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1999 Volvo VNL 610, Cummins N14, Eaton Super 10.

When going down the road the warning buzzer goes off.  No lights indicating issues.  Air pressure 105 to 120, recently changed dryer butt that didn't stop the issue. Oil level up and pressure about 40. Coolant level up. Buzzer just comes on for 5 seconds to several minutes and then goes off. May stay off for rest of trip or may come back on for the 5 seconds to several minutes again. May not occur during the next  trip. Nothing I can see that is consistent each time.  Does not seem to be affected by bumps in the road.  

Thanks for any ideas as to what is causing this and or possible fixes. 


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What I found when investigated was an ABS code.  This led me around for awhile trying to diagnosis the parts and pieces was that I had 1 wheel position that was intermittently reading.  My issue was a bad wire at the module on the rear frame member.

Tommy was able to clear the code for me.  The other item to check is the antifreeze levels, make sure the tank is above the minimum level.  Next would be the ground cables from the starter to ECM to ground. there are several there.

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Check battery voltage in the gage mode.  When my alternator started to fail, my 2001 Volvo did that.


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