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Wally EHD and Wifi connection to TV

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There used to be a 2 tb size limit.  Don't know if that still exists or not.  However, I've heard of people using larger and the Wally just recognizing 2 tb.  When you activated it for DVR capabilities, they didn't tell you a limit?  The Wally should format it on it's own.

What do you mean by the wifi connection to the TV?  You can't connect the Wally to the TV by wifi, if that's what you're asking.  The wifi on the Wally is so the Wally can connect to the DISH mothership and authorize pay per view and such as that.  It also allows you to use some of the streaming services on the Wally, if you are subscribed to them.

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I have an extra 2TB EHD so I will use that.

I thought the USB would get rid of the wires connecting the Wally/Hopper to the TV. My misunderstanding. So I need to buy an HDMI cable to connect the Wally to the TV, no way to do it wireless?

I am tired of all the wires needed for everything.

Let me bounce this off of you. We have a Hopper and Traveler, works great until we are in the trees. We are thinking on getting a Wally and Playmaker to get around the tree problem as best we can. Will hook up the Wally to the Playmaker, then the Wally to the TV.

Will this work?



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