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Your post surely makes sense to you but the lack of detail makes it difficult to understand let alone provide input.  The axle manufacturer will be more helpful than the trailer manufacturer.

Lots of experience in these forums but you gotta give some more info.


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It seems you're new here.  It's not unusual for people to struggle with there first few posts.

I have to admit, I had no idea what "108pcd" meant but was able to find this page which educated me:


If you have your owners manual, information about the wheels and tire should be in it. 

I'm not sure which trailer you have.  Is it the the "ultralight 28" a Forest River Rockwood Ultralight 28 foot fifth wheel?  And if so what year?

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A more likely guess as to which RV he has.

Volvo 770, New Horizons Majestic and an upcoming Smart car


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12 hours ago, griffinmike said:

Go to a dealer that sells tires and wheels and ask.

That will be your best bet and the safest. I suggest a non chain dealer for more educated and personal service. They can be found in most smaller cities and usually have a huge pile of used tires surrounding. The larger the pile the more busy they are and the likelihood they will have someone with the knowledge to assist. Sure you can order them on line and have them shipped to you, but then you will have to pay to have the shop to install them sometimes that cost is doubled if you bring in all your on items.  If we don't support the local small dealers they will not survive and we will not have them to call if we happen to have a blowout someday taking the scenic route. 

My youngest brother is an independent dealer for full disclosure. 


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The Gold Volvo is still running and being emptied in July. 

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