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MaxBrake Instructions


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Wondering if anybody could provide me a scan or photo of the CAL instructions for a MaxBrake?  When I sold my HDT, I left the instructions in the truck.  Since then, I've scored a used one to install on my farm pickup, I had the hydraulic sensor and everything, just needed to get it on the truck.  I had a 250 mile trip to pick up a small tractor, so I knew the original "stupid" controller on the LDT would not cut it.   Got the MaxBrake mounted no problems...and it worked as well as on the HDT, just could tell it isn't calibrated just right.  (Yes, they really are the best braking controller!) 

If anybody could share the CAL instructions for calibrating the brake pressure sensor, I'd really appreciate it.

EIEIO---the head unit you sold me works great.  The problem was apparently the wiring for the air pressure sensor.

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It worked great Rick.   Feel your pain on the 6 new tires...of course the LDT its a little easier to tell when the brakes lock up!   Only brake "problem" I had was when some idiot in a minivan pulled out of a drive right in front of me.  Thankfully empty at the time...I looked back after I got slowed down enough and blue smoke was billowing off the trailer tires.   Other then that, nice smooth solid braking empty or loaded...just had to turn the knob to the right pressure!

I did blow a tire--no idea why as the load wasn't that great (7500 lb load on a 12K trailer).   Goodyear wrangler 235-85-16 Load range E tires, looked new.  Properly inflated, 60 mph.   Only thing I could guess is It hit something, sidewall blew.   I had a spare, but was an old tire.  Limped down the road 10 miles to a truck repair place, got a 235-85-16 load range G 14ply trailer tire, 110psi, 4400 lb max, no speed rating I can find.  Nice tire for $152!  Guy sold it to me said he's putting it on all the heavier trailers as its holding up way better than the E tires...basically a semi trailer tire in a 16"

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