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Leaks in air vents


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It will help if we know the answer to rpsinc's questions and make and year of RV. For instance, some older RV's roof can sag where the air conditioner is mounted, which allows water to pool around the gasket and leak into the RV. The gasket is only compressed 1/2 its thickness, more or less can allow a leak.



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  Those drops may be coming from other entrance points. Just coming out of those vents. Last winter I had a similar problem that a customer called me about.

  I looked all over the roof with the customer and would not find anything wrong. So I checked the tightness on the ac units. They were just a tad loose. There was a junction box on the roof for solar. I opened it up and noticed the o ring style seal was not installed correctly. Cleaned it up and where it fit in. Used some pure silicone dielectric grease on it.   

  So the next rain day in Arizona where we were, he called and said it is still leaking. But only in one spot. Then he moved across the street from us.  Looked at the roof very seriously and still could not find anything wrong.

  Apparently it finally dried out. No more leeks. And I have seen that situation happen before.


  Just my thoughts,    Vern in a T-shirt 

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