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Small Washer Advice--Giantex?


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Hello! My husband and I will be living full time in our RV with our little baby, and I'm looking for an effective, inexpensive washing machine for us. I plan on hanging everything to dry, so I only need the washer, and I don't mind the small capacity. Giantex looks makes several inexpensive, well-rated models that are small enough to fit in the door and not take up the entire closet, but there are obviously other brands as well. Have any of you used the small, apartment-sized washers in your RVs? Any recommendations?

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You didn't say where you would be living.  Just beware that most RV parks do not let you hang laundry out.  Campgrounds are not too picky about hanging towels and swimsuits and such, never seen a full laundry hanging though.

In any case, enjoy your RV life and adventure.

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We have an unusual situation where we're using the RV as housing while we start a ranch. We won't be on the road but parked on leased land so hanging laundry wouldn't be an issue. The priority is just finding a washer that's light on power and water but cleans well. 

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Just get a cheap apartment size washer. We found a used Haire 1600 on Craig's List for $350 and it lasted 7 years at ave 1 load every other day (+1200 loads) before it finally quite ($4 Italian made drum bearing seal that entire world is out of stock on??). We since found a used Splendide W/D and it seems to work good so far. All washers work good, or the companies would soon be out of business.

For CG's that restrict hanging laundry outside, we use a portable folding clothes rack that can be used inside to dry clothes while we sleep at night.

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5 hours ago, Chalkie said:

We have this Giantex washer and find that it works very well. Clothes come out dry enough that hanging the on hangers in the shower will have them dry by the next morning or we have a retractable clothesline that we also sometimes use. 

Giantex on Amazon

Your link didn't work for me. When I searched on Giantex within Amazon I got a whole bunch of machines. So, it might be helpful if you say which one you got.


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