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M2 dash heat controls


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I have a 2006 M2 with 82,000 miles. The knob that directs the air flow through the dash for foot, dash, and defrost has no effect. Air always comes out of the dash vents. Makes it tough to drive through freezing rain or snow with no defrost. I also have a 2005 M2 box truck with the same problem. What is the common cause for this?   Thanks

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Most common failure points for this type of system are; Control knob, actuator, and wiring. In that order.

I have been wrong before, I'll probably be wrong again. 

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On 2/24/2019 at 8:25 PM, DonCoyote said:

What did you do to improve it? Was there anything in particular?

Yes.. i found the flaps not fully closing.  Improved considerably. 

I also put a shut off valves on the hot water tubes  going through the dash. When it becomes warm, I shut them off and the a/.c improved.

I also installed an old style metal fan on my dash, on a board.. plug it into a 12v plug. I like air blowing on me so everyone in the cab is now happy. It also looks OEM.



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