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Want to insulate these doors.


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You could try the adhesive automotive sound deadening material or the adhesive duct insulation but most are not very thick and don't really give you an idea on their R value. A lot depends on what you are trying to accomplish. With spray insulation you have to watch that you don't get it on the part that overlaps the other side panels, or on the hinges and latches. With foam board, if you get the right adhesive, you would be able to layer it over the latch area to get good coverage there. 

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Thanks for all the information. 

The door latches are a pain and I'd like to think of a way to replace them with a slam latch or something simple to use. Have had to "Fix" these many times and never remember to complain enough about them when at the factory. (They seem to love them). 

I'll dig out the foam I cut and start using it again. Will be in SEMO a bit longer than I expected and I'm sure the temps will drop soon.


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