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  1. OP...I don't know where it is going...I do know where it needs to go. America needs a 2 tier healthcare system. One healthcare system for the rich as a fee for service and one for the average person that is gov supplied - aka socialized healthcare. That is the only way you can do it. The rich can have whatever they want and the poor / average person can still get some healthcare. Socialized med wont be as good as rich med, but it can be doable. If you don't like socialized medicine, get 4 jobs and pay for the rich healthcare. Obamacare can't be replaced. Obamacare was never workable from the start. The system we have for healthcare is broken in the US, it will only keep spiraling out of control. Once healthcare turned into big biz it was put on a trajectory for destroying the ability of the average person paying for healthcare out of pocket. The healthcare provider know they can rape the insurance companies with exaggerated costs, so the whole system is rotten and greed filled. It is the same as the VW diesel cheating fiasco. If VW could of...they would of. Same with Obamacare. This issue has to be looked at from a radical new way to make something usable when it comes to healthcare in the USA. Don't like my plan...then keep what you got and let it keep spiraling and spiraling as the greedy capitalist philosophy dictates. Socialized education is has served us for ages, although the reps seem to want to dismantle that system. The public education cost is in the RE taxes and even if you have no kids you end up chipping in. If you don't want to use the socialized education system then you can pay for private school. This is how the healthcare should be. Everyone pays 3% of their income and gets some medical care. Or charge a sales and usage tax to cover basic healthcare for all. The usage tax may be good, the foreign tourists will even chip in. What is basic socialized healthcare? You got a bursting appendix, you can get it need a heart transplant...go get the rich healthcare. Socialized med is hard to promote in the US. We are a capitalist country. The greedy special interests and rich will tear it down as communism. The only way healthcare in the US can work any longer is to have a 2 tier system. The rich can pay for the best if they don't want socialized med. The average person can use the socialized plan. But you can never have success if you force the average person to pretend they are rich and force a high cost, unaffordable health plan on them. It is no different than having a high earner and a low earner in a marriage. You either live to the budget that is double of the lower earner or the high earner has to pay for the bulk of it if they want to live on a higher level. You can't force a low earner to be a high earner if it is not in them. Here is Obamacare in action... I used to be able to cover doctor office visits out of pocket, but can't afford it any more. In Jan '16 I called a dermatologist to ask about a wart removal and it is $490 for 5 minutes of work. The doctor does not even do it...his assistant does it. In 2015 it was $175 for the same wart removal, but they raised the rates if your uninsured. They said under Obamacare it is illegal for me to not have med insurance and it is insurance fraud for them to charge a different rate than what they get under Obamacare when they bill insurance companies...$490. Medicine prices started to skyrocket once the greedy learned they can hike up medicine costs by astounding percentages. They can hold the chronically ill by is pay up or die. There is nothing wrong with that is there? This is textbook material on how a good capitalist should work. Get the highest price the market will bear for the product. If a pill cost .35 cents to make, why not mark it up to $1000 a pill? If an insurance company will pay for it why not $5,000 a pill? There is no law against making profits...this is not the 1960's Mayberry. It is not even a question of being able to afford Obamacare med plans. They are useless, at least for me. Thousands of $ in deductibles and copay. I think the goal of insurance companies is to sell you insurance you can not use unless you are very sick and rich. If the US ever does get a socialized healthcare system then the job is to keep it from spiraling out of control with costs. Humans have a tendency to F' up whatever they get their hands on. This is why we don't make good communists. If we were bees or ants we would make good communists. But self-centered greedy humans can't do it. Bees or ants will give their life for the good of the colony...humans generally wont (military notwithstanding), it is every man and every woman for themselves. Now that Cuba is opening up some may want to look at that option for healthcare. People have been going to Mexico for healthcare for years. I heard Cuba provides good healthcare and it is affordable. Sad the US is so screwed up with healthcare, but that is our world. You people that want to go back to 1960's Mayberry have to face the music. We will never get back to it. The powerful healthcare and pill industry will fight a socialized add on plan. It will no doubt take $ from them. They can't rape the sytem if there is a socialized option and competition. But someday we should consider what is best for society instead of what is best just a few rich ones. This goes under the auspices of putting America, specially Americans first.
  2. Yes, I'm already in the cold. I decided to go on a short trip and wanted to open the valve and it was froze shut. My plan was to keep it open and use the small threaded hose cap on the adapter to drain any water that I would run down the drain. I have a small truck camper. I will try to disable and grease it or just leave the valve open in the fall after I last use it. I am planning to go on Xmas trips to NYC every year,so it will be a reoccurring issue every December no doubt.
  3. My grey tank valve freezes shut even with nothing to speak of in the tank. Is there a lube I can use on the valve to keep it working in the cold? Thanks
  4. I've used window diluted washer fluid in a pinch, but only in the traps and cassette toilet tank.
  5. OK, thanks for all the help!
  6. Skylight is good, caulking is what has cracked.
  7. I have a white rubber roof on my truck camper. The little skylight has a crack all around the white caulking. How do I fix this? Is silicone white caulking good to use? Do I just fill in the crack? Thanks
  8. I usually drain the tank after each trip. Yes, I try to get rid of the air by filling up all the tanks as much as I can. I only have a small water tank. So maybe the air cushion is the cause.
  9. When my tank is full and I heat to high temp the pressure valves drips some until I run the water then drip stops.Is this normal? Thanks
  10. Thanks for the feedback!
  11. Just a report back...I was able to get a dry camp spot for less in Jersey City. Worked out fine for my work and just fit my budget.
  12. Is it easy to park near the Gateway Arch in St. Louis? I was passing near there on a trip and wanted some photos. I wasn't budgeting much time for it, so wondered if there is aproblem parking RV's? I got a large truck camper. Thanks
  13. NYC has cleaner water...see photos near end of tap water tests. Some of the filthiest water was from an RV campsite in Chillicothe, OH. Better filter your water.
  14. I was looking at a campsite near the NJ / NYC Ferry. They want $90 a day. I don't need hookups, just a parking spot. Disgusting.