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Remember BBSes? Here’s How You Can Visit One Today


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With all of the old timers from before Windows here's some nostalgia. remember BBS'? (BBS stands for Bulletin Board System) these old style BBS are fun! I used to

Before the Internet we still had computers and would go to BBS' or to real-time messaging boards. We would dial them up using old modems measured in Bauds. I had a 300 Baud modem with which, on my Commodore 64 or my IBM xt clone, and I used Q-Link and it was fun and boy did they increase my typing speeds! We also had "Official" squadron and base BBS. All of them dialed them up on the phone lines. Some of these can be used with antique computers and modern ones with an emulator app.


"In the pre-Internet era, most BBSes were run by hobbyists on personal computers with modems connected to dial-up telephone lines. Usually, only one person could call and use the BBS at a time (although some multiline BBSes existed).

Why Use a BBS Today?

Sure, you can just jump on Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit to find a community. But if you want a blast from the past, you should try a BBS. Below are just a few reasons why people still use them.


There are no concrete numbers, but hundreds of thousands of people might have used BBSes in the ’80s and ’90s. Today, many people are recalling their early online experiences fondly (and, perhaps, sharing them with their children).

Many would like to relive those times, so they head to a modern BBS. Some hobbyists even use vintage computer systems with a special serial-to-internet adapter to call a BBS."

Click here for the full article with links and how to for BBS':  https://www.howtogeek.com/686600/remember-bbses-heres-how-you-can-visit-one-today/



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