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Attaching a satellite to top of a TT

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Does anyone know of a way I can attach a Dish Playmaker satellite to the top of my TT without attaching it permanently?  I am going to be in an RV park for a long a term period.  Want to have the satellite out all the time but worried it might get stolen.  Is there any way I can attach it to the top of the TT to keep the wind from blowing it off but it would more out of sight?  I don't want to attach it permanently.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

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Maybe putting it on top of an A/C shroud held down with bungee cords would work. I've yet to see any reports of a portable dish being stolen though. Some folks secure them to something solid with a long cable lock or a chain and padlocks.

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The method we used to semi-permantly mount 6' satellite dishes on flat roofs was to put down a rubber mat to protect the roof membrane, then put the dish and it's mount on top of the mat and weight down the base with 4-8 cinder blocks on each leg.  You could do something similar on a smaller scale.  I wouldn't use the a/c shroud, they're just thin fiberglass or plastic.

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Before I had my Class A I had a toy hauler. I often when staying at one location for an extended period of time would place my Dish PathwayX2 on the roof and just run a cable down the outside to the outside connector. I had my toy hauler for almost 5 years and 80% of the time my dish was placed on the ground and never had a theft problem. One time when I was camping at Custer State Park in So Dakota and was inside watching television I thought my dish was being stolen when I lost my signal. I looked outside and a Bison was trying to roll it away but the attached cable prevented him from going more than a few feet. 

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