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Texas Domicile for Current Residents of Texas

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We are going Full Time this Summer.  We have lived in Harris County Texas for 20 years.  Will this simplify establishing our Domicile in Livingston?  

Thanks, we are looking forward to life on the road.

Bob Dees

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Absolutely! Domicile is primarily an issue of state with only minor issues by county. When we went fulltime we were already residents of Tarrant County (Ft. Worth) and the change was just a matter of sending a change of address to the DMV for our driver's licenses, to the motor vehicle department for our vehicle registrations, to our health & vehicle insurance carriers, registering to vote in Polk County, TX all done by mail. We were Polk County residents for nearly 3 years before we ever set foot at Rainbow's End. 

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We were residents of Harris or Montgomery counties for years before we went full time and changed our address to Livingston, TX.  We simply changed our address with DMV, insurance, banks, etc.  We sent the USPS a change of address for our new Livingston address.  We generally manage to get by Rainbows End once or twice a year.

Enjoy your travels.



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Bob, The Wife and I have been fulltiming for two years now, and loving every minute. We have 10,000 miles on our rig now. We were residence of Bastrop County and like others have said for Texas residence it's just a change of address.

Renewing your license plates is easy through the USPS mail or in our travels back to Texas for the winter, we manage to stop by Livingston and get them renewed. Renewing your 8 year drivers license takes a little more planning because you have to do it in person but you can do that anywhere in Texas at a DPS office. 

Enjoy your fulltiming life, the only thing we regret is not being able to do it sooner.

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4 hours ago, Steven@146 said:

Renewing your 8 year drivers license takes a little more planning because you have to do it in person but you can do that anywhere in Texas at a DPS office. 

You may renew a TX driver's license online or by phone as long as you meet the below requirements. The following comes from the state of TX website:

Texas Driver Licenses and IDs, Renewals, and Replacements


Online or Telephone Renewal

The most convenient way to renew your Texas driver license, motorcycle license, or identification card is online or by telephone. You must meet the following requirements:

You have a Texas driver license

You last renewed your driver license in person at a Texas driver license office.

You have a Class C, M, or CM driver license or a Class A, AM, B, BM, C, or CM commercial driver license without a hazardous material endorsement. You cannot renew a commercial driver license with a hazardous materials endorsement online.

Your driver license either expires in less than two years, or has been expired for less than two years.

You are at least 30 days from turning 18 years of age and your driver license is a provisional license.

You are younger than 79 years of age.

Your vision and your physical and mental conditions have not changed in a way that affects your ability to drive safely since your last renewal.

You hold a commercial driver license and your medical certificate on file is valid and not expired.

Your license is valid (not suspended or revoked), and you do not have any warrants or unpaid tickets. To verify your eligibility, visit our License Eligibility page.

You are a U.S. citizen.

Your Social Security Number (SSN) is already on file.


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