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  1. Some very good and informative information there - thanks!
  2. I am installing a Husky WD hitch and the hitch ball is supposed to be 1" above the coupler socket. I've gotten it to where it's 1.5" above the coupler socket but if I try to move it to a lower hole on the shank it will drop it down to where it's only .5" above the coupler socket. Since I can't get it exactly to the 1" mark is it better to be 1/2 inch higher or a 1/2 inch lower than the 1 inch mark?
  3. I've just ordered one of these mounting brackets from King. It allows you to mount your dish on the roof for an extended period of time or to quickly remove it. https://kingconnect.com/quick-release-roof-mount-kit-for-king-portable-satellite-antenna/ Here's a 20 second video that will show you how it works -
  4. We are brand new to Escapees and will be picking up our new TT this week - a 30 footer with a single slide. I would like to get some suggestions regarding what we "must have" for the TT along with what would be "nice to have" - things to outfit it with. Our initial goal is to get the travel trailer from the dealer's lot to our home (about 60 miles) where we can then park it and start equipping and getting it arranged properly. I've already had installed a 30 amp service receptacle so that we can plug it in and run everything. Per the dealer's recommendation, we are getting a WD hitch i
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