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  1. We found a 2015 class a motorhome for sale from an individual, this is our first time RVing I wanted to check and see if there is a preferred financial lender that members use. Is there one company any better than the other? we live in Florida, I don’t know if that makes a difference. Thanks
  2. We are looking for a Canyon Star 3953 in the 2016-2018 age range, preferably a 2018. Thanks,
  3. This is amazing, you guys are bringing up stuff I never thought of. Thank you so much for all of your valuable input.
  4. Sorry, I should have specified, our home is in Fort Lauderdale,
  5. My job is changing and we have the opportunity to rent out our home and move into a motorhome for a couple of years. We will relocate 3 hours away from our home, and one possibility is to live in state parks or rv parks near my new job. If we do this, how do I keep my homestead exemption? I will have to forward my mail, will that trigger an alarm with the county property officials? How can I vote in my home district? Is there somewhere I can go to find answers to these questions that new full timers have? I would like to avoid making mistakes, and do this correctly the first time. I appreciate the advice of those who have already made this journey. Thanks,
  6. Thanks everyone, I appreciate your experience and insight.
  7. Thanks Kirk W, Twotoes and Dutch_12078 for your great advice, any suggestions on a lender?
  8. We are looking at purchasing our first RV. I found a used motorhome in NY, we live in FL. My question is how does the paperwork process work? I will have to get a financing company as I cannot pay cash. I am not familiar with the process or how the paperwork works. Any advice? Thanks,
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