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  1. Where RV only parking is provided... that's a little different matter, but in the corridors I tend to travel, I haven't seen many that do. Flying J and some Pilot have RV parking spaces and some even have special Fuel Islands for RV's that welcom RV's. They even give Fuel/Gas discounts with the right RV membership.
  2. I mounted mine on top of a Maxxair Vent cover with screws. It is a Sky2 I have a cell phone antenna mount on top of my Batwing antenna.
  3. Will it fit in the same hole?
  4. Maybe it's a LPG generator.
  5. A newer F150 can tow a trailer up to 7.600 lb. if it has 17" wheels. 18" wheels can tow 7,850 lb Both would also require Heavy-Duty Payload Package (Option Code 627) required with F-150
  6. If you are not a FMCA member add $60 for the first year membership and with the Verizon plan total cost will be $48.99 a month. Drops down the second year to $48.15 a month. So far the AT&T Mobley is the best deal if it last.
  7. Roadside attractions on 93-95 in NV.
  8. ZTE Mobley unlimited data at $20 that your iPad can connect too plus 4 more devices. Or a iPad with cellular data at $8-12 for 1 GB. Your choice. I connect my iPad Air WIFI + Cellular or 4G LTE to the Mobley. Don't pay for cellular on it. Last month my Mobley used 45GB connected to a Desktop, Laptop, 2 iPads and a iPhone. Total cost with taxes $22.01
  9. Sign in to your account with them. You may have to wait for a call back. I had a call back the next day. They can see your Control Panel and fix anything that may be set wrong.
  10. I have the WiFiRanger mini and Sky2. I am running a Mobley unlimited hot spot with AT&T. Last month used 45GB with no slow down. I just ran test on my Desktop from Mobley hot spot & got 16.2--18.0Mbps Desktop from WiFiRanger wireless I got 2.8-10.4Mbps. But the WiFiRanger is also hooked To a Laptop, Blue Ray player, Smart TV and a iPad. So I don't know how much they were using at the same time when I did the test. I also just ran my iPhone on Sprint LTE unlimited and got 59.23Mbps down and 7.40Mbps up. But only have 3GB hot spot on it. No matter I have had no problem streaming on any combination used. TCW..The WiFiRanger(Router) & Sky2(Roof Antenna) are hard wired together. OH!! The campground Free WiFi is 686Kbps. Still usable for FB video.
  11. I have used the Nature Pure system for over 18 + years for drinking, cooking and Ice maker from shore water or from the fresh water tank that I have never sanitized. Nature Pure systems are independently documented to meet EPA guide standard protocol for microbiological purifiers against bacteria, cysts and viruses. Plus Nature Pure systems excel at removing chemical and aesthetic contaminants including herbicides, pesticides, chlorine and foul taste, odors and colors, for great tasting water on demand. They now have a new filter system kit that is cheaper then the old style I have.
  12. My Desktop failed 6 times before it took. My Laptop installed it on the first try.
  13. I just checked. And got this. 2017-05 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1703 for x64-based Systems (KB4020102)
  14. Both times I replaced all my 275/70/22.5 tires. I told the dealer I only wanted new tire DOT dates. Both times I got tires less then 3-4 months old. They were Goodyear G670's. I run them 10 years before replaced. And they look like they could go a lot longer. Dealer probably sell my 10 year old ones to local farmers. OH!! First replacement were 6 year old Michelin XRV 235/80/22.5 that I had 2 zipper blow outs on. First one a 4 years.
  15. I replaced all 6 of my 22.5" G670 tires at 10 years. New set have another 8 years to go yet before they will be replaced. That Goodyear man likes to sell tires. And I wouldn't buy anything at his shop.The G670's have a 7 year warranty on cracks. Why would anyone want to replace them while still under warranty? Unless you sell them to make $$$$