get. If you do replace a bad cable, peel off the insulation from it and take a look at the bare wire itself. In auto ranging mode, the DVM will measure the difference in voltage in the wiring. If you see much more than .5 volt in any one part of the circuit, you have found your problem. By each part, check the battery to terminal, wire to terminal, then the terminal ends of each wire. Also don't forget the starter solenoid as the contacts there can get burnt over time and cause a lot of issues as well. As noted above, check for a worn starter switch.
  2. Don't forget to buy a new pair of sunglasses if you buy some of David's lights. They are nice and bright. 😀
  3. Carl will have to sleep with just one eye open, the other has already turned black and swollen shut after Donna reminded him to be nice to his better half.
  4. But very effective... I have a pair of cheap Sony headphones that work fine with mine.
  5. Don't DOT regs require side mirrors?
  6. Jim, Will let you know Monday. We will be at that KOA until the 27th. When do you get in? If we miss here, will see you and Alie at the ECR David and Vicki
  7. Al, One thing to consider if you keep the factory wiring. While you are at the dealer getting the LCM re-flashed, the tech can change a LOT of the other settings inside the ECM at the same time. You are probably going to pay for a minimum of one hour shop time so use it to your advantage and get other items changed as well (max speed, droop and rise allowed on cruise, starting gears, brake lights when jakes come on, throttle behavior, etc.). If nothing else, you will be able to see all of the changes that ARE possible on your truck in case you ever want that done in the future. You will also be able to have everything stay factory wired to make your life easier down the road when the mind has a tendency to forget what we did 6 months prior. David
  8. Sent you a PM. It might have been our truck you took for a ride.
  9. Hopefully you fueled it up before you left and didn't fill it with gas. 😀
  10. LOL, Just trying to keep you two honest
  11. Carl, The rally website has March 15th as the cutoff date for T Shirts, just saying.... Then again, we are all getting old, memory starts to go, your chest falls to your waist....
  12. But you can certainly have too much trailer.
  13. I don't know if you have researched Ill Annoy a lot but since they passed their new concealed carry law, you are allowed to carry on your person INSIDE your vehicle while transiting the state. Like you, I don't stop there, just pass thru. As far as the other state's you mentioned, I prefer to stay in free states where I am welcome without having my papers checked by a Komrade. Nothing there that I can't see somewhere else.
  14. Do a search on ebay. There are some 6 gallon lp/elec suburban water heaters for $285. For that much, I would replace the heater.
  15. Henry, I can see where you cut the side wall back and added the gussets to stiffen the side cutout and bottom plate but would have thought placing them to the rear and extending it outboard of the rear plate, you could drill and bolt the stop limiter plate to the rear cross plate. That would make for a fairly simple retrofit for existing hitches. We can discuss it a little more at the ECR and see what we can come up with.