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My thoughts on a mobile rv tech


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   My intention of this post is to give people my thoughts as inviting a mobile tech into your space.


  I have worked as a mobile rv tech at the North Ranch escapees park for the last 5 winters. So with the (500’ to covid post) I want to explain how in my normal operation of doing rv repair work I could have spread covid quite far.


  Normally me and my wife would shake hands and maybe even hug our friends up hear in Montana before leaving to come to the North Ranch for the winter. So now if I would have left Montana after shanking hands with the Covid positive neighbor, then traveled directly to the North Ranch. Now normally when we pulled in several people would stop by before we even shut the engine off in our truck. Shaking hands and hugging. 


 This space is for you to think about what I could have done to many friends.(.                                                                  )


  just give you a idea how popular I was at that campground.    Heck the dogs would drag there owners to my lot to get petted. They knew that I liked puppies and would give many pets during the day when I was not out working. One day last year I counted 36 puppies stopped by in one day for a pet. Several were repeat petting customers I am sure?

    When this covid thing first appeared in the news I had thoughts of how many different people I would see in a day. So of course some people were talking about it. I was at a customers lot talking to them and the covid thing came into the conversation, there neighbor was there also. The neighbor said well I have been to  Wuhan China. I said when, she said several years ago. At that point I thought how far and fast this could go.  Two years before we stopped at the south rim of the Grand Canyon in early November. Probably 75 percent of the tourist were from Asia. They would fly to Vegas for gambling then take a bus trip to see the canyon.


  I quickly finished a few simple jobs and told other customers I was leaving. Stopped the mobile rv business.


  In years past I have worked on hazmat jobs and other unfriendly Biological work environments.


  So if you invite a mobile rv tech to your place, be careful.



   Vern in a T-shirt 






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My wife and I are taking the COVID situation very seriously, but we have had to have some work done on our MH in the past couple of months.  The tech who did the work both times wore a face shield while inside our MH.  It wasn't a perfect solution, but at least it gave us some protection.  The work needed to be done--one of our 20 year old A/Cs died and we had both of them replaced.

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