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Beat cold weather RV with bunks?


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Hello! My family and I are moving to southwest Montana soon and are looking for a cold weather rv. We have two small kids and would like one with 2-4 bunks so they can sleep there and possibly pull the two spare ones out to renovate into play area. My husband would prefer a TT over a 5th Wheel, but we are open to suggestions. Thanks!

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I have not seen an RV that qualifies in my mind as a cold weather home.  These RV's are usually designed to be transported as the primary design parameter and this tends to limit wall, ceiling and floor parameters.  In other words the insulation and air sealing is not equivalent to standards used in modern construction for cold climates.  Where we live in Colorado the climate is mild by Colorado standards and our neighbors tried to live in a TT through the winter.  It was not pretty!  The heating g bill for propane and electric was very high, yet the TT was not comfortable.  Frozen water lines were a common occurrence despite many extra additions such as hay stacked around the perimeter..   There are better RV's than the one they chose but I haven't seen one that I thought would be a good choice for cold weather. Our neighbors probably would have been better off renting a home.  The high heating Bill's would have nearly covered the cost of a rental.  That spring  brought another surprise, divorce. 


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One thing to keep in mind regarding the beds in cold climates - yours and the bunks - is that in cold weather the walls will gather moisture from your breathing and general body heat.  This can cause mold to form if not addressed daily by wiping the moisture off when out of bed and it also helps to pull the mattresses away from the wall to let them air out during the day. . . a couple inches is sufficient.

Also, entry level RVs will typically have single pane windows. They will even cause ice to form inside during the night from all the moisture generated during the day - cooking, showers.  It helps to wipe them down in the morning otherwise mold can form in the window tracks or around the windows on the walls.

Propane for heat generates moisture.  The best you can do for a cold-weather RV is to get one with good insulation and with double pane windows.  Good luck!

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I see you are looking for a cold weather RV.  Is this for occasional winter camping or are you going to live in it all winter?  I live next door in Norf Dakoota, while we do get a little colder than where you are going, there is no way in heck I would attempt it in winter, esp. with kids.  There are a few hardy people over in ND oil country that do it, but I have not talked to a one yet that did not regret it.  If you are going to set one up, run electric and dig a septic (another big winter problem connecting to one with out freeze-up), water (again, not fun nor easy), IMHO, you can get a mobile home better setup for winter than an RV.  A used one, good enough to keep you happy/warm, often times are less $$ than an RV.  Set one on the side of the property out of the way if you plan on eventually building a house there.  Like mentioned before, seriously, rent a house/apartment for about the same payments as a nice, arctic insulated camper (even those do not have enough insulation to keep you warm).

Water and sewer in trailers, they make a heat tape to wrap around the pipes then another layer of insulation.  Insulated panels around the bottom.  I've seen people leave heaters running under the trailers (VERY big fire hazzard).

I'm not trying to tell you what to do, that is up to you and your's.  You did not say where you are coming from.  Again, not trying to scare you, or pehaps I should be, but if you have not experienced winter this far north... I will warn you, winters up here are down right brutal, period.  I have worked outside in minus 100 wind chills, yes, that's 100 below zero with ambient temps in the minus 20s.  Ask around, others that have been here awhile will agree with me.  Now, saying that, I do love it here and will never sell my house but we live out in the sticks, away from city-bots that don't know how to drive in this stuff (I've seen snow drifts as high as my roof).

You mentioned 5th wheel or TT, if your not going to be moving it alot, definitely IMHO go with a TT.  It would be much easier to wrap the bottom than to try to protect/windblock the big gap under the upper 5th wheel.

Good luck on whatever you decide to do, wish you the best.

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50 minutes ago, rm.w/aview said:

Look at a Nash 25C from northwoodmfg.com

I'm impressed with everything except the U-shaped dinette--lots of seating but not enough table. Did you notice it is full with only two place settings? I would prefer a regular dinette. And I'd be including several of the options if I was buying this trailer. But, I'm still impressed.

Linda Sand

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There are very few RVs suitable for real cold weather full time living.  Where do you plan to live in cold weather?  Hopefully not many days below 20 degF.  Personally, I would never subject kids to freezing weather in an RV.


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