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Atwood air commander


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Hello I just signed up so I'm very new here ....

Help I have the attwood air commander 1361 13.5k cooling btu ( ducked)with heat pump only 3 years old. I have it in a 1998 Dutchman 34 ft travel trailer.  I just can't seem to get this thing wired up properly. I have the electric  hooked up the ac works fine. This year is the first time I ever used the heating. It's the heat I can't get right, my tstat LED light is red when I put it on heat. the heat comes on but it's doing the same thing coming on and cutting right off. so I don't use it cause of the red heat light. I have this camper setup semi perm. ( don't travel with it anymore). I have a 4 year old atwood furnace in this camper on a separate tstat. This air commander is calling for the (2) 1 pos 1 neg blue wires coming from it to be connected to camper wiring for 12volt power, along with the red wire and black wire for 115 ac. That's how I got it's hooked up but on the air commander tstat the heat setting LED light is red. My furnace works fine on the camper, I just use it in very cold days. Wanting to save on propane by using the heat on air commander unit. I hope you guys can help

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18 hours ago, bashee said:

This air commander is calling for the (2) 1 pos 1 neg blue wires coming from it to be connected to camper wiring for 12volt power, along with the red wire and black wire for 115 ac.

bashee, we discussed here recently how the color codes aren't well standardized in the RV industry, so I cant say what color wires mean what, but that being said, red and black for 115 VAC and the two blues for 12 VDC is NOT what I would expect although they may well be correct ???

 If you're unsure, Id take a voltmeter and insure you indeed have 12 VDC at the correct polarity (the two blues) where required and likewise 120 VAC (red and black) is actual and correct. If not that could contribute to incorrect operation. As always in these RV troubleshooting steps, ITS SO OFTEN A BAD/LOOSE/RESISTIVE CONNECTION ESPECIALLY A GROUND that causes problems, check them while you're at it. 

 John T   Live from SKP Headquarters in Livingston Texas where it got down to like 29 last night brrrrrrrrrrrrr. I'm dry camped and it was rainy n cloudy all day yesterday but sun today yayyyyyyyyyyy my four solar panels charged my batteries to 100% SOC early this morning....

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I have the Air Command heat pump and the Atwood dealer that sold and installed it cannot make the heat pump work correctly. Atwood/Dometic service is worthless.  It is the worse $ 1000.00 I have ever spent.  It has 4 sensors in the unit and I think that they were installed in the wrong locations.  Plus I think the baffle was either not installed or installed incorrectly.  At 50 degrees outside temp it will not raise the inside temp.....The heat pump will only run for about 2 minutes then shuts off and the fan cycles on an off for 10+minutes then the compressor comes on again.  The cycling continues.  It is a good thing we have a propane heater.......my other gripe is in A/C mode the fan runs continuously.....

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 This is just my thoughts on the situation.


 I think the installer does not want to waste his time on it. Or he is not a registered dealer.

 Ask the installer for his dealer number.


  I am a Atwood/ Dometic dealer. If you do not have a dealer number they may not give all the information that is needed. They will talk a registered dealer through the problem.


 Just my thoughts,.   Vern

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I have seen some "dual fuel" heat systems that utilize BOTH an electric heat pump PLUS auxiliary heat (like gas) have programmable thermostats where you can set/program at what outside temperature the heat pump is disabled and ONLY the auxiliary heat (like Gas) operates. Typical settings in my area are 30 or 35 or 40 degrees and if its below that the heat pump is disabled. Take a look at your manual and any adjustable T stat settings concerning outdoor temperature and heat pump (LOCK OUT) operation.

ALSO I have seen dual fuel (heat pump & gas) systems where if you set the T stat OVER 2 or 3 degrees ABOVE  room temperature the heat pump will disable and the gas ONLY come on. That control can be over ridden (allow heat pump to work) if you ONLY set the T stat to 1 or 2 degrees above room temp at a time and repeat that process. Once up to temperature then the setting of 30 or 35 or 40 etc will dictate when the heat pump is disabled and ONLY gas works.

Try setting the T stat ONLY 1 or   2 degrees above room temp at a time and see if the heat pump works ??? If not  see if your T Stat has an adjustment for heat pump lock out versus outside temperature 

 NOTE this may or may NOT be relevant to YOUR unit, I'm ONLY saying I've seen "some" dual fuel systems work this way

 NOTE since yours is an existing gas furnace NOT a real true original factory DUAL FUEL system this may not apply HOWEVER perhaps the controls and t stat and dual fuel circuitry might perhaps apply and work in a similar fashion like a factory dual fuel control setup ?????????????? CONSULT ATWOOD AND THE CONTROL CIRCUITRY NOTTTTTTTTTTT ME LOL  Perhaps your controls are NOT in any way related or tied together in which case NONE OF THIS APPLIES   its ONLY for a true Dual Fuel control system that locks out the heat pump at certain temperatures

 John T   NOT any HVAC expert so take this with a grain of salt, ask the HVAC experts


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 I think I got ahead of my self with the previous statement.


 So I looked on line for a Dometic dealer in my home town. I was listed there. So if you search online you can see who is a dealer.


  This may help with the problem it may not.


 So if a dealer calls in with the model and serial number it will be on record for that unit. So if that unit is worked on by another dealer he can find what has been already done.


   Just saying,.   Vern

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