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  1. I am a full timer so having a 42 ft is good for me. Only have had a few places that could not accommodate me. Mostly older places. Most have upgraded and can fit a big rig. The main issue is 50 vs 30 amp. Many places only have 30 and most big rigs use 50 but can get away with 30 for a short time. Also many parks can fit a big rig but you may have a hard time maneuvering around due to trees and posts in the way. Many state parks have narrow roads that a big rig can't get thru. I have even been to some parks that have a tree on both sides of the site and it is a challenge backing in not to mention room for the slides to go out.
  2. I am single and have volunteered in State and National Parkes. The State Park required 24 hours a week for my RV site. The National Park I am going to this summer will require 32 hours.
  3. I always pour some anti bacterial Dawn dish soap in my black tank every time I travel. I just flush out the tank when I get to my new location. The gray tank gets soapy water from the kitchen sink every time I wash the dishes. Best way to clean out your tanks and prevent odor.
  4. Another option is to get a Pay As You Go account with Dish for the RV. You can use a Pathway X2 Automatic dish (about $450 new or $200/$250 used) and a 211k or z (about $99 new or $50 used) and get HD programming. This only works with Dish and will not work with DirecTV. Dish has some programming for as little os $39.00 and you only have to pay for the time you are on the road, and no contract to sign.
  5. I make my reservations a day or two in advance as I travel. That way I can stay longer somewhere if I want to. However I have worked in state parks and they are always full May, June, July, and Aug and require an advance reservation. Also depending on the location and time of year some places fill up fast, like Omaha NB during the College World Seres or anywhere in CA near the beach any time of year. Just call ahead and ask the park what they recommend.
  6. Escapees already have a broker to shop multiple companies. Miller Insurance.
  7. I use the Escapees mail service and their South Dakota address and it really is no problem. You use the SD address for your drivers liscense, registration, auto and health insurance. Everything else goes to TX. Everything that goes to SD is forwarded to TX in a day or two. There are many SD mail forwarding services to use if you don't like this 2 address system. I used Americas Mail Box (AMB) for one year before I joined Escapees. I have heard of others like Dakota Post but know nothing about them. I met a gentalman at Quartzsite that was promoting a mail forwarding service out ofHill City SD but I can't remember the name of the company. You can change your address now via telephone,they will take your credit card and set up a box # for you. When you get to SD you go to DMV, any DMV doesn't have to be in the same city as your address, and show proof of at least one overnight stay at a hotel or RV park, AMB has their own campground. You don't need any mail to get a drivers liscense just proof of one night stay.
  8. I'm looking at a slightly used 2015 Itasca Ellipse 42 QD with less than 6,000 miles. The dealer is asking $239,998. Not sure if this is firm or negotiable. Going to look at it tomorrow. Anyone have any first hand experience with this make or model. I believe it is made by Winnabego. Your comments good or bad will be greatly appreciated. I believe they sold new at MSRP around low 400's.
  9. Sounds great. One word of caution. Make sure that you will not be 1099 for the value of the site. As Kirk said this is more of a barter since this is a for profit private park.
  10. The entire orange orchard including the trees they grow on are inspected at random by the FDA. Trucks being loaded are inspected and certified at the time of the loading. If they had to be inspected at the highway inspection location it would take hours for everyone else to get thru.
  11. x2. Its like having a fire extinguisher. It will take a long time for the fire truck to get there to put out the fire. I always carry a fire extinguisher. I know how to aim it and how to shoot it and hope I never have too. It will take a long time for law enforcement to get there. I always have a gun. I know how to aim it and how to shoot it and hope I never have to.
  12. I am in the process of purchasing a new RV and looking into extended warranties. I contacted Wholesale Warranty and they told me that they no longer broker several insurance companies. They now are in partnership with only one company and are promoting that company only.
  13. Wind is an act of God however a reasonable person must take measures to prevent their property from causing damage to some one else's property. He may have taken some steps in precaution but the fact that the awning caused damage showed that he did not make a reasonable attempt to secure his property. His ( and your) insurance may have a provision that excludes this type of damage but that does not relieve him from his responsibility. It just means his insurance won't pay and he has to out of pocket. If he or his insurance won't pay you can file a claim on your own policy if you are covered and your insurance will go after him and his insurance. If you are not covered your only option would be to sue him and hopefully collect on your judgment. If the damage is minimal I would just pay for it myself and go on enjoying life.
  14. Not sure about your location but I am at the Benson Co-Op and the post office here told me that I can only use general delivery for one month. If you are going to be there several months verify that you can have general delivery for more than one month.
  15. Thanks Kirk. I was looking at their best plan that is an exclusionary plan. I am also considering Xtra Ride. I would appreciate any comments on them as well as USA Travel Care. I have heard too many negatives about Good Sam. I called Wholesale Warranties but then no longer are a broker and only have one company they sell for. It didn't sound bad but they have repeated called me trying to get me to buy. Just too much of a hard sell so it leads me to believe that something is wrong.