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  1. Not sure if this is the right place to post but here goes. I purchased a new to me class A diesel pusher about 3 months ago. I am full time and will be parked in a space for about 3 months. I know that I should run the generator for about 20 minutes every month but should I also run the motor? Thanks in advance for all your suggestions.
  2. I'm not playing lawyer I are one lol lol lol. So big deal I made a typo.
  3. I am a lawyer. The Supream Court Case is Heller v District of Columbia. It is valid in all 50 states. It only address a weapon in your home. It does not address concealed carry. The Court ruled that you do not need a permit to have a weapon in your home. Previous courts have ruled that your motorhome or even a tent, if being used to live in ( sleeping in it fulfills the living part) is an extension of your home. It is NOT however applied on military bases that have campgrounds. It is applied in National Parks. A private owned campground can have a rule that no weapons are allowed just like as a homeowner you can have a rule that no weapons are allowed in your home.
  4. I carry a handgun but in my RV I prefer a shotgun. I also have a 357 loaded with shot in the RV. I want my shot to stop at my wall and not go into the RV next to me. I would also not open the door until I know who is outside and their intentions. As far as having a handgun in your RV when you are parked and not moving down the road your RV is an extension of your home and no permit is required. The Supream Court has already ruled on this. No campground, except those on a military base can prevent you from having a weapon in your home. Even National Parks are now required to allow you to have a weapon in your RV. But you do need a permit to carry if you take it outside with you.
  5. All manufactures have dealer reps to handle issues between the dealer and the customer who purchased one of their products. Contact the manufacturer and get in contact with the area rep for your area. The manufacturers rep may be able to motivate the dealer to get the repairs done. I would also contact the lender and advise them of your problem. Lenders can terminate their relationship with a dealer that creates unhappy customers leaving the dealer with one less resource for financing their sales. As a last resort I would contact a lawyer, as well as the Attorney General for your state and the Dept of Motorvehicles for your state who will investigate the dealer.
  6. I have been to all three but am more familiar with the Mt Rushmore area. Rather than boondock you may look at Custer State Park. Their campsites are only $25 a day with electric. There are 8 or 9 campgrounds and most all sites have electric with water available next to the bath house to fill your tank. There is also a free dump station. You will need a State Park Pass but I think it is only $15 good for a week.
  7. I have volunteered at Custer State Park for the last three summers. Three years ago you could get a campsite in May no problem. June was possible if you were lucky July and Aug were sold out and if you did not have an advance reservation you probably could not get in. The second year June was as busy as July and Aug. The third year May was booked full as was the whole summer season. Unless you got lucky due to a cancelation you would not get a site without an advance reservation. The State and National Parks are reaching a saturation point and it is getting more difficult to get a site any time from May thru Sept unless you have an advance reservation.
  8. Sorry for the lack of details. I am looking for only a 4 or 5 day drive on the shortest route possibly avoiding toll roads and big cities if possible. Stoping at truck stops for the night.
  9. I have a Harley Street Glide and for 5 years traveled in a toy hauler. I found it was easy to load, just ride up the ramp at a reasonable speed. Not too fast or too slow. I had a Condor wheel chock bolted to the floor inside and would just ride the bikes front wheel into the chock. Unloading was more of a problem. The best way is to leave the motor off, put the bike in gear and use the clutch not the break to back down the ramp. I am now handicapped from a motorcycle accident but still ride. I now travel in a Class A Motorhome with a hydrolift on the back. Much easier than trying to load a bike into a toy hauler.
  10. I have volunteered at a state park for the last three summers but decided to try something different for this summer. I used to find a position at a National Park for the summer and a different National Park for the fall. Haven't started either yet but I am looking forward to volunteering at both places.
  11. Driving from Green Bay WI to Kitty Hawk NC next month and was wondering what is the best rout to take. Any suggestions would be appreciated
  12. I am a full timer so having a 42 ft is good for me. Only have had a few places that could not accommodate me. Mostly older places. Most have upgraded and can fit a big rig. The main issue is 50 vs 30 amp. Many places only have 30 and most big rigs use 50 but can get away with 30 for a short time. Also many parks can fit a big rig but you may have a hard time maneuvering around due to trees and posts in the way. Many state parks have narrow roads that a big rig can't get thru. I have even been to some parks that have a tree on both sides of the site and it is a challenge backing in not to mention room for the slides to go out.
  13. I am single and have volunteered in State and National Parkes. The State Park required 24 hours a week for my RV site. The National Park I am going to this summer will require 32 hours.
  14. I always pour some anti bacterial Dawn dish soap in my black tank every time I travel. I just flush out the tank when I get to my new location. The gray tank gets soapy water from the kitchen sink every time I wash the dishes. Best way to clean out your tanks and prevent odor.
  15. Another option is to get a Pay As You Go account with Dish for the RV. You can use a Pathway X2 Automatic dish (about $450 new or $200/$250 used) and a 211k or z (about $99 new or $50 used) and get HD programming. This only works with Dish and will not work with DirecTV. Dish has some programming for as little os $39.00 and you only have to pay for the time you are on the road, and no contract to sign.