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Winterizing Problem


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We de-winterized our RV up to the point of draining the holding tanks this spring.  The tanks currently hold a small amount of water the anti-freeze from the rest of the system.  They were not drained because we had mechanical problems and then family health issues and were unable to use the RV.

Can I leave the tanks as they are?  What should I do with the rest of the system?

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Where you located? Yes drain your tanks for two reasons prevent Freezing and start out fresh some day.  Did you drain the hot water heater? Did you winterize spray nozzles. I didn't and the kitchen sink was almost impossible to find a match.

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. In the tank a small amount does no harm when it freezes, but in the valve body your diluted mixture will freeze and burst your drain valves. Only a few brands state it in OK to dilute their RV antifreeze. Problem is, you don't know the mixture percentages in your tanks.

Do as Kirk said and drain them. RV antifreeze is non-toxic and may be drained onto the ground.


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We left our motorhome at a dealer storage lot. Did so for years. They always took care of the winterizing. Put a sticker on the windsheild to indicate that it had been winterised. One year we returned and when we turned on our pump it ran continuously. On inspection they had left water in the lines. The hard freeze during winter split many lines where they joined or turned. At elbows. Moral is not only drain your tanks but also your lines. (FWIW the dealer replaced all out lines no charge).


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