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Escapees preferred financing company


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We found a 2015 class a motorhome for sale from an individual, this is our first time RVing I wanted to check and see if there is a preferred financial lender that members use. Is there one company any better than the other?

we live in Florida, I don’t know if that makes a difference.


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2 hours ago, Kirk W said:

Take a look at the commercial members list to see who is there. There is no financial company on the endorsed vendor list, but Alliant Credit Union has a very good reputation with members. 

Alliant has a good reputation as does Essex Credit (Bank Of The West). We've had very good experience working with Essex Credit and they cater to full-timers (RV and boat).


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We used Essex to finance a DRV from a private party.  They committed to doing all the leg work to register the unit in the state we wanted but never did it.  My wife had to make 3 trips to that state to accomplish that task, and Essex(Bank of the West) never returned any funds that they must have ear marked for that task.  Nor did they apologise for their lack of completing this task.  It soured the opinion for that institution and we paid it off as soon as we could.

Fast forward to this year.  Looked at a refi on some rental property and BOTW was the best option.  Because of our previous experience and the lack of completion of the task that was an important to us and a significant part of the reason why we chose them, we decided to not continue with them due to lack of trust.

They do sell ALOT of loans, but we will use other avenues if possible.


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When I purchased my Class A three years ago I tried to finance it with Allient and Essex but both turned me down. I have a FICA score over 800, was putting a $100,000 down and they still said no, because I am retired and all my income comes from rental property. The dealer caller Bank of the Ozarks and I was approved in a half hour 

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