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  1. Does the Dyno give HP & torque at the drive wheels?
  2. My next AT&T bill on 4/26 in Florida and all after will be $22.01 including tax & fees. I only have the Mobley, no other service from them. NO add on. No $20 for access.
  3. Call back and get a different customer rep. And see if you get the same answer.
  4. Comes in 6 different sizes. Or many different inside sizes. Didn't find a link in OP, so don't know what kind of hose he is talking about.
  5. Just hope it all clears up the OP on what he needs to buy. A 50AMP Hardwired EMS Surge & Electrical Protection will work on whatever 120V AMP he plugs into at campgrounds.15-20-30 or 50(or is it 100?) is available at many campgrounds. But Progressive does call their Hardwired a "Electrical Management System" (EMS) on their web pages. Not a "electoral management system"
  6. I sent Progressive a email and ask what their EMS in their model description is for. Received this reply back from them. From: Hi, Good morning! EMS stands for electoral management system. Thank you. Anthony So Progressive "EMS" it is different then " Energy Management System" as many think it means.
  7. A lot of 30 & 50 AMP 120V RV services have a EMS " Energy Management System" That has nothing to do with surge protection or over/under Volts from shore power. The ones with Surge Protection and under/over voltage protection. The manufactures(Progressive) call them "Surge Protector" They are 2 different controllers of 120V in a RV. And are called by different names. Energy Management System and Surge Protector. But both do manage 120V.
  8. This is not cheap, but I have used it for years. Freightliner OEM batteries installed on their chassis come with it or use to. It is a spray on paint that you will have no more corrosion at the post if covered real good. I use it on 2 chassis and 2 6V house batteries. One can has lasted so far on replacements two times and still some left in the can. I have never needed to clean post ever after applied good. Glyptal Red Insulating Paint Aerosol A google search may find it cheaper someplace.
  9. You can get it now from MS if you want it. I will wait until later after they are sure the bugs are out of it.
  10. How to clean Atwood water heaters. After draining the tank, because of the placement of the Drain Plug, approximately two quarts of water will remain in the tank. This water contains most of the harmful corrosive particles. To remove these harmful corrosive particles flush the tank with either air or water. Whether using air or water pressure, it may be applied through the inlet or outlet on the rear of the tank or the Pressure Temperature Relief Valve. (If using the Pressure Temperature Relief Valve the Support Flange must be removed). The pressure will force out the remaining water and the corrosive particles. If you use water pressure, pump fresh water into the tank with the assistance of the on-board pump or use external water for 90 seconds to allow the fresh water to agitate the stagnant water on the bottom of the tank and force deposits through the drain opening. Continue adding water and draining until the particles have been cleared from the water remaining in the tank. Altering Atwood Water Heaters If the water heater has been altered the warranty will be void Use of Aftermarket Heating Element Devices (Hot Rods) can lead to an out of control heating of water in the tank and a catastrophic wet side explosion. These devices lack critical safety controls. Personal damage and product damage may result. Aftermarket heating element devices are not necessary with an Atwood Water Heater and will void the warranty. Atwood water heater tanks are constructed of a high strength aluminum. The interior of the tank consists of a .0015 thickness of type 7072 aluminum (pure aluminum and zinc) that is fused to the core during the rolling process. This material protects the tanks from the effects of heavy metals and salts found in waters throughout the country. It is anodic to these heavy metals and acts much like an anode in a steel glass lined tank except it will last much longer. Aftermarket Anode Rods are not required and should not be used and will void warranty I have had Atwood water heaters. And have been using a after market Hott Rod electric heater in one for over 20 + years. That was one of the first things I done when I bought present MH 15 years ago. I did have to replace one heater after it was 16 years old because of a water leak.
  11. I do streaming for hundreds of TV programs. With a Trave'ler on the roof and a DTV Genie inside. No buffering. I do stream Amazon Prime once in a while on my unlimited Sprint data on my iPhone, or the Sprint hotspot on the iPhone for iPad Air or Desktop. I also use at times my unlimited AT&T Mobley or T-Mobil hotspot if non of the others have a signal. If they don't work then I get out the Straight talk Verizon hotspot.
  12. Looks like they got tired of turning on and off of those that want it done it every 2 weeks or less, maybe just weekends. Probably a big PITA for them to do that. My Exede Internet charges me $20 month when I suspend it while I am gone for over 5 months traveling. $5 a month is not much as you still have their leased Receiver and maybe more hardware. You are lucky to get 17 months suspended. As they usually only give up to 6 months and then you start full payments again.. Looks like you would owe them $85 so far plus the $35 turn on. In that time I have gave them over $1,800 Genie plus a H25 feeding 4 TV's with DVR, HD, Whole Home fees. All Full Time in my MH. You could always put DTV in your home and then take a receiver with you in the RV and not worry about those $5 fees.:)
  13. I replaced my MH 2 chassis batteries last time when they started to slow down cranking. They were 9 years old at that time. Replaced the House 2 6V batteries when their charge wouldn't last over 3 hours when electric power was loss. They were 7 years 11 months old. My toad battery started to bring up on the car computer that they were shut down to protect the battery. And it had to be jumped to start. That happened a couple times, then I had enough and took it to Sears for a new battery. At sears they put a load test to it and then told me it was OK and I didn't need a new battery. I told them to go ahead and install a new with more reserve. No problem since. That battery was 2 years 11 months old. But it had went dead a couple of times in the past while towing it. With a charge line that the fuse broke. Before that I changed out the chassis at 7 years 9 months & house 7 years 11 months just because I thought it was time on age. Now I will let them let me know when their time is up. Besides if the chassis batteries quit I can always start the generator with the Aux switch, keep driving to the next campground and then take the toad to get replacements.
  14. I went through 2 of those portable Ice Makers that make soft Ice that watered down drinks fast. For a few more $$ I put in a true Ice Maker that made Ice that stayed hard and I didn't have to keep adding water to it.
  15. I wash mine 2 times a year with a power washer and it will be 19 years old in 4 months. It still looks like it has a few more years of life yet. If yours hasn't lost most of the white and not hardly any black. It is still good yet.