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Battery Problems?


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I have 2 brand new Deka AGM 79Ah batteries installed in my trailer.

The trailer has been store 2.5 months. First month I had been able to get out weekly and leave on a solar panel for a few hours and get 99% charge. In between I unplugged negative cable. Batteries was turned off inside trailer too.

3 weeks ago I brought both home and charged them with a high quality CTEK charger. Both connected I'd charge to 100% leave on trickle for a few days, un plug and monitor voltage daily. When down to 12.4v I'd recharge.  This would take 3-4 days. Left the pair on charger the past 4 days and then installed in trailer to turn on fridge (using propane). I went back 4 hours later to confirm fridge cooling down and checked the batteries. Trailer battery volt meter said 11.8 volts! Multimeter 12.4v.....

Should a battery set deplete 25% (charts say 12.4v is 75% capacity) in  4 hours? I confirmed the fridge is on propane and that should hardly use any battery power....

I'l know more tomorrow but am leaving town and if the hint of an issue I want to get to the dealer Monday before heading out.


Anything about this raise serious concerns?



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Not if they stated in new condition but they may not have been. To measure battery voltage accurately you should let it rest with no current flow for at least an hour or two, both after changing and when in use. Quite likely, if you open circuit the battery and let it sit the resting voltage will rise. 

Good travelin !...............Kirk

Full-time 11+ years...... Now seasonal travelers.
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