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Weighing you RV


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Hello fellow travelers!

I have read that it is very important to know how much you weigh and not overload your RV weight capacity.  Where do I get my RV weighed?  I only know of the random weigh stations you see on the interstates.  Is there a big chain gas station/automotive shop that has that service?  Thanks.

Happy Trails!

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You can get the total weight and the weight of each axle at most truck stops for a small fee. If you ask first they will tell you what you need to do and what it will cost.  If you see one of the signs advertising a CAT scale they have an app for your smart phone. Anyone can use a CAT scale to get an accurate weight of their vehicle or trailer. You'll need to download the Weigh My Truck app and the CAT Scale Locator app. The Weigh My Truck app allows you to put in the CAT Scale code, weigh your truck, pay the fee, and then get on the road without ever leaving your vehicle.  There are currently no additional charges from CAT Scale for using Weigh My Truck. Pricing for U.S. Locations is $13.50 for a first weigh and $4.00 for a reweigh.

It is best to know the weight on each wheel and that is more difficult to find. Both the Escapees Smart Weigh and the RVSEF have portable scales and weigh RVs at many rallies and other locations. There are a few other places and your local RV dealers probably know where, if there are any in your area. There are also some scales that are such that you could weigh the entire RV and then weigh a second time with one side centered on the pads and the other side off of the scale but you will need to ask the scale operator before you do that.

Good travelin !...............Kirk

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The local scrap yards weigh anything on wheels in the next county over. They don't charge me since I sell scrap metal there. One yard can only weigh axles due to configuration; the other is wide open and allows individual wheel weighs.


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I just wondered about this. Our country has a trash/recycling center. Your vehicle is weighed as you arrive and then again as you leave to determine your charge. I wonder if they would weigh if you weren't dropping off a load? Of course, if you are in the process of cleaning out your house preparing to go full time, you may well have a load.


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If you are in a farming community, often the scales are left on after everyone leaves. To find out GENTLY pull on the scale and see if the numbers light up somewhere you are able to see them. Usually it's visible from inside the vehicle, but sometimes I've had to peek in the window (they shut off the outside monitor, but the inside was visible on the desk). Be certain to not pull on rapidly as an error can be triggered and the location may be forced to shut down the scale daily if it happens too often. 

One time during normal business hours I had to pay $10 for a weigh. Next time I just walked in with a dozen donuts. 


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