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Window install in a Volvo 670 sleeper


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Anyone install  windows in a Volvo 670 sleeper? They come with just vents in the sleeper. I'm pretty sure RV windows would install just fine. Wondering if anyone has done it and could share the experience.



Robert & Lisa
'14 Keystone Fuzion 315 38' 5er

2015 Volvo VNL 670, D13, iShift 'The Tartis' (ours)

2013 Smart Fortwo Passion 'K-9'

2011 CanAm Spyder RT Limited (Ours)

We are both USAF vets.


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I put some in my 630.





Most RV windows are made for a thin wall. I made a spacer box out of wood/MDF to account for the thick walls of the Volvo cab. I used windshield urethane to glue the wood box to the inside of the wall, them the same for the window itself to the outside. I ended up making new wall panels for the inside of the sleeper as there were a bunch of extra holes from the cabinets I removed. The trim rings for the RV windows were screwed the the wood window frame clamping the wall panel in place.

There are stiffeners inside the wall that limit how big of a window you can put in unless you move them. Also, the sleeper control panel had to be moved in mine to make space for the window. There was enough wire harness to let me do that.

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