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  1. I saw that too...they want my $900 before they 'give it away' to me.
  2. Are you wanting to add a starting module? If so, 2 or 3 batteries will be fine with that module.
  3. podwerkz

    Hamburger Soup

    Keto friendly! 😉
  4. That's a good thing! .....especially if you want a big ticket loan in the future.
  5. You might look into a loan from your 401k, that is if you have one and if your employer allows it. It's not the best option, but it might be AN option. Good luck.
  6. In 2014 there was an explosion and fire deep inside the WIPP containment caves....clouds of radioactive smoke poured out, workers were exposed, downwind residents were evacuated, nearby roads were closed...I bet NO ONE...ZILCH...ZIP...reading this knows what the hell I'm talking about UNTIL they google it. It was not well covered by the mass media at the time. And unlike others here, I don't copy and paste a wall of text knowing everyone will scroll past it anyway. But I knew about this event (and was in the area) as it was happening. This is one of the troubling aspects of nuclear energ
  7. Fukishima or 3 mile or Chernobyl in my neighborhood? NIMBY and proud of it.
  8. Huh...well why didn't I think of that? Oh wait...I did. As I stated in my first post in this thread, I wont be ordering it, unless they can come up with a more robust antenna suitable for fixed use.
  9. 'Tested' at 75 mph, but rated for much less....heck the wind is blowing here at about 50 mph right now as I type this. We can get 90 mph winds 2 or 3 times a year where I live. And 50-65 mph winds are fairly common. Starlink says that it's best to remove the dish and secure it against damage during storms. Huh? Well I'm not gonna climb up on my roof every time we get a few raindrops....maybe I need to dig a big hole in the ground and bury it with the dish just about even with the ground level...but then I need a sump pump in case it rains....yeah they just need to come up with something l
  10. If they can come up with a more robust fixed antenna, then they might get some of my money. Dishy McFlatface as currently configured will not hold up to the elements out here in BFE. Maybe the new vehicle mount antenna would be more durable...but it needs to be 'user installable'.
  11. Any chance you have a dog that likes to sit near the detector? If that's not the cause, then maybe it is just time to replace it...they have a life-span of around 5 years...maybe your 3 years plus whatever time before you owned it has passed the 5 year mark.
  12. When it comes to heating a shop or garage, I use a 'torpedo heater'...they dont cost all that much, they heat things up FAST, and they plug into a standard120v outlet....no 12v supply needed. I buy farm diesel and mix it 50/50 with kerosene. Works great. Downsides? It IS noisy (sounds like a small turbine engine!) but it only has to run for 10-15 minutes to heat the space up nicely. And of course, you can't use a torpedo heater in a closed-in space for long, it's just too stinky...
  13. THE way to fix all this is that the Texas legislature needs to pass laws that make cold temps below zero, illegal. Problem solved.
  14. A range has an oven down below and burners on top. A cooktop is just the burners on top. Which do you need? If you are only having trouble with the igniter, may I suggest keeping a grill lighter or oven matches nearby. I bought and installed the Furrion 3 burner cooktop and the igniter on it works well, and I like the controls (10%-100%) and the gas safety cutoff if a flame blows out. Just FYI, having a safety thermocouple on each burner means that you do have to hold the knob pushed down for several seconds after the burner ignites. It's a mid-priced unit, not the best but ce
  15. If you still have the gladhands mounted and they are still functional as supply and service, then why not buy a 50 foot hose with a gladhand and air coupler (and/or tire inflator chuck) on it? These will work for light duty jobs. You can buy them at nearly any large truck stop.
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