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  1. 'Off-pavement' or 'off-highway' use is what you probably have in mind, when you say 'off-road'. Hard packed dirt roads, gravel roads, etc, are still 'roads' Building a class 8 truck tractor for true 'off-road' (meaning NO ROADS AT ALL) gets really expensive, really fast.
  2. Simple rule of thumb that can help to keep you out of trouble: Choose a trailer with a GVWR that is below 80% of the towing capacity of the tow vehicle.
  3. Certainly there is a balance that might be tolerable. Maybe a few days in each location might be enjoyable. But staying in 5-7 different rooms every week would be as lousy as staying in the SAME motel room for weeks on end....or so it seems to me. Motels and hotels suck. They just do. Maybe a cottage, condo, cabin, BnB, yurt or even a teepee(!), etc might be a bit better...but barely.
  4. For about 5 years I did a job where I was in a different motel room 4, 5 or sometimes 6 nights a week. So I stayed in about 250 or more, motel rooms per year. THAT GOT OLD. You will learn to hate that in short order. Someone who has stayed in a few motel/hotel rooms per year might think, 'no problem'. But it becomes a problem when repeated that many times a year. It is NO fun.
  5. Well, technically, yes, but if you don't have at least $12,400 filing as single (more if married) worth of deductions then you will see no reduction in your taxes due.
  6. I've used TurboTax for years ever since my previous CPA retired... Two areas where TurboTax fell short is figuring the 'per diem' deductions for transportation workers, and figuring basis and P&L (capital gains and losses) for employee stock purchases, and then later on selling some of the stock. I had to go outside the program and acquire documents and information on other websites, in some cases waiting days or weeks for information, then do a LOT of 'ciphering' (I had Jethro on speed dial!) then return to the program and enter my results into the program in the right places.
  7. Yes, I know how it works. The point I was making is the nonsense (in my opinion) of making a person pay state taxes based on what state they happen to temporarily be in when they earned that income.
  8. Can you imagine if they tried that nonsense with interstate truck drivers? They are earning money in a lot of states in the course of a year...
  9. Diesel pumps have one or two inline fuel filters so those should catch any floating debris, and the pickup tubes in the underground tanks are above the bottom, so they don't normally suck up much debris. Unless someone went to a lot of trouble to bypass the filters (virtually no chance of that) you should be getting clean fuel even if a tanker is offloading fuel.
  10. Yes, completely accurate. I said MOST. There are a subset of primarily FPV drones, especially the ATV transmitters (for analog video) that some are (or were) supplied with, that make an amateur license necessary. But this tiny subset of drones on the market does not qualify as 'most'. The majority of this thread deals with camera drones for photography or spotting things from the air....not racing drones using FPV goggles...which is a distinct (and seperate) segment of the hobby. My statement was directed to the potential buyer who will be buying a typical high quality, GPS equipped drone
  11. Most commercial drones (the ones we buy off the shelf or online) these days operate on the ISM bands, typically 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz...no license needed...as long as power limitations are adhered to. The same bands used for wifi and bluetooth and oh yeah...microwave ovens!
  12. I wish flexible panels were called 'conformal' panels. They will 'conform' to a curved surface and last for a while. But if they are constantly 'flexed', they will fail within the first year or two, depending on the frequency and amount of flexing. Many of the suppliers are long gone, vamoose, awol, cancelled, by the time you need warranty replacements. This is exactly why nearly all of them have weird brand names we have never heard of.
  13. Where I am, 100 gallons or more of propane gets you the bulk rate, around 70c cheaper per gallon, and delivered...check to make sure, but a 120 gallon tank might be just big enough to get you the bulk rate where you are.
  14. Generally speaking, installing aftermarket (probably chinese) LED bulbs into fixtures originally intended for incandescent bulbs results in degraded lighting performance....not to mention the electrical problems you are having. I'd put the normal bulbs back in (use bulb grease) and move on to the next upgrade.
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