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leaking black water tank


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Can the fitting coming out of the b/w tank be replaced. Is it glued in. Got a leak where fitting comes out of tank. how big job is it.

thanks in advance.

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I forget which type of plastic those type tanks are usually but it is important to know.  On my original trailer years ago I repaired what sounds like the same issue with a product called MarineTex.  It is a type of epoxy.  I was successful but I may have been a little lucky as I did not know back then that it can be important to know the type of plastic.  The tricky part was to get it dried out enough and clean enough.  I flushed and drained the tank well. Then I had to turn the water off and propped the flush valve open and aimed a small fan down the toilet.  It still took at least several days at least for it to quit dripping.  I had cleaned most of the area while it was still dripping so I only had a small area to clean when it stopped  dripping and was completely dry. Then I mixed the epoxy and applied as directed.  I still think I might have been lucky a little.  There are all types of epoxy so some others may work.  I believe one is advertised to even be able to stop a leak in a gasoline tank that is still dripping but I am not sure.

As Randy said many can be plastic welded.  I had one repaired by someone experienced and it was a black one. I think it is ABS plastic.  It is on my 1997 Sunnybrook TT.  The guy that did mine repaired all kind of plastic tanks of all sizes a many different uses so was very experienced.  He was the one that told me it was important to know what kind of plastic the tank was made of.  I was up under the trailer with him holding the light for him and passing a few things as needed so I watched closely.   I believe with just a little practice I could do it but since I needed it "right now" and did not have to buy any tools or materials I was glad to pay to have it done.  This was quite a few years ago but I think he was going to charge me $100. to come out and do it in place.  When he saw I was volunteering with the local forest service district and  I had the rig ready to go and properly blocked he knocked it down to $80.  Most of the tanks he worked on were large commercial tanks and did RV's occaisionally if he wasn't backed up.

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Mine broke loose at then top on our 06 3400.It was a black tank  we use the proper glue and it held. Lesson learned from that was to dump the black tank often as well as the other tanks.

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