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  1. Wow, I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back. My wife has had a hard time with the cancer surgery and chemotherapy. So I have really been out of the loop. 46 years ago I promised “ in sickness and in health” so now I am getting to care for my bride. yes the Volvo,Smart and MobileSuites are sold. We were one month from 14 years full-time on the road, we loved it but an era has come to an end. Thanks for your graciousness and understanding.
  2. Hi K & M, thanks for your interest. No we have not sold the RV yet. Love to have you come and look. Kent
  3. Good to meet you Dan. I’ll let you know if we sell the MobileSuites. Good luck on finding a toy hauler.
  4. We are currently in Mesa AZ. You that are up in the snow need to come down here, it was 72 degrees today. And supposed to touch almost 80 this week. I’ve dropped the price, $5000. I know it is early to think about summer travels, but now is the time to purchase the ultimate full time complete set up. Several have asked and yes, the truck is pre DEF.
  5. I’ve added more pictures and a short video to our blog: roamingreimers.Wordpress.com “Selling our home of 14 years” also the one before that “End of an era” if you know any one looking for a full time ultimate setup, please let me know. Really appreciate all of you Kent
  6. Thanks for your kind words and prayers, St Aubin. We are in Mesa Az just south east of Phoenix. Great place for the winter. Kent
  7. Thanks for your kind words. Really appreciate it. I’ve put pictures on Wordpress you can find them at; Roamingreimers.Wordpress.com the first set of pictures is titled “End of an era”. I’ll be putting more on in the next couple of days. thanks for your interest in the truck and WiFi ranger... I’m really not ready to part this thing out. Like to sell it all. Never done this before, but if I sell the truck and have to move the RV before it is sold, I’m in a crunch. If it is not sold in a few months I may re think my strategy. But thanks for asking.
  8. After 14 years on the road full time. Our travels have come to an abrupt stop. This is the hardest thing we have done, we love our home on wheels. But cancer, Dr's and recovery lead us to change our life style. I guess with Covid and all the folks that want to quarantine on the road may be a good time to sell. I would really like to sell it all together and will take $2000 off a total price if sold as one unit. We have a solar on our home that has allowed us to be off grid for months on end...water and sewer being our limiting factors. Even with a residential refrigerator, I've set it up very comfortable. We've been below zero and above 100. Off Grid one AC is set with a soft start that will run off the solar and batteries. Love to talk with you if you are interested. Kent
  9. 2016 DRV Mobile Suite 38RSSB3 $91,349. · Upgrade residential Lay-Z-Boy Hide-a-Bed Sofa with air mattress & 2 Lazy Boy Leather Power Recliners · Queen Bed with bedside cabinet on both sides. (b/c of Covid no mattress) · 46” TV, Entertainment Center; Lower part includes two full sized file drawers, a pencil drawer, printer drawer and a fireplace with additional storage behind. · 32” TV in bedroom · WiFi Ranger, Antenna on roof and router in entry closet. · Custom laundry/linen area in bathroom, GE washer and dryer · Corian counter tops, all cabinets are Honey Cherry Wood. · Solar prep upgraded to 4 gage wire, 4 - 255 Watts each solar panels, 1020 total Watts. MorningStar TriStar MPPT-60 charge controller · Magnum Hybrid Inverter/Charger 3000W MSH3012M · Five 100Ah Lithium Ion Batteries. We’ve been months off grid with this system. · Heat pump for 15.0 A/C (1st) with MicroAir EasyStart installed. For low amperage solar usage. · 15 BTU ducted Lo/Pro AC (2nd) · 22cf Whirlpool Residential Refrigerator with a dedicated circuit, 2000W inverter. (Inverter & auto transfer switch in to run continuously from the batteries which are charged from solar. The above solar, battery and inverter system has worked perfectly for off grid living. · Power management system · Surge Protector with Voltage Protection and Remote Display · Commercial Six point leveling system · One touch auto Level-Up side to side hydraulic leveling system · Trail-Air Suspension Pin Box · MOR/ryde I.S. Suspension · 4 step entry · Awning – one Power with aluminum Weathershield · Awning – one manual on dining/living slide with aluminum Weathershield · Slide toppers – on all 3 slides 2003 Volvo VNL630 594023 miles $32,190. · All Volvo Drive train; D12-435, 12 speed 2nd Gen. Meritor Auto shift, Rear Axle 3.580 · Originally well maintained Walmart OTR, · 2 – 150 gal Aluminum Fuel tanks with locking caps · Devco Fuel Pro filter · All Aluminum Wheels · Michelin steers 3years · Yokohama rears 3 years · ThermoKing TriPac Generator · Tire Pressure Monitoring system, all around · New Mattress in sleeper Oil sample analyzed at each oil change, and consistently indicated the engine is in great internal condition. 2010 Smart 4Two $5083. · Clean in good condition, no accidents 71300 miles additional pix at; roamingreimers.wordpress.com
  10. kfrimr

    Pricing to sale

    So how does one go about coming up with a value of an RV or truck when thinking about selling?
  11. Get the replacement flex pipe. It is easy to replace and to cobble something together just delays the inevitable. The replacement flex pipe is stainless steel and for me has lasted a few years between replacements. Kent
  12. Before we started fulltiming over 10 years ago. We visited the factories of over a dozen RV manufactures. We did go to shows and dealers but realized that it could be really easy to focus on floor plan, color and drapes rather that construction and quality of workmanship. There are a lot of compromises in living in an RV. Weight, carrying capacity, holding tank capacity. Already mentioned is the dual pane glass and that adds a lot of weight. We knew that as fulltimes we would not want to pay for an rv park every night for the next, however many, years. So being able to add solar, batteries was important. Batteries are heavy. Add to that, as a fulltimer you have all of your earthly possessions with you. tools, kitchen tool, Suit cases for the possible flight to the kids of Christmas, 7 years of Tax papers, out of season clothes, boots for Christmas with the kids on the ski slopes. All that to say you need to think of your lifestyle, and where you are going. I still work so we sometimes need two vehicles. All that to say there is a lot more to think about than just a home. (RV) Kent
  13. We just moved from sitting at the base of Mt Rainier for the last 4 months, to my Dad's farm in Ferndale WA. My folks are 96 and 93 still living by themselves on the Farm. We come here for a few weeks in the fall to help harvest their huge Gardens. They still home can beans and we eat fresh garden products. We've taken box loads of garden fresh products to the food bank and generally help get the farm ready for winter.
  14. I knew that we could not afford to keep a house and an RV. We had never camped before so this was a huge step of faith on our part. So we put our house up for sale and it sold in 5 days. We didn't have a truck or RV, but we had dreamed for about 4 years. We were 5 months house and home less, but had a number of business trips and travel plans, so we really didn't miss not have a permanent place. We got our Home and Truck 10 years ago and haven't looked back. We have lived the FULLTIME life for 10 years now. We can't imagine living any where else than our little home on wheels. We find that a lot of fulltiming is about philosophy, We don't travel like we are on vacation, we are home. When we stop, everything in the world that we own is with us, so we are at home. We don't eat out like vacation, we like to eat at home. My wife is a great cook. We have nothing stored somewhere. People ask us where we go back to...We don't go back to anywhere, "we go to the next place." We don't travel every day, we usually stay anywhere from a month to 4 months at any one place. When we do move to another place we generally don't travel more than 200 miles in a day, we are at home. I am not retired so we live, office and travel in our home on wheels.
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