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  1. I replaced my 1999 sofa a few years ago. It had 4 leg screws in the frame holding it down. The new one had holes in the frame at the same spot to install it with the same screws.
  2. For me a few months ago, billed $2,652.00 for a Medicare approved $150.00. It took one person around 15 minutes to do all the paper work to have me ready for the test. One person to do the test while he was training another for the 1/2 to 3/4 hour the test took. The ultrasound machine is probably all digital now. I have no idea what the hospitable paid for the ultrasound machine. Not sure how the doctor gets all the read out from my test. But he gets it right away and gives me the results of it within a hour after the test. OH! Medicare pays him $54.65 out of the $163.00 he bills to give me the results, price is including his nurse giving me a blood pressure test in both arms and asking me many questions and inputting them in a computer. Then later when I get home I can go on line and see the info from the visit. In April I will be going through the same test again. And all billing will probable be the same. Of total billed($561,879.16) over 5 years Medicare & my supplemental Insurance has paid the below percent of billed each year. 2012 19.76% 2013 23.10% 2014 4.17% 2015 10.22% 2016 8.82%
  3. What does the Mobley do the Audiovox doesn't? Both plug into the OBDII and the Audiovox even comes with FREE Roadside Assistance. Both have the unlimited Internet.
  4. Did it have 2 Green lights before you rebooted it? May see if it happens tomorrow morning. The other day mine lost the Internet and I done a reboot(unplug/plug) to get it back. But it doesn't happen every day.
  5. Mobley can only connect to 5 devices. Connected to a router can add many more.
  6. I have been using Pressure Pro over 12 years now. I did replace the still working 9 years 6 month old sensors right before a summer trip. I have never had a sensor stolen and the now over 12 year old monitor is still working, but it doesn't give tire temp's like the newer monitors do. When on a trip I check pressure in all 10 every morning before getting on the road.
  7. Equal with filtered valve stems and it moves around inside the tire. Any stones that get lodged just changes where the Equal moves too on the inside. I have used it in 275/75/22.5 G670's for over 12 years now with no problem. Just found out they have went to a new product Equal Flexx that doesn't need a filtered valve stem and it works with tire sensors with no problem.
  8. Fleetwood started back in the late 90's putting a Energy Management System in their 30AMP vehicles. In mine you could run both AC's(13.5K-11K) at the same time and if you turned on the microwave it would shut power off to one of the AC's until the microwave shut off then the AC would start again. That worked very good until I replaced the 13.5K with a 15k heat pump and the 11K with a 13.5k After that I added another 30AMP breaker box to run the 15K heat pump and a stand alone Ice Maker. And I can switch those back to the OEM breaker box when traveling and going to use the generator.
  9. I bought a New Mobley at Best Buy and went across the street to a AT&T store. They took out the new sim card and put another one in it and activated it. But I have no idea how old the sim card in it was.
  10. MT. Minimum Wage for 2017 is $8.15 a hour 2 People at 15 hours a week each is 30X$8.15= $244.50 or $978 a month 2 people at 20 hours a week each is 40X$8.15= $326.00 or $1,304 a month.
  11. Activation Charge + Fees & Taxes is AT&T's. First Bill due March 26th Monthly Charges - Mar 6 thru Apr 5 1. Unlimited Data 20.00 Other Charges and Credits Account Activity 2. Mobile Share Advantage 1GB 4.00CR Credited from 03/02 - 03/05 3. Access for Vehicle WiFi Hotspot 4G LTE 1.33CR Credited from 03/02 - 03/05 4. Unlimited Data 2.67 Charged from 03/02 - 03/05 5. Mobile Share Advantage 1GB 4.00 Charged from 03/02 - 03/05 6. Access for Vehicle WiFi Hotspot 4G LTE 1.33 Charged from 03/02 - 03/05 2.67 Total Account Activity One-Time Charges Date Description 7. 03/02 Activation Fee 25.00 Surcharges and Other Fees 8. Administrative Fee 0.76 9. Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge 1.25 Total Surcharges and Other Fees 2.01 Total Other Charges & Credits 29.68 Total for Wireless accounts 49.68 SURCHARGES AND OTHER FEES In addition to the monthly cost of the rate plan and any selected features, AT&T imposes the following other charges on a per line basis: (1) federal and state universal service charges, (2) a Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge of up to $1.25 to help defray its cost incurred in complying with obligations and charges imposed by state and federal telecom regulations, (3) an Administrative Fee to help defray certain expenses AT&T incurs, such as interconnection and cell site rents and maintenance, and (4) other government assessments, including without limitation a gross receipts surcharge and a Property Tax Allotment surcharge of $0.20 - $0.45 applied per Corporate Responsibility User's assigned number. These fees are not taxes or government-required charges. See Monthly after the March 26th bill starting April 26th $20 Other AT&T Surcharges $0.31 Federal Universal Service Fund $1.14 Administrative Fee $0.76 Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge $1.25 911 Fee $0.40 State & Local Tax $2.93 Total Monthly Charges $26.79
  12. My first new customer bill for the no contract is $49.68 to be charged to my CC on 3/26 Service started 3/2-3/5 with a $2.67 activity charge $29.68 Activation charge $20 monthly charge. Bought the Mobley at Best Buy and it has the 1.0.1 filmware that I have changed to never off. AT&T store set up the $20 22GB unlimited account and I set up the payment for it on line. No question was ever asked if I had DirecTV or not. But if they check they would see that I do.
  13. They start you off with three fluffy buttermilk pancakes and then deliver them hot, two at a time, until you’ve had your fill. The 3 have 650 Calories and the 2 after that add another 450.
  14. Above post I was using Wilson Weboost 4G with a Sure Call antenna on top of the Batwing.. AT&T -91-94 T-Mobile -93 Sprint -102 NO Verizon data signal. Since I got tired waiting for the Maximum to come out and got the Weboost 1 year or more before. I can't see spending another $650 for the Max after I already had a WiFiRanger mini that works good at all campgrounds so far that have WiFi.
  15. You can also get different results depending on what towers you are using for the test. Not all towers are the same My AT&T Mobley where I am at. Download :: 3.4 Mbps 423 kB/s Upload :: 8.2 Mbps 22GB + $26.79 Sprint Download :: 1.53 Mbps Upload :: 2.28 Mbps Unlimited Data, text, voice on iPhone 7 + 3GB Hot Spot $67.61 Exede Satellite 7.32 Mbps Down 5.23 Mbps Up 12GB + $60.69 My Verizon hot spot doesn't work at this location. 4GB $40 T-Mobile ZTE M64 17.3 Mbps Down 3GB $30 I can move 10-11 miles to another Sprint tower and get 30-40 Mbps down.