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  1. Power your fridge with propane. Don't try to run an A/C unit on this system, it has it's limits. Doing these two things, you might be able to make the rest of it work.
  2. You're probably either referring to the mechanical slack in the S-cam activator arm on the drums themselves, or the delay in the rather long air line (and pressurization delay) from the gladhand to the brake chambers on a semi trailer.
  3. Nobody separates waste? Poop goes in potty, paper goes in a separate waste container. Heck you can use paper towels, phone books, or corncobs that way...whatever you have...'handy'... 🤠
  4. BnB meaning Big and Beautiful! Wow that place is NICE! Yeah they need to look at something a bit roomier, but still as well made as the TAB. My first choice would be to have them look over the Escape Trailers. There is typically a lead time and deposit required. These are really nice trailers and not a huge leap in cost over a TAB 400. I mean, yeah, they will pay a bit more, most likely, and probably need a bigger tow vehicle than the TAB400 needs....but very worth it in my opinion. I have seen them up close and these things are really nice...and they project a certain....success...I need not explain further. Not as over-the-top as an Airstream, but still very nice. https://escapetrailer.com/#
  5. I know this is not a poll, and I also know my opinion about this is not going to be popular or appreciated here, but I am very much in favor of some level of proper training and then special licensing for legally driving any large, heavy vehicle, over and above the normal operator or car drivers license.
  6. Keep in mind that as we age, sitting for long hours (especially while driving) can get more and more uncomfortable because our glutes and hamstring muscles gradually lose muscle tone..and those muscles carry a lot of the weight and pressure along with providing some cushion for your 'sit bones'. Mainly the point is, that even if you spend $2000 on a seat, don't expect it to be perfectly comfortable for 10 hours a day if you are past about 50 years old. You just gotta take breaks every 2 hours or so. This also helps refresh the mind and reduce the risk of DVT. Yes, spend the money for a good quality seat, but also, use common sense when driving all day.
  7. Sears Seating and Bostrom make some really nice ones, I spent many miles and years on them. They both make a variety of air-ride seats, lots of options. My preference was high back, and high density foam covered in cloth, with swivel-down armrests with adjustable stops on the armrests, and automatic oscillating massager, don't laugh...they feel really good! Make sure you buy one with inflatable lumbar pad and inflatable side bolsters. Be sure to check the fore/aft (slap-back) isolator, and in my case, I like a lock-out lever or knob for the isolator under my right knee..just a personal preference. Sears Seating and Bostrom are kinda mid-pack, not the most expensive, but both are easy to get replacement parts for.
  8. There should be a fuse (marked FAN or FAN CLUTCH) on the firewall (under the hood) that when pulled, will default the fan clutch to ON. If you wired in a thermostat, relay, or switch, in series with that fuse, you should be able to manually control the fan clutch if you (or someone) wants that ability. But the ECM should be able to activate the fan clutch (on and off) automatically as needed, based on various temperature sensors.
  9. I have two subscriptions, as I mentioned earlier. One is a lifetime, I paid around $400 for it...about...I think...10 years ago? Seemed like a lot of money at the time but I was tired of paying the quarterly fee for so many years, I figured, after the merger, then near bankruptcy, and then recovery, I'd take a chance. My other subscription is the 12 month promo, paid one year at a time. Yeah, you have to call to 'cancel' and let them try to talk you into a new subscription. I insist on cancelling, then let it lapse, then renew the next month when the 'new offer' arrives via email. I just re-activate the same radio....I've done this several times, more than 10 years now. It's not a huge amount of trouble, really. BTW us lifetime subs got a little perk thru a recent class action settlement: Actual LIFETIME...not just the lifetime of a few radios. I emailed the class action attorneys asking about lifetime car subscriptions and did get a reply saying they would find out, but so far, I have not heard back. So I'm not sure how that would play out.
  10. Sorry for the 'rant' but it seems odd for people to complain about the audio quality, when it's around the same quality (or better in many areas) as standard FM radio. That's like complaining that a motorhome is not really a 'home'...well for a lot of people it meets their needs just fine. If you don't like it, don't buy it. ' I actually enjoy many of the talk channels, and most of those are simply not available on terrestrial radio. I also still enjoy regular ol' AM and FM too! And for $5 (plus taxes and fees!) a month on the promo plans....(total about $77 a year) what's the issue? For the price of a Starbucks coffee, you can get an entire month, 720 hours of a hundred or more channels available from overhead, almost anywhere you might camp or park, and free included online streaming...there is hardly a 'downside' as I see it. But certainly! All opinions are welcome here.
  11. Compared to highly processed terrestrial FM radio, it's at least as good as that, and doesn't fade as you travel, and most of the music channels have no ads. Compared to a loss-less audiophile quality (analog or digital) musical recording played on a good hi-fi tube amplifier and high quality speakers with lots of headroom, and listened to in a good acoustically neutral sound room by a young person with damn good ears, well of course XM/Sirius wont sound as good. 🙉 Is that a valid reason for a seasoned adult (with typical seasoned adult ears) to NOT listen to it in the average RV or tow vehicle as they cross multiple counties heading to their favorite camping spot? Hold up your hand if you were told and believed that XM radio was designed and engineered for the musical purists out there? None? Didn't think so. It's a good alternative to multipath-prone terrestrial FM radio as one travels across the USA and some of us even listen to it at home! Horrors!
  12. No No No. I have a friend with one and they are very nice little trailers, but yeah...they are LITTLE. Just fine for a couple of weeks or a cross country trip but...full time? Two people? Nope.
  13. Doesn't anyone listen to satellite radio? I love it...I have two subscriptions. 70's and 80's music...easy listening, classic rock...and some jazz and blues tossed in now and then.... Maybe even some country music when I need a bit of twang and drama. Prices are reasonable, depending on what you are primarily interested in. . . . . . Crickets....I hear crickets. Oh well, I tried!
  14. Years ago (back in 2000!) in my old Itasca Class A, I installed a wind-up timer switch in series with the on-off WH switch on the 12v propane side. I drilled a hole and mounted the switch and the plate it came with in an easy to access area, close to the ON-OFF switch panel. I used a 30 min rotary switch because that's all it took to heat water enough to take a quick shower (one person) in the winter. Summer time, I'd wind it to the 15 minute mark. Still plenty hot enough. If you are boondocking, as I was, it's a good way to save propane. You just leave the rocker switch ON and control the WH with the wind-up switch. And you never ever have to worry about it again. If yours has the 120v element, you could control that side with a separate wind-up switch, as long as the current rating is adequate.
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